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Kuzon Edward Kurghardt Kuz II





Name Kuzon Edward Kurghardt Kuz II
Debut UDBW RP (4/2012)
User TheGreatKuzon!
Race Saiyan
Gender Male Male
Date of Birth Spring Age 736 (woke from s.a. 11 Jun 1016)
Date of Death 23 May 1040 (revived)
22 August 1040 (revived)
6 Jul 1047 (revived)
16 Jul 1086 (natural)
Age 350 (technically)/70 (age-wise) at death
Height 6'1"
Weight 182 lbs.
Professional Status
Affiliation The Lookout Crew
Occupation Warrior, Author, Philosopher, Businessman, Professor, Monk, Kai, Trucker
Education West City College, Nu-Del University of Arcane Arts
Address Kuz Manor
Other World (Heaven)
Partner Helena (m. 1040)
Personal Status
Relatives Kuzoh & Izaa (grandparents)

Lord Kuzon & Oora (parents)
Helena (wife)
Madelyn (ex-partner)
Kuzten, Kuzon Jr., Kuza, Kuzek, Kuzisa (children)

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"You might think you are more powerful, maybe you are in strength but I am more powerful in every other way! Because only I know what REAL pride is and you know no bounds in the face of REAL power!"

Kuzon Edward Kurghardt Kuz II (11 June 736 - 16 July 1086) was a Saiyan/Tuffle warrior, philosopher, monk, entrepreneur, and co-founder original member of the legendary Lookout Crew. Kuzon was the founder of the Kuz Clan and renowned for his works in martial arts and philosophy, leaving a legacy and lifetime of achievement and victory. He was the first and former main RP character of TheGreatKuzon!.

Being an honorable and intelligent scholar, philosopher, monk, martial artist, and businessman, Kuzon achieved considerable fame and fortune across the universe. However, Kuzon is best known for his works in the Lookout Crew, which he co-founded with Zion in 1040, and went on spending decades fighting universal supervillains and rewriting history. He would become one of the most powerful warriors in the universe, and spread his teachings through scrolls and the founding of many teaching institutions. He is considered a grandmaster and became a Kai. 

Born from Kuzon I, a Saiyan revolutionary warlord and Oora on Planet Vegeta, Kuzon was sent to Earth  but never returned, prompting them to send Goku in his place. After spending 280 years in suspended animation, he awoke and grew raised by a warrior ghost Naleth in the woods. After years of independently traveling space gaining power and experience, he would meet Zion and Ian and form the Lookout Crew, a group of warriors to save Earth and later the universe. He made many friends and allies (and lost many) over the years. Kuzon became the elder patriarch of the Kuz Clan, being father of five children (Kuzten, Kuzon Jr., Kuza, Kuzek, and Kuzisa) and the husband of Helena. He was brother of Kuzak, Kuzob, Kuzima and Kuzao. He is the adoptive father of Kuro. 

His story up until creation of the Lookout Crew is The Beginnings of Kuzon. Kuzon's secret identity is 'Rusty Shackleford', which he uses during his random visits to the universe from Other World. 


Kuzon is a pure-hearted, fun-loving, charming, enlightened, yet serious man who sometimes seems naive to those who don't know him well because of his playful attitude. He is always willing to protect or honor someone, and will do anything he can to make life better for someone. He loves to have fun and loves ancient knowledge and libraries, he explores them a lot. He loves history, philosophy, geography, genealogy, and to travel. He is a businessman, a lumberjack, and former truck driver. Kuzon is statistical, intelligen, and humorous, and is not generally laid back as he cares too much for other affairs. Always there if you need him, Kuzon loves to train and spar with other people and warriors. He enjoys a nice spa or fireplace and cuddling with wife. Kuzon is quite playful and loves spending time with his children, and is almost like a child himself when he wants to be, as well as a jokester.

Being to far parts of Other World many times, Kuzon has trained/studied under philosophical and legendary masters, monks, and teachers. He endured intense spiritual training, physical training and more. He learned several types of chakras (perfecting jutsu) and spirituality, raising to become higher and ascend mystically. Eventually he gained a Mystic form (like Gohan) therefore no longer needing to use transformations (but he does because of the cool hair styles). He later became a Kai delegate representing Earth's space district. He had traveled the universe extensively and knew all kinds of people, and had many 'connections'.

With expenditures in a variety of entrepreneurial interests, Kuzon would own a large line of select hotels, bridges, highways, and other universal sights, and products such as colognes and gi clothes. Kuzon was a successful businessman in this regard, though he only made executive decisions. He inched into politics but avoided direct confrontation as he saw it as 'dirty business'. Under Kuzon's family leadership, nearly all of his close descendants would achieve great success in a variety of fields of strength or social work. His son KJ who would go on to become the most influential and enriched man in existential history, leading the Kuz Clan rose back to the top, established a reputation for success and power, and amassed generations of descendants.

His official last name is Kuz, and he made his middle name "Edward" at some point. He also doesn't usually include the "II" in his name, as he thinks of his father as a disgrace. His Saiyan-born family name is "Kurghardt".


Kuzon is a 6 foot tall, well-suited man. He has brown short spiky hair similar to adult Gohan's, however he was born with long spiky hair like Raditz. He usually wears his blue gi, with a white undershirt, wrist, waist and ankle bands. His feet always have boots on them, or casual shoes, made of soft material; similar to slippers. Occasionally, Kuzon will grow a beard or a goatee. His gi was made by Naleth when Kuzon was a young boy. The gi stretches with his size, and is just like Goku's, as that is who Naleth based it off. Kuzon also will wear a business suit from time to time in professional matters, or casual clothing (he likes sweaters).

When Kuzon was in retirement, his hair turned light gray. He let it go completely gray, because "brown got boring". This is actually because his body took advantage of old age and so he aged quicker, due to being frozen for nearly three centuries. His body would become so deteriorated that he could hardly do anything, leading to his final death at only 70.


Birth on Planet Vegeta (736)


Kuzon was born on Planet Vegeta in the summer of Age 736, his official name being, "Kuzon II". His parents, war general Kuzon I (son of famous monk Kuzoh) and Oora (daughter of wealthy Lord Joach IV) were, like most other Saiyan partners, not very devoted to their child.

Likewise, they were not in love. His father met Oora at a bar, had bought her from her father and forced her into marriage with him. As part of a contract, she would bear him 5 children (promised to be elites) while he remained loyal to Frieza. However this only worked for a few years before he broke the contract and escaped the planet with Oora and their children hours before Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta and virtually eliminated the Saiyan race. The fifth son Kuzon II had already been gone for months, sent to Planet Earth to destroy it but had not returned, so a replacement Goku was sent (who also never returned). Kuzon landed Oora and the kids on Planet Cilibe, where he banished them. He'd remain on the planet, enslave the weak people inhabiting it, and live the next three centuries falling into insanity as a crazed sadistic King.

The pod containing Kuzon did land on Earth however it became encrusted deep in remote glacier ice sheets. The impact knocked the infant out cold and the ice overcame the pod, freezing it and him. Silence.

Childhood in training (1016-34)

~ Read detailed story here ~

Nearly three centuries passed before the ice sheets had melted into the lush thick warm Western Forest. In the early summer of 1016, the pod broke open and an infant rolled out, waking to see the glare of sunlight through the treetops. He explored his new environment, the long grass, creatures, and nature. It was only a couple of days before Kuzon came across a large abandoned stone structure in the woods. The statues on it, some broken and some barely intact. Kuzon's curiosity led him into this structure he had found. Within it, lined with wet, leaky halls, where life once walked. Voices could still be heard at times. Vines had taken over the walls of the small structure.

