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This article, Kuzon goes Deer huntin, is a Fan-Fiction article.

Kuzon goes Deer huntin is a short fanon by Supreme Kuzon about goin Deer huntin with his friends. Here we go, this is inspired off a chat thing. Hehe.


Kuzon wakes up at about 5:00 AM in the morning. It's a cool mornin. He gets up and goes in the bathroom and brushes his teeth. When he is done, he goes into his closet and pulls out a Shotgun, Some camo sweaters and clothes, and some Deer and Huntin bait and stuff. He walks into the living room, kisses his picture of waffles, and walks out the door locking it on the way. He walks down the steps of his house to his Chevy 4 F-140 pick-up truck, and loads the load all the stuff in the back, and some spray and stuff in the passenger seat. He hops in driver seat and turns on the heat and truck. He pulls out his rocky drive way, and down the road, through the woods~while 4 other trucks drive behind him loaded with hunters.

He soon gets to the Bob Evans, and him and his friends, Bob, Billy Joe, Boon Jack, Jimmy Jon, and Goats Feet are eatin food at a table.

"Mmmm...dats some good deer jerky eh? Emoticon_content.png " Says Kuzon eating deer jerky.

Later on, Kuzon and the others drive down the road into the woods. Soon enough, everyone reaches the woods. They each pull their trucks up into the woods and stop. They get out and unload their huntin shi*. Kuzon walks silently and ducks into a small prime pile. He then silently gets along the tree with his shotgun. Waiting.. ShiftyEyes.gif

A deer quicky jumps out of no where and Kuzon shoots the gun. He misses as the gun makes a huge ass boom.

"Damn!" says Kuzon silently but mad.

He readys himself again. Silence.. Silence...

A giant buck jumps out of no where and 2 does, Kuzon gets ready and shoots at the buck, he hits it in the heart! He shoots again in the head and the deer falls, the others flee.

"Yes!" says Kuzon silently but happy.

Kuzon runs over to the deer and picks him up by the antlers and smiles. " Emoticon_content.png (holding it)"

Kuzon then packs it up and drives home with the others, ready to eat his Deer jerky.


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