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This article, Kuzumus, is a Role-Play article.

This article, Kuzumus, is property of TheGreatKuzon!.

This article, Kuzumus, is a Role-Play article.

Kuzumus (c.Age 400 - 465) was a Saiyan leader, warrior, tribal chief, and author who is an ancestor to Kuzon. Kuzumus was a key figure in the Battoi Rebellion and became Chief of the Saiyan race from 431 to his death, as well as established the modern Saiyan Code.

He is the father of Kuzam. He is a distant descendant of Kuzelias.


Battoi Rebellion 

According to Saiyan folklore and historical records in Other World, Kuzumus was born around Age 400 while Saiyans (who were on exile since homeplanet Saiya exploded 638 years earlier) were then-inhabiting Planet Toeroy, and had been for the past 27 years, having formed a pact with its leaders to own land for Saiyans to inhabit. In Age 431, a large rebellion broke out against Saiyans and Battos, leading to a small scale war. At age 31, Kuzumus, a large young scholarly man, rose to political influence and became a leader in the war. In December 431, Kuzumus was elected Chief of the Saiyan race after its former was killed in battle, as the war focused on guerilla warfare.

As Chief, Kuzumus banded and led the Continental Saiyan Army for 18 years, from 431 to 449. The Battoi War ended in 449 with a ceasefire, and equal casualties. Kuzumus was credited for ending the war and bringing peace to the Saiyan race. He remained King for 16 more years until his death in Age 465 at the age of 65.

Kuzumus is also credited with writing the modernized Saiyan Battle Code in the 450s. He married a wife and fathered 4 children; Kuzumus II (421-?), Kuzit (c.423-?), Kuzoh (424-?) and Kuzam (425-510).

"thou whost this day, the valiant foe falls in thy own mishap, of the galliant duty ow'st to all people, Saiyan or man, thou est one, and one est all"

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