After long hours of exploring, Kuzon soon came across a ghostly spirit, revealing himself to be Naleth, a long-dead warrior ghost who once defended in the castle in life. Naleth knew the infant was of alien origin because of its tail. He named him Kuzon II based off a marking in his spacepod. He took it upon himself from that day to raise the child as his own. For the next many years, Naleth would teach Kuzon basic hunting and gathering skills, train him in martial arts, and enrich him in Human customs, language, culture, and history. No one ever came around or bothered them because they were so deep in the woods away from society.

Kuzon was very curious, and tried his hardest at things, some he just couldn't get right no matter how hard he tried. He grew into a hardy, smart, playful, and powerful boy. When he was a teenager, Naleth began allowing Kuzon to venture into the city to develop his social skills and work ethic by working jobs. He was quite shy at first and often was ridiculed for his tail or naivety but grew out of it. He eventually became rebellious and sometimes pushed himself too hard in training.

The Nameless Hero Kid

However these years had their share of conflict and problems. Kuzon had his first taste of battle at the age of ten in 1026, when a large pink monster named Seejak attacked Gingerbread Town and absorbed a bunch of people. Despite Naleth's efforts to keep Kuzon out of it, he insisted. He swooped in and stood up to Seejak, who attacked him with great might, blowing Kuzon away. Kuzon angrily realized attacking wouldn't work. Discovering his super strength, Kuzon lifted a bus and threw it at Seejak, knocking him off a cliff into a river, breaking his back, scaring him away. The entire town applauded Kuzon but didn't know his name. Kuzon fled back into the woods quickly. After a series of other fights and incidents where Kuzon saved the day from criminals, mobsters, or monsters, he was nicknamed 'the Nameless Hero Kid'. This was great fighting experience.

Relationship with Madelyn (1030)

In the fall of 1030, age 14, Kuzon made his way out of the den and out into the city. Outside the city, he foraged for food in a small garden outside of a small house. A young girl about the same age with long brown hair looked out and saw him. She basically lived alone since her parents were busy in the city for weeks on end and neglected her. She allowed the hungry kid to come inside. 

adult Madelyn

For two months, the young naive couple Kuzon and Madelyn formed a small bond as she introduced him to entertainment, TV, technology, sports, and other aspects of normal life. She had no one to talk to and was home alone all the time, so she took kindly to having someone around. They were both young and curious, and not long after, Madelyn discovered she was pregnant with Kuzon's child. With this, she forced Kuzon away, blaming herself for getting the naive boy into this, and not wanting him to bear the consequences of her actions. Kuzon fled that night back into the woods, never to see her again. Their son, Kuzten, would be born the next year and was raised by his single mother, not meeting his father until he was 16. 

College (1034-36)


a 20 year old Kuzon

When Kuzon came of age (in Human terms at least), Naleth began urging him to take up keep in the city, get educated, and live a normal life, and encouraged him to continue training and getting strong. Kuzon enrolled in West City Technical College in 1034, having received his GED earlier. He got his own apartment in West City and took courses in plumbing and electricity for two years and living alone, before becoming certified. During this time he also joined several different martial arts schools, many unsatisfying to him, as he was an outstanding student and would reveal strengths and weaknesses of techniques. His critique and examination often led people to wanting him to teach them, which he would.

Independence - traveling space, gaining strength (1036-40)

Instead of going out to get a job, Kuzon was more interested in training and getting stronger, his Saiyan blood showing itself. Naleth could no longer guide Kuzon when he showed interests in leaving Earth in a ship and traveling space after college. Kuzon left Earth for the first time, first heading to Namek just to explore. The next four years were spent exploring different planets, cultures, and getting involved in a large variety of interests and functions. Most often, Kuzon joined martial arts tournaments and fighting matches, which he earned a lot of money from. He studied under many masters and joined schools, one involving going to different planets in a group and taking down monsters and criminals. Kuzon increased both knowledge and strength tenfold in this period of exploration. Somewhere along the line, Kuzon achieved the Super Saiyan form.

The Ultra Warriors (1040)

Upon returning to Earth in March of 1040, Kuzon crossed paths with a group of powerful space warriors who had just saved Supreme City from an evil demon lord. Part of them were two other new Saiyan members; Zion and Ian. The three quickly became great friends as they fought together to defend Earth along with the other space fighters, naming themselves the Ultra Warriors. Kuzon would achieve Super Saiyan 2 in a fight against the Doctor (a time lord).

Tensions raised after two months because Zion, Kuzon, and Ian felt they weren't getting enough credit. The other fighters took all the show and dismissed them as just weak sidemen. It almost came to punches. One night, they were all in a violent argument. The other Ultra Warriors fled Earth back to space, never to return. Zion expressed the idea of leaving them and forming their own fighting group to defend Earth. They headed to Kami's Lookout where they slept until morning.

Founding of the Lookout Crew (1040)


On the morning of 8 May 1040, the three warriors woke and planned their next move. Zion reiterated on the idea of forming their own group, coming up with a great name that they all agreed on. Thus, the Lookout Crew was born!

The three tried to get new members immediately, through people they already knew. Their first new fighter to arrive was TOAA, followed by Nova, then SS. With them came even more different skilled and powerful fighters looking for a new start. Over the next month, the crew would get at least twenty members, but Zion, Kuzon, Ian, Nova, SS, and TOAA made up the core and most powerful of them all. The word would get out quickly across distant space.

However, with the new group, came actual threats needing vanquished, especially with all the attention being drawn to Earth (some of the most powerful beings in the universe being on it at once and all). The crew fought together in taking down several small scale threats in their first weeks. Along with becoming close friends and partners, they'd go on to have many adventures and stories, making history across space, and leaving a legacy.

Kuzon vs. Nova

Despite only knowing each other for weeks and fighting together, Kuzon and Nova fell into a rivalry. They decided to take it out in a epic fight of their own, something to be remembered. Going all in.

May 23rd 1040 ~ "The battle we were waiting our entire lives for, the biggest thing yet, was inevitable at that point. Thirsting for friendly but great fight, a bright blue day above the Lookout, Nova and I propelled ourselves into battle. We both went Super Saiyan and were just throwing cheap punches, but clearly gaining momentum. Pushing to full power, I was not surprised in the least to see Nova nearly matching my strength (of course I had the upper hand!). I burst into Super Saiyan 2, only to see him do the same which I didn't know he had achieved. However I was much more trained. I created a Death Ball and launched it at him, to which he dodged and it hit the ground--Earth's destruction now ensured. We continued on for at least an hour, even knowing that, figuring we'd solve the problem later. Now, big time. I had a secret finishing move up my sleeve, as we began our final attacks. But we weren't holding anything back. Nova bulletted at me, using a Super Dragon Fist. The roar of the dragon grew louder as I did the same, ripping through each other and landing back on the ground, falling bloody and mortally injured. Nova and I used the last of our strength to stop the death ball. The both of us told our last words before passing away on the ground.

We went on to Other World for year. Time's different there so a day in life is a month there. We told Zion and the others not to wish us back until then. We went off to Grand Kai after that to begin training together. It was a great thing." ~ Kuzon's narration.

Pursuits in Other World - Helena & KJ (1040-41)

After his and Nova's friendly spar-turned-death battle, they spent the next year in Heaven. Or, at least, in Other World time. On Earth it was only 12 days, so technically Kuzon lived through the same time period twice when he returned. Kuzon spent this time exploring this new realm of wonder and delight; the mysterious of death (for the good souls that is). 


