This article, LT, is a Role-Play article.

This article, LT, is a Role-Play article.

Professional Status
Personal Status
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LT is a cocky, arrogant, funny, and bold fighter. His mood switches easily due to being bipolar; in a fight he can turn from cocky and funny to angry and bold. He has severe anger issues and when punched too hard can snap. He is trustworthy, responsible, and reliable.
LT (Time-Skip)

LT (Post Time-skip)


Pancake - LT goes under the opponents legs, grabs their legs and drops them face first on the ground.

Knock Knock Dropkick - LT uses Instant Transmission to teleport beside his opponent proceeding to say "Knock Knock" and waits for the opponent to say "who's there?" LT than says "Drop" waiting for the opponent to say "Drop who?" LT then yells "DROPKICK!" and usually dropkicks them in the chest.

Pele Kick - When knocked down or about to be attacked from behind LT does a back flip and kicks the opponent in the head.

Combo Breaker - LT knees the opponent in the stomach, throws them in the air, elbows them in the back repeatedly, and hammers them to the ground.

Blargahrgahrgargh Blast - LT charges a large red blast that is charged like the Kamehameha but fired like the Final Flash when firing LT yells "BLARGARHGARHAGHARGH".

Ki Blast - The most simple energy wave.

Martial Arts - LT knows many kinds of martial arts that he sometimes uses in battle.

Swordsmanship - LT knows but barely ever uses swords. He is a very skilled swordsman.

Lion's Fist - LT puts all his ki into his right hand and hits the opponent usually at full strength.

Explosion - LT can make himself explode in battle.

Regeneration - LT can regenerate due to his dark side Majunks.


Great Ape Super Saiyan

Super Saiyan 2

Super Saiyan 3

Dragon's Stone Form
LT (Dragon Stone)

LT (Binded with the Dragon Stone)

Fire Stone Form

Water Stone Form

Wind Stone Form

Earth Stone Form

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