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"thou whost this day, the valiant foe falls in thy own mishap, of the galliant duty ow'st to all people, Saiyan or man, thou est one, and one est all"


Kuzumus Kuz (Age 400 - 476) was a Saiyan legendary warrior and leader who is an ancestor to Kuzon. He was a key leading figure in a time of Saiyan war and rebellion throughout the cosmos, known for fighting great beasts and space dragons. Stories of him were passed down as part of the Kuz Clan's legacy. He was a distant descendant of Kuzelias and father of Kuzik.

Born around Age 400 to Kuztek (373-399), son of Kuzer (349-414), son of Kuzmed (315-395), Kuzumus was raised by his grandfather after his father's defeat in battle. A child prodigy, Kuzumus was widely traveled, knew many, and trained extremely hard. He was never formally educated and was physically elite, proud to be a Saiyan warrior.

Best known for leading the Battoi Rebellion, Kuzumus was a battle chief for decades. He helped established the modern Saiyan Code to follow and abide by for pride, courage, and honor. He is featured in much folklore and scrolls, even of other races, as he had a massive impact on not only the Saiyans but many races and planets. He fought great space beasts and involved himself in council politics, as Saiyans spent years on different planets trying to find a new planet to inhabit. Later on, Kuzumus had several children including Kuzik. He died at age 76 fighting the great space beast Xacril, whom he successfully slain.

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