While strolling through the meadows one day, Kuzon saw a young woman crying in a field of colorful flowers. He went over to comfort her and to his surprise, she was a human. Her name was Helena Hosler, who died four years earlier in a tragic car accident. They began bonding and quickly found love in each other. Kuzon told her about the Lookout Crew and his strength, flew her into the air, and bring her places she had never thought of going. In common they found philosophy and martial arts, though she wasn't that good herself and unable to use ki energy. After only a couple months, Kuzon built them a red hut atop a cloud where they lived. She soon became pregnant, and the next nine months were spent in solace.

After a year, on 12 May 1041, the first born in a new Kuz generation arrived--Kuzon Edward Kuz III, or Kuzon Jr. for short. Being born in the afterlife, he was technically dead from birth, which is good as it is safe and peaceful. For KJ's first two weeks, Kuzon and Helena cared greatly for her. However, Kuzon shortly afterwards had to take his leave back to the mortal world to continue defending Earth. She did not herself or him revived for a few years to give the child time to grow without danger. The Lookout Crew revived him, and Nova, on 6 June 1040 with the Supreme Dragon Balls. Helena and Kuzon would remain in contact secretly over the next seven years as she reared KJ and taught him the ways of life, despite being dead. Kuzon never told anyone else about his new family for seven years.

The Memorial Day Tournament (1040)

Kuzon soon later after being wished Back, joined in the Memorial Day Tournament, with Leo, Zion, Ryutaros (AKA Tenchi or Ryu), and Domon Kasshu, with Nova as the Announcer. Kuzon sat on the sidelines confidently watching the first few fights leading up to the finals, where he (a master), fought the greatest one who made it there. Soon it is the finals and his turn to join in. Kuzon was fighting Tenchi.

Kuzon rushed Tenchi and they started a short battle. Tenchi with his Optic Blasts easily cut through Kuzon's gi and even skin at time. Kuzon appeared to be losing and the audience was mostly voting for Tenchi, so he also lost confidence. Kuzon soon went Super Saiyan, but it still didn't provide an advantage. After 4 minutes of fighting, Kuzon decided to end it. He landed down and reverted back. He said tournaments aren't his type and left. Before he left, he declared The Kuzon Games.

The Kuzon Games


The Kuzon Games arena

In June of 1040, he started his Kuzon Games. His reasons were he just simply wanted a tournament to fight against people and learn his power better. Due to not recording the RP well, it is known Hisana fought Kuzon as a Super Saiyan 3 until they got in a seemingly never ending beam clash. Kuzon became angry at his power and stopped the tournament. He held another one later, but he shut it down just before it started.

The SkyRocket Games! (1040)

A month after the Kuzon Games, in July 1040, Carlisle Chan held the SkyRocket Games. Kuzon attended, but once again due to lack of recording, and it resulted in him leaving the tournament due to accidentally cutting down a tree, which inspired him to build a log house, which would eventually become his house for the next 23 years (other than the Lookout).

Personal Training - Death - Reviving Kuro (1040)

In July and August 1040, Kuzon stayed away from the Crew to train privately at his home, having no contact with them. He visited the crew again weeks later just to check in, where he met all the new crew members (such as Zan) and caught up. On 21 August, due to rapid heart problems, Kuzon checked himself into the Supreme City Hospital to have heart surgery so he could avoid future issues. The chances of him surviving were slim, but he took the risk. The next day, Zan recieved a phone call on the Lookout, from the hospital, that Kuzon had passed away during the operation (mainly due to their tools breaking when they hit his chest). Moments later, an image of Kuzon appeared in the sky, telling the crew not to revive him for a while, as he was happy.

However, in a turn of events, he revealed a new fighter that he found in Other World last time he died, and that King Yemma would let him live if Kuzon died. Enter Kuro. After Kuzon disappeared, a small boy in green and orange gi, looking like kid Goku, was achingly climbing onto the Lookout. He introduced himself and became a skeptical, adventurous member of the Lookout Crew.

Notable new members of the crew around this time were Ragis and Gotanks; both of which Kuzon trained a bit. Another was Divine Shenron, who once converted Zion and Kuzon to children and trained them.

Revival - Super Cell conflict (1040)

Kuzon was not present for the first Super Cell conflict, when Cell, in a new form, escaped from Hell on 29 August 1040 as he was in Other World. This was good though, as Kuro, Lux, Topazo and Zan Jr had a chance to shine. 

On 18 September 1040, Kuzon was revived by Zan Jr's old master with magic powers. They returned to the Lookout. The next day, it was discovered Super Cell could regenerate. The Spirit Bomb Kamehameha, when it tore him apart, there (like his original self hundreds of years ago), had a pieces left behind, on Earth. While the Lookout Crew lived on, Super Cell started to regenerate slowly, but with brand new pieces, not the ashes. After they formed back together, Super Cell was bound on destroying the ones who almost destroyed him. Kuro, Kuzon (who was revived a day earlier) and Mike woke up, they immediately started training. Kuro, Zan Jr, and Mike went out to the training woods. They had a good spar, until Mike kicked Kuro hard, and he was sent in the air, where he was soon snatched by something!

Mike, Kuro, Kuzon and Zan Jr noticed and flew after him, Zero, and Vegitax joining along too. Soon enough, Kuzon pointed out a large hole, he sensed the power in. Everyone soon flew in it, and found themselves in a cave. They all ran ahead following a rainbow light and a huge huge power, soon they also heard Kuro's screams for help. They soon found him, and he came out, and revealed himself as Super Cell! He explained how he returned, and then busted out of the cave, and into the air, where he then made an arena out of rock, and flew down in it, and invited the others in. He then announced it was a Tournament, everyone sat, and he soon announced, Vegitax would go first! They then faced each other.

After a long series of devastating events, including the sun, Super Cell soon met his fate, after Zan Jr made a desperate move, and grabbed Super Cell and lead him to a planet far out in the outer universe, and sealed him in the unbreakable ball, and left him in the universe to forever float in never-ending chaos. Super Cell, having absorbed dead creatures, would break apart and all the creatures, including Frieza, would return to Hell. Cell, in his normal state, would be trapped for eternity.

Hermit on the Lookout - Training Mike & Kuro (1040-43)


Kuzon in 1042

Kuzon, after a few years, decided to retire from fighting for a while and just live on the Lookout as his home. He grew a large beard and let his hair grow out some more. He now stays in the Lookout living room and watches Car auctions and Woodstock music videos (which doesn't even exist in this world). He doesn't do much and is getting fat from all that popcorn and Pepsi.

Kuro turned 11 years old in 1043. He really only stayed on the Lookout, with new hermit Kuzon. Kuzon soon showed everyone a place called the Skulfn Cairn, a large sacred multidimensional training void. Soon after that, Kuzon brings up the plan to go traveling, and that he is going to live in his old dirty Chevy van. Kuzon began training Kuro and Mike, and started a round-the-world training trip in their van. It was successful. 

On the first day, Kuzon stops the van while driving along a steep canyon. He and the others get out. Kuzon teaches Mike a new move, the Lightning Bolt. Then he lets Kuro take on Mike, with Kuzon helping out some. Kuzon later began training Mike in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. 

Fight against the Gods of Death (1043)


After long times of peace, in December 1043, Kuzon, who is always training with others in the Skulfn Cairn, discovers the ancient God of Death's son, Hepustus, knows mortals are in the Cairn. Hepustus will do anything to guard his father, Heatusphus', grave, which is the Dark Lake, hidden in the Soul Cairn, and not seen in over 500 billion years, hundreds of billions of years before life existed. The crew knows they are in danger and have to fight a GOD, or his son for now, and go to find help. Kuro doesn't do much, but follows along with Kuzon and Zat. Zat leads Kuro and the others underwater in the Pacific Ocean to the Ryugu, an Atlantis-like hotel, where they await to meet the Sea Dragon for further guidance. 

Soon after all that, Kuzon is on the Lookout with the others thinking. Kuzon teleports to the Skulfn Cairn with Kuro and the others and gets in. He runs to the wall at the end of the cairn, to see what Hepatus is up too. Heapustus escapes and runs through the cairn, Kuzon and them failing to catch up. Heapustus makes it to the end, and makes a barrier and floats in a wierd way above a black lake. The crew, Kuzon mainly, knows what is going on, and quickly gets out of the Cairn. He gets to the Lookout again, and knows they must go to Other World, to meet an old wise man who knows about this problem the universe faces. They teleport to Other world, and meet up with him. Kuzon explains everything, as Kuro looks for little Yellow, Zion in a kid form (but he doesn't know :::D). The old man points out the Skulfn Cairn, and everyone find out he isn't actually dead when he teleports right to it. The Old man, on the rim of the portal, makes movements, and makes another orange portal appear in the corner of the Skulfn cairn blue one. He sprinkles a liquid on everyone, and they make their way in. They make their way to the Library. Kuzon leads. Hidden in the library known, is a large lobby, and many secret passage ways, and who knows what else. Skeletons, secret messages, and more, full of secrets that are never revealed line halls and passageways. The Great Library is the greatest information source in the universe. It is dusty because it hasn't been opened in 500,000 years. Hidden, is a large book with almost 10,000 pages, G.O.D. (God of Death), telling the story of the God's of Death. Kuzon, Kuro and the others take the book, which is locked, and steal it, and break through the ceiling, and move on. Outside, around the library, is a never ending ocean. Under the ocean, is millions of scattered portals to unknown dimensions. Behind the Library, which is on a giant rock, is the underwater volcano to the Skulfn Cairn, which the gang uses to get home.

The gang appears back in the Skulfn Cairn through a portal, which then closes. Kuzon sees that Heapustus is a lot more powerful now. Kuro is ready for the battle and orders Zero to guard the book so Kuzon can read some of it when needed. Kuzon, Kuro, and the others get ready to fight and rush into battle. Heapustus uses many tricks and Ki blasts, but still shows weak skill, and it isn't long until he is defeated. When he is defeated, the universe goes into a change, and there is a huge explosion, almost destroying the Skulfn Cairn. After that long battle, the Dark Lake begins to twirl, and then, a giant Minotaur creature raises. He names himself, as the God of Death, Heatusphus. He has giant hammers and more. He attacks, and at first, he damages everyone quickly. Kuro blasts first into Complete Super Saiyan, and kicks him hard into a wall. After much pummeling and long battle, Kuzon reads the book some more, while Kuro is badly damaged. Kuro blasts into Sapphire Super Saiyan and starts shooting large crystals at Heatusphus. Kuzon finds out that there is only one way to defeat Heatusphus, with a Multiple Fusion. Kuro, badly beaten, is smashed into a rock nearby. Kuzon and the others go and wonder what is happened. Kuro explains he used his ALL his power and lifeforce, to help weaken Heatusphus. Kuro explains to wish him back later, and slowly dies. Kuzon, ready to avenge him, gets ready. Kuzon, Vegitax, Kuro, Kuzon and Michael Iro must fuse all together. So they get in the right stances, and fuse together! Into...Migizoro This fusion of 5 stands just above the right power needed to defeat Heatusphus, a God. So after much pummeling, all-together, they create a Super Univeral Supreme Spirt Bomb, and gather ALL the energy from the entire universe, and launch it at Heatusphus! Heat can't stand the power and barely pushes it back almost crossing super dimensions, and he starts to incinerate and explode on the in and outside. Heatusphus speaks his final words, and After that, there is a large ass explosion, destroying the entire northern universe...

Zero defuses and used his power to quickly teleport everyone to Other World before they are stuck in the blast. When in Other World, Migizoro defuses back into the gang. Kuzon knows about the universe being almost destroyed, and goes to King Yemma's grandson, and explains it all. Yemma, annoyed, pulls out his magical staff and tells Kuzon to speak into the staff, to the All-Knower  (now COE), the creator of all of existence, to create it again. In a blast, the entire north universe comes back into existence. Kuzon and them quickly teleport back to the Lookout, happily to be home and comfy. Kuzon gets the Supreme Dragon Balls, and wishes back Kuro and everything else back to normal. The sky doesn't turn green this time though. The universe is back to normal...for now...Kuro goes back to regular life, with the other Lookout Crew.

Writing Career

Kuzon released his first novel about martial arts in his series on August 25th 1045. He would release 17 more until 1066, when he starts his philosopher series. His book gained high popularity and inspired martial artists everywhere. His son would later take great inspiration in them as well. 

Fight with Lord Kuzon, his father (1047)


It was a sunny Lookout day, 4 years later, in 1047. Kuro was eating, Kuzon was sun bathing and the world was good. It wasn't long, Kuzon went in the Lookout Home to wash dishes, and noticed something on the TV when Kuro turned it on. "There was a recent explosion in West City! A large unknown spaceship is killing and burning everything It is- AHH!!" and it was interrupted. The Lookout crew knew to expect trouble and quickly left to West City. When there, Kuzon and Kuro and the others found a shard of metal, with words imprinted on it. "Dear son, I know who you are and I question your whereabouts. Come to 135"134'141. Sincerely, your father". Kuzon was confused by "your father", and quickly left back to the Lookout with Mars, Ethan, Merohan, Kotaz, and Nikad. Once there, Kuzon immediately contacted his 149 year old spaceship, and they blasted off. 

They soon landed on a strange planet with a red sky and glow, smelling like meat. They hopped off, curiously, and ran to the nearest power source. On the way, little green stinky meaty people stopped them. They explained they are the intelligent race being enslaved by a Lord. The crew went ahead, until they found the dome. A giant black gate opened and the crew walked in. It was full of thousands of green people in stadium seats, and a giant inside, with a red water fountain. Soon, a man in a cape with a Saiyan tail showed up and welcomed them. He soon explained he was Kuzon's father, who escaped Vegeta's explosion and found his way here 300 years ago. He enslaved the weak ones and stole their power of eternal life (until they're killed). Then he says he lured them there to kill them. He then attacks. All the Crew are ready, while Kuzon is uneasy and confused why his father is so evil and sick. They fight a while. Lord Kuzon holds himself, while Merohan is the main fighter next to Kuzon. Ethan and Mars are fighting green people who are attacking them in the background. Lord Kuzon throws many remarks, and after seeing the others going Super Saiyan, he unleashes his form, shocking everyone. They fight more and more and it gets violent. Soon, Lord Kuzon is outmatched. He keeps absorbing magic water from the fountain in the middle of the dome, until Kotaz destroys it, pissing of Lord Kuzon and making him attack at full force. After Lord Kuzon is thrown down and stuck, he looks at the moon, about to become a Great Ape. His tail is ripped off by Merohan as soon as he sees something happening. He then fights more.

Soon, a voice is heard. The voice recognizes itself, as Kuzoh! The grandfather of Kuzon and father of Lord Kuzon. Lord Kuzon fights him, saying he is weak and stupid. Kuzoh says he isn't perfect, but that a real Saiyan doesn't just enslave anyone and kill anyone. He explains it is wrong, and helps fight him. Soon, Lord Kuzon becomes a great ape, and terrorizes everyone. But he is still beaten, as all the Crew shoots their best blasts at him. He soon shrinks, insulted. His shirt is gone and he is shribbled on the ground cold. He gets up, no words, and tries to escape to the Crew's spaceship to run because he knows he is beaten. The crew catches up to him, and stops him. Quickly, Merohan destroys him with a Super Dragon Fist. Lord Kuzon floats half naked with a hole in his torso, and the crew tells the green people to take care of the rest, and they start kicking him in places and spray painting him, until Lord Kuzon is destroyed from play torture. Kuzon does nothing but sit in the ship and watch out the window, and gains a tear, asking why his father had to be so evil and not the kind you look up too. Soon, Kuzoh came back and wanted to give something to Kuro (who he called his "nephew") and grandson. He gave Kuro a box full of never ending waffles, and Kuzon a box with a scroll of unnamed contents as a gift to remember him. Kuzoh says they can always call for him when they need help, and then disappears. The crew returns happily to the Lookout, and resumes life.

Achieving Supreme Super Saiyan 6

In June 1047, Kuzon had an idea. He gathered the Supreme Dragon Balls, and put them on the lookout, and summoned Supreme Shenron. Supreme Shenron came and Kuzon wished for..he wished that he could achieve Supreme Super Saiyan 6. His wish was granted and Shenron went away. Kuzon then felt power, and powered up, and then BOOM! Kuzon was a Supreme Super Saiyan 6!!! Kuzon felt the power, and punched the air, sending a shockwave in that direction across Earth. Kuzon then teleported to an arena in space, where Nikad, Kika, Tanks and Zero were at fighting each other after Kika killed Tanks' daughter. He did this mainly because his heart problems prevented him from amping up that high.

Kuzon gets rid of this transformation in 1071, as he realizes he didn't work to achieve it. He begins super training that year and achieves it eventually.

Birth of daughter Kuza (1047)

On the sunny humid 17 June 1047, Kuzon's daughter Kuza was born on the Lookout, with much of the crew present. Kuzon knew she would be a strong girl and take after him.

Sparring with Ethan (1047)

On 6 July 1047, Kuzon and Ethan decided to spar at their highest; Master (Kuzon) vs. Student (Ethan). It started with a normal fight, moves and much ki. Soon, they became Legendary Supreme Super Saiyans, and went to their highest. Kuzon wiped out an entire desert with a Super God-Breaker, and a dam, which flooded the entire place, as well as it started raining and thunder-storming. It was high enough to be a vast, dark ocean. They fought still, scarred and bloody in a super-battle, Kuzon vs. Ethan. They did their best attacks at each other. Soon, there was only a cliff left in the middle of the ocean where they fought. They fought underwater as well many times, with ships being thrown at each other. On another one, and finally, Ethan and Kuzon used their greatest attacks on each other, and it resulted in Ethan's engulfing Kuzon, tearing the cliff down and Kuzon being knocked out. Kuzon was thrown into the ocean with the other mountain-rubble, but Kuzoh came and saved him all of a sudden out of no where! Kuzon was thrown from the rubble, and Kuzoh wasn't seen again but for a golden sparkle in the sky. Kuzon soon got up when Kuro appeared and gave him some energy (they are still on a cliff in the ocean). Kuzon got up, and congratulated Ethan for defeating him (Though Kuzon still had a lot left in him). They then returned to the Lookout.

Post-Spar Death

On the night after him and Ethan's spar, Kuzon went to bed, like usual after feeding Kuzon Jr.. The next morning, Kuzon Jr. went in to wake Kuzon up so they could go fishing like Kuzon promised. Kuzon wouldn't mysteriously wake up. Helena soon got into it and called the ambulance. They pronounced Kuzon dead. The causes were either; unknown causes, or a heart virus/disease in his sleep. Helena, Kuzon Jr., and the others mourned heavily as the death was unexpected. Kuro took place as leader of the Lookout, and also trained Kuzon Jr.

Kuzon went to Other World to Heaven. There, he wanted to start new, and so he began his 5-year training session to reach his Ultimate potential.

Five Years later; Revival (1052)


Kuzon in 1052

Kuzon was revived by Kuro on 7 September 1052, after he collected the Dragon Balls and wished him back. The second wish was used by Leogian to make his swords longer. Helena and the others gathered around, and waited. And waited. They waited minutes and minutes for Kuzon to appear on the Lookout, some thought it a mistake. Soon, Kuzon did appear on the Lookout. "Hey guys. I was at iHop eating pancakes. (wave)." Helena jumped on him and everyone greeted him and welcomed him back. Kuzon Jr., Kuza and Kuro also did. Kuzon seen how they grew, and also met his other two children; Kuzek and Kuzisa, whom was born while he was gone.

A man who arrived in a ship, was also awaiting Kuzon on the Lookout. The man said to him, that his children's descendants take over the universe and destroy everything. Kuzon negatively looks at him. The man goes back in time and comes back, and all of a sudden Kuzon has a scar and remembers him. He is confused. Nothing ever did come of this encounter.

Universal War, Kochaku, Near-Destruction of Existence (1052)

September 21st, 2013

Kuzon and the Lookout Crew were on the Lookout chilling, suntanning and so. Kuro was packing up, ready to move to his new home. He lifted up the UPS truck and went home and people said bye, after 12 years of living on the Lookout.

The phone rang, and Kuzon went to answer it. He answered it, and it was King Yemma! in the Other World. King Yemma said he needed the Lookout Crew to come to him immediately, as the universe was in danger. They teleported there, and King Yemma began. He said that Kochaku, the manifestation of ALL of the evil in existence, created when existence and time was, had broken out of his seal after trillions of years, and stole the power from the Gods, and trapped them in the Realm of Xatrix, his own realm created from evil. He stole the power of the gods using the Staff of Mulungus, which he was going to use to destroy the universe. Yemma said he wanted to destroy it, now that he had the chance, and that he was on his way to the Megashere, the center of the universe (since you can't just teleport there, it is quintillions of light years away). King Yemma said there was a massive war going on all through space, trillions of trillions of all the allied people in the universe, versus...the Draxons. Venomous, mindless beings that know nothing but death and destruction, and kill by the billions. Only the Lookout Crew could have even a chance of stopping them. 

The Crew started putting Orders in. Their first job, was to protect Earth for whatever they could do. Hikari put a seal of his around the Earth to help protect it from Draxons. No one got in or out of Earth's atmosphere. Kuzon ordered everyone on Earth, to be teleported unto the Supreme Kai Planet for safety. That included people who couldn't fight or were too weak, like the Lookout Crew's families. They did battle plans on the Lookout, and decided how they would move. They planned, all of them, and then teleported to space, to begin the Universal War.

The Lookout Crew was ready and powered up to their fulls. Kuzon put on his steel armor. Tocal, Mecha Ligesh, and Destruction Topazo went to New Planet Vegeta to protect it. The Crew looked ahead, seeing trillions of Draxons and Space Warriors fighting, and dead bodies everywhere, and planets exploding by the dozen, explosions everywhere. They gain a supreme hatred for Kochaku. Kuro appears next to Kuzon, ready to fight, because he noticed he was the only person on Earth (hehe). The Crew rushed in, and started tearing Draxons apart. They came at the Crew by the thousands and millions, the Crew blew them apart with Ki blasts and more. They seemed no end. Kuzon, Ethan, Kuro, Nikad, Zero, Mars, Nova, Kage, Hikari, Topazo, Jeff and many more, fighting billions of Draxons. Dead bodies were everywhere, planets being destroyed and more. New Vegeta, and Mecha Ligesh, Topazo and Tocal, were overpowered and almost killed. 

A group of Draxons surrounded Earth when the Crew wasn't looking, and glowed, and released a huge explosion of Ki at it, easily breaking Hikari's barrier. Earth glowed red, and exploded. Luckily, no one was on it. This angered the Crew even more. They continued into the Universe, flying and flying. Soon, they had cleared all the Draxons except one out of the entire Milky Way Galaxy, but they had all of existence left, full of them.. Jeff killed the last one sleeping by impaling it. Kuzon said they needed to find a ship, it would have a good General in it that would help them. The Crew searched for one, in an empty, silent galaxy, and then Nikad noticed one. The Crew flew to it, and it had the General and someone else in it. Kuzon tore the door down and snuck in, but the guy in it said for Kuzon not to stop, Kuzon knew the guy. Everyone talked and stopped and waited for the next thing to do, and Kuzon talked to the general. The general was a large Konatsian, in armor, named General Turlis. He noticed Kuzon in bloody armor and knew he was in the war. Turlis needed space dust to fill the bombs he planned to use on the Draxons, in the next galaxy they were about to enter. Zero used his portal powers to gather space dust, and put them into the bombs on the top of the ship. The Crew flew into the next galaxy, trillions of Draxons and warriors fighting, and they shot the bombs, killing quadrillions of them.

The Lookout Crew flew out of the ship and started fighting again, their most powerful attacks, thousands of miles of ki, waves, and Spirit Bombs destroy Draxons one by one. Kuzon flew into a close planet's atmosphere, and landed. 3 feet of dead bodies covered the entire planet's surface..and the cities were being raved by Draxons, killing people horribly. Kuzon and Geyser, helped clear them out and help the city. While Kuzon returned though, a Draxon stabbed into him, and Kuzon was weakened, on the power about to die from its deadly venom which could kill him in seconds. Nikad came from no where, and torn it off and blew the Draxon away. Kuzon wanted to be carried back to the ship, as he was almost dying. Nikad healed him with his power and Kuzon put a bandage on his red bulgy spot where he was stabbed. Kuzon and the others flew back into space. Nikad cleared out the rest of the Draxons with a huge Universal Spirit Bomb (which isn't nothing compared to the actual universe).

The Crew did not know what to do next. Kuzon was thinking, until he seen something, in the distance, a snake-like figure moving closer to the crew. Kuro asked him what, and Kuzon said what he saw, and Kuro called it nonsense. Everyone waited, and then, all of a sudden, a giant cloud-like Dragon stopped in front of them. A Space Dragon! No one knew what to do with the Dragon, until the Dragon said, that he was sent by the Supreme Kai, to help lead the Lookout Crew where they needed too. The Dragon had news, that the Kais discovered, Kochaku trapped the Gods in a realm and stole their power, gaining him even more power, and that he was on his way to the Megasphere, the center of existence/universe. The Lookout Crew hopped on the Dragon's back, and the Dragon flew, thousands of miles per hour. But, it didn't seem like it. While he was flying through space, beautiful colors of space, and stars is what they seen. They didn't even know it, but the Dragon went like 500 light years. The Dragon stopped on an asteroid, and said that he can't go any father, and points towards a colorful universal path of light. The Crew gets off and takes the path. On the path, they battle a huge Draxon, bigger than normal size. The Draxon almost gets them, but he is disintegrated and blasted. 700 quadrillion miles thick layer of dead bodies in space, most of them torn up, blood all over them. Planets torn in half, or blown in pieces. 

At the end of the path, the Lookout Crew takes a lunch break, and pull out food they packed (jello, doritos, crackers, peanuts, buffalo wild wings). Though, this was ironic because billions of people were dying and being tortured and all of existence was about to be destroyed while they ate. They finished eating, and they were attacked by a Draxon. Kuzon impaled it and killed it. They then noticed another huge ass army wave of thousands of Draxons coming for the Crew. They fought them off, destroying all of them in soon time. The Dragon returns, and they get on his back and fight them from there. The Dragon's head is impaled out of no where, by a giant arrow of venom. The Dragon says its last words "Bye, mortals", and dies, falls into space, disappearing in the black (like in Titanic). The Lookout Crew fight the rest of the Draxons off and destroy them. They notice in silence, how many lives have been lost, floating everywhere. They see a bloody dead child's body float under them, and it makes them remember what they were doing.

The Crew comes unto, the Grand Universe (picture is at top of this page). It is the largest galaxy in this side of the universe, 3 galaxies in one. The Crew rushes in, slaughtering trillions of Draxons. Dozens of planets are destroyed every second. Kuzon goes Supreme Super Saiyan 6. Nikad starts forming a Universal Spirit Bomb again, and needs power from the Lookout Crew to use it. The Crew gives some of their power, and it is enough. Nikad throws the Spirit Bomb, and it treads and slaughters, disintegrates quadrillions of Draxons in the entire galaxy, all of them (all the ones in THIS universe have now been destroyed, but they are no where near ALL dead, they are infinite, compared to all of existence..). The Galaxy then turns white, and the Crew puts up force fields, Ethan making one around them. The Planets in the galaxy, all explode in a line, forming the word "DEATH". Mars laughs "Jesus..". The Galaxy then explodes in a huge space explosion, and there is nothing but a blue dot left where the sun was. They zoomed in on it, and seen it..the Megasphere! The center, the powerball of the entire universe, and if you tamper with it or destroy it, there goes all of existence, and it would take trillions of years for the God of the Universe to regain the power to remake it (if he would). 

Kuzon and the others went to the Sphere, ready to guard it from Kochaku, but then, Kochaku appeared on the other side! Floated up and looked at them evilly. "Well, well. Looks like we have both made it. The entire universe, all of existence, a ruler's distance in front of both of us.. So, what now? Are you going to stop me? Make one move, move on muscle cell, and BOOM, there goes all of it.. ". The Lookout Crew couldn't take it, they wanted to kill him bad. But they couldn't, they knew it. Kuzon and the others thought of a plan..a master plan, which they didn't do elsewhere because they didn't expect this.

Kuzon came up with an idea--Multiple Fusion. In this case, Universal Fusion. Jeff and some others didn't like the idea, and were assholes, refusing to fuse and just make him mad. Kuzon stuck his hand in the ball, and screamed in pain. Kuzon revived every person killed in the entire universe. Masa and Kenji tried to power up, but was impaled quickly by Kochaku, and blown away, angering everyone completely to their limits. Kuzon started the technique, and most of them wanted to fuse because they believed it was good. He glowed white, his eyes red, and stuck his arms out, hands open. In seconds, every being in all of existence was sucked into him, including the Lookout Crew. Kuzon became an ethereal being, and was not Kuzon anymore. The being, named the Fate of the Universe, grew a mile tall, and was glowing white with red eyes. Nothing else. Just a white glowing huge figure. Glowing, just like glowing white light standing there. Kochaku did not understand the situation, but knew what was going on. The FOTU attacked Kochaku, and Kochaku retaliated.

They started bombing each other full blast, and Kochaku had the upper hand at first. Kochaku had the power of all the Gods, and was equal to the creator of existence. The FOTU, was barely equal, and had the power of every being in existence, other than the gods (and Kais). They barely made it. After a long hard space battle, the FOTU blew everything in the universe away with a simple breath, to make fighting space. After the battle, Kochaku was very weak and ran towards the Megasphere, about to hit it to get out of there. Before he could get there, FOTU stopped him and blew him away and formed a Kamehameha Spirit Bomb, and blasted him with complete full power, impaling Kochaku as he spoke his last words. "I will be back! I will!!!!" as Kochaku was disintegrated from existence....for now. 

The Being (FOTU) then immediately separated, and all the beings were teleported to the Supreme Kai planet. The planet was like a crowded airport, every being in the universe was on it. The Lookout Crew was there, and struggled through the crowd to the Supreme Kai. The Supreme Kai teleported them to a room in an unknown dimension. "Thank you, Lookout Crew. Without you, existence which we are bound to protect, would've been destroyed and all the universe and even us with it. Thank you." He gave the Lookout Crew one senzu bean for it. Nice present. The Lookout Crew thanked him, and then Kai made the God of the Universe appear next to them. "What?" said the God, in a dark robe with his staff. Kai asked him to go ahead and recreate the universe. The God stomped his staff on the ground, and it was all recreated in seconds. The God then disappeared, going back to his nap. The Supreme Kai went out and announced everything was back to normal. Every being celebrated and cheered (though, most of them don't even know who the Kais are, they were just happy to be back).

Every being was teleported quickly to their old homes and their brains rewired to forget it all. All races, everyone in existence. The Kai planet was now empty, and the Lookout Crew was teleported specially by the Kai back to Earth. They appeared on the Lookout, Kuzon and Ethan and everyone waiting for their families. Out of no where, Helena and Nera jumped on Kuzon and Ethan, and everyone else got settled back in, knowing they saved all of existence from absolute destruction. Everything, was indeed, good.

Spar with the 14th Saiyan (1052)

September 27-28, 2013

Full article: Page RP: Kuzon vs. the 14th Saiyan, an Unforgettable Battle!

Kuzon win, 14th Saiyan loss.

Spar with Nikad (1052)

December 1, 2013

On the cold, windy first day of December 1052, Kuzon, who finished doing the Lookout's bills and finances, stepped outside. Thin, cold layers of snow covered the Lookout. Kuzon made his way down to the Gravity Chamber, where he met with Lumakai and Nikad. He said hi to Nikad, and they both asked to spar. Nikad said he wanted to fight in the forest, so he jumped off the Lookout. But, he landed in a donut shop in the middle of Supreme City! (which is directly under the Lookout on earth). After getting yelled at by an angry chinese man, Nikad and Kuzon teleported into the Great Forest. They then began. Kuzon and Nikad began using basic attacks, Ki, Kamehamehas and Kuzon introduced his Torpedo Launcher attack, as well as Transmute! (he turned Nikad's instant kamehameha into frozen ice). They then, after some other attacks, decided to go all out.

Nikad brought them to a random desolate planet elsewhere in the universe. Kuzon erupted into Supreme Super Saiyan 6 and Nikad into Fire Super Saiyan 5. They were around equal. Kuzon used force attacks, and rock launchers at first, while Nikad used decisive Ki moves. Kuzon, doesn't have much control of this form yet. Nikad and Kuzon then get into a Super Kamehameha vs. Supreme Kamehameha fist clash. Kuzon sent a Black Bolt, with his other hand when Nikad wasn't looking, and struck Nikad in the neck with it, which results in the destruction of a lot of the planet, and a failed clash. Nikad blows back, and descends to base and Kuzon descends to Supreme Super Saiyan 2. Nikad also went Supreme super Saiyan 2, and they went back at it. Nikad quickly used a Super Dragon Fist, and Kuzon used a Supreme Dragon Fist. They were almost equal. They fist collided them. They then let go of the clash, and went back. Kuzon then ascended to his final form: Ultimate Legendary Supreme Super Saiyan, while Nikad went to Supreme Super Saiyan 10, his final. They were then almost on par. It was only minutes, before the entire planet had a crack through it and the core was impaled. The planet then exploded. Hikari and Leogian were watching the fight and left the planet.


Legendary Kamehameha

Kuzon smashed Nikad into the planet immediately before it exploded, but he got out. They are at their complete highest powers they have ever reached. Kuzon puts a shield around Yume, Leogian and Hikari to protect them. Kuzon and Nikad fight, and ram each other into asteroids alot. But it isn't the end. Nikad and Kuzon form their final attacks. Kuzon sends ALL of his energy to a Legendary Supernova, and Nikad forms an Ultimate Kamehameha, each the size of planets. They then, launch them. After colliding, everything is silent and the galaxy turns white. The galaxy then implodes and collapses on itself. 

After the battle, there is nothing left of the galaxy. But Kuzon and Nikad, beat up, are floating through space. They each get up, out of energy. Nikad let Kuzon win this one. Kuzon and Nikad teleport each other back to the Lookout. Kuzon walks in, takes a shower and puts fresh clothes on and walks out. He then falls on the ground asleep. Har walks over, thinking it is nap day, and falls asleep next to him. Helena picks  up Kuzon and brings him into his bedroom and throws Har off the Lookout. Nikad also falls down asleep.

The Magmus Conflict (1052)

December 20th, 2013


On the cool day of December 20th, 1052, the Lookout Crew woke up to start their normal days off again. Ethan, Zero and Mars had come from their homes to the Lookout. Kuzon had the idea to do a major spar, with all the crew fighting each other randomly. Kuzon teleported them to the Volcano Flats, which was actually pretty rocky, and had small volcanoes everywhere. It was a good challenging area for training. Kuzon fought Hikari, Zion fought The 14th Saiyan. Mars, Grey and Ian were also there. They fought for a while, destroying many volcanoes and using heat/magma for their own strengths in battle. Leogian came later.

Kuzon destroyed a large volcano while fighting Hikari. Only shortly after its destruction, a large orange light shun out of where it once was. Everyone stared at it, and Kuzon reported feeling an out-worldy energy. Within seconds, something pixelated start forming in the light. Michael Iron, punched it, but it burned him badly, showing he can't physically be fought.


The being began talking, in a demon like, voice. It said it was the God of Volcanoes and Heat, Magmus! He claimed he was angry, because earthlings like them abused volcanoes and heat. He was sick of it, and wanted them all gone. He then sent a huge earth shockquake through the valley. He disappeared. He appeared in the area, and shot huge fireballs at everyone, who dodged them using Ki. They knew they couldn't fight him physically or he'd burn them to death. Kuzon, Hikari, Mike Iron, Leogian, Grey, Zion, 14th and Zero. Soon Magmus levitated every volcano on Earth up, and merged them together into one super volcano. He dumped it over, covering the entire earth's surface with lava. The crew tried to stop it but couldn't. Before the magma reached any cities and people, Hikari teleported them to the Planet of the Kais. The magma soon covered off Earth. The magma had caused Earth to seperate into two, huge chucks of rock. Soon Earth was just floating asteroids on fire.

Magmus' attacks were mostly fire waves and fireballs, large, shot at the crew, who dodged them with Kamehamehas. The fireballs could burn swords. Magmus soon released millions of small Magmus' from him, and they all fought a member of the crew. The crew had to kick them, which made them explode. Hikari uses an Ultimate Kamehameha, to blast Magmus into the sun (which of course, only increased his power ten fold). Magmus then absorbed the entire sun's energy. This prompted him, to transform to two different forms. Then, he transformed into a human like form, his ultimate form. He threw a planet-sized fireball at Hikari and Kuzon, who were the only ones left fighting, with Leogian watching. They then fought for a while in space, before Magmus teleported them to an odd realm.

The realm, was completely fire. The sky was firey, and it seemed like a never ending landscape of magma and lava. There were platforms on them, that Hikari, Leogian and Kuzon had to stay on or get burned to death. From away, Magmus shot large attacks at them. Leogian helped abit. Soon, Kuzon thought, what about Transmute! It could turn his major attacks into their polar opposite; ice. Kuzon had to teach Hikari, because doing it alone would be beyond Kuzon's power. Magmus stormed a huge fireball, made of all the fire in the realm, at them. This had super great power. Hikari and Kuzon grabbed onto it, and used Transmute to their full power. The ball slowly crusted into ice. Hikari used his idea, and blasted a ball into Magmus' chest. Kuzon blasted a final beam from the ball into Magmus. Hikari raised Magmus into the air, a planet surrounding him, and crushed the icy planet onto Magmus, freezing him. Hikari then exploded the ball, destroying Magmus.

After that, the realm of fire, simply faded away. They were then on a huge, empty

The alien creature

baren white planet in the middle of no where. Kuzon looked next to him, and there was a strange alien creature staring at him. He had a cabbage stand. Hikari said Hi and asked who he was, but as he did, the alien ran off screaming into the darkness. They then teleported back to earth. Earth was nothing but floating asteroids on fire, but the Lookout was still intact. The pole for it was on an asteriod in space, about to crash into a planet's atmosphere. Kuzon went to quickly gather the Dragon Balls (which were almost gone). Hikari though, stopped him. Hikari used his Planetary Restoration technique to make Earth stick back together, to normal. He then teleported back to Other World, got all humans, and put them back and brainwashed them.

Things were back to normal. They had angered the volcano lord, he fought them and they defeated him.

Great Time of Peace - Mid-Life (1053-63)


Kuzon driving with Helena in 1055

On December 31st 1052, Kuzon and the crew counted down to 1053. They felt as if it was a new beginning (like usual). From 1055 to 1059, Kuzon Jr finished High School and began College. Kuzon introduced KJ to Essi Gupta, a prominent and skilled martial artist, and he began learning under him. KJ would be highly successful, become a journalist, and go on to begin a global progressive revolution while in college, setting the stage for an explosive career ahead.


Kuzon in 1055 with a random baby he found at a gas station

Kuzon wanted to go back to college to get a Master's but feared he 'wouldn't be good enough'. In 1058, Supreme City University was completed, and many of Kuzon's kids planned on enrolling there when they are of age. Kuzon overseen its opening and was there to commemorate it, along with his children, who were descendants of Goku Jr. (who founded Supreme City). Overall, from 1053 to 1063, many things happened, mainly the change in ideas and perspective of the Crew. It was a time of peace.    

Spar with Nacule (1063)

MAIN ARTICLE: PAGE RP: Kuzon vs. Nacule

Kuzon loss because of tactics, Nacule win.

Hikari vs. Kuzon, Jimmy, and Ethan (Joke RP)

January 27th, 2014


On the Lookout, Kuzon and Hikari were talking, and Kuzon made some jokes to him. Hikari randomly decided he wanted to try to kill Kuzon. When Hikari looked away, Kuzon was already on the road in his friend Joey's van, going over the mexican border. Hikari went after him. In Mexicoo City, Kuzon hid in the old, dirty drug slums of the city. Shacks lined the streets filled with people having sex and doing drugs and crime, and naked mexican and black people ran the streets covered in toilet paper being chased by police. Kuzon hid in these houses, being watched by people that kept telling him to do drugs and stuff. Kuzon was confronted by a hooker or 2 and a huge black dude with a meth lab. Kuzon ran out of the door, and into another building, where he seen a prostitute. Out of no where, Hikari's giant airplane landed, and leveled the entire neighborhood. But before this happened, Kuzon had hid in the basement of the shack, because some dude on crack told him to get in there and he would be safe.

The basement was old, moldy and full of trash and black mold. Old dirty couches were laying around with people sleeping and having sex on them, with a tiny old TV in the middle. Kuzon sat on a couch, where a dude was smoking crack, who layed his head on Kuzon's lap and fell asleep, creeping Kuzon out. Hikari got a giant gas truck full of toxic gas, and started dumping toxic air into the basement, trying to kill Kuzon. The air killed everyone inside the basement almost, and Kuzon started running towards a giant metal door in the back of the basement. But, Kuzon seen the dude on the couch, and knew he had to save him. So Kuzon ran back quickly, grabbed the man on his back, who told him his is Jimmy, and that he didn't have to save him, and ran into the metal door, into the sewers under Mexico.

In the sewer, Kuzon, holding Jimmy on back, swam, before seeing a light. Kuzon jumped out of the sewer where the light was, and was on the American side of the border, in a large grassy field. Jimmy laid Kuzon down, and ran back in with his gun. Hikari had broken down the metal door, and was on the way to get them. Jimmy met Hikari on the other side of the flowing river in the sewer, and Jimmy had his gun pointing at Hikari's head. Hikari was about to kill Jimmy, but Kuzon appear out of no where with a gernade. Kuzon threatened Hikari with it, before Hikari shot him in the hand, and Kuzon's hand bled. Before Kuzon could throw it, the metal door opened up, and Ethan came out! Ethan had a bunch of toxic water, which started flowing heavily through the sewer. This water knocked Hikari out, and Ethan told Jimmy and Kuzon to run. Kuzon jumped across the river, in slow motion epicly, and grabbed Jimmy, who Hikari was holding on to, and started running out before the water got them.

Kuzon threw Jimmy on the ground, and Hikari, and Ethan, who had an old fat mexican man with him. Jimmy started dying slowly, and Kuzon held him in his hands. Hikari tried to kill them both, but his gun wasn't aimed right, because he was under the toxic water spell. Jimmy told Kuzon that he didn't have to do all this, and he died in Kuzon's hands. Kuzon got on his knees crying. Out of no where, the corn fields surrounding them fell, and they were surrounded by giant barricade of police cars and helicopters, telling them to get on the ground. Hikari was about to kill Kuzon, but he was out of no where, bit by a giant aligator! Hikari's sight was hurt. Kuzon got on the ground with his arms up.


Kuzon woke up on the Lookout, and seen an ambulance loading Jimmy into it. A doctor told Kuzon he didn't make it, and Kuzon already knew that. It went dark again, and Kuzon was crouching down on Jimmy's gravestone, in an old abandon cemetery in the woods. "James Reginald-William McHuntington, III (1028-1063)". Kuzon put drugs on his grave in memory, and he saw a figure behind it, who was Hikari. Hikari said he will kill Kuzon. A car drove by, and Hikari disappeared. Kuzon was confused, but he walked away, and disappeared as well.

Holy Apocalypse Saga (1063)

Feburary 2nd, 2014

On a new, sunny day on February 2nd, 1063, Kuzon and Helena were throwing a party on the Lookout for their 22nd anniversary. Kuza and Kuzisa were taking care of poor puppies. Ethan, Leogian, Hikari, Android 0, 14th Saiyan and Axel were there as
well. Everyone was enjoying their time partying for about 15 minsutes, until, all of a sudden, the sky turned pitch black, and a huge, thick barrier surronded the Lookout. 2 lghtning bolts struck down next to each other, and two glowing men figures appeared. Everyone looked, as Kuzon shoved his mouth full of corn bread. Everyone questioned the two men, the two...beings. One of them soon revealed himself as a member of the Ancient Existial Order--that they were sent by a "superior power", and that it was not important to know of that. They stated that there is an unknown force, energy, power sensed by the Gods, and that it was greater than the Gods, and was located somewhere in the 5th Universe, East Galaxy. The Beings said some more, that it was greater than they have ever faced, and may be Kochaku. They disappeared, and Earth went back to normal.

The Crew started seperating into teams, and Android 0 used his teleporting powers to teleport the crew to another universe--the 5th universe, which none of them had ever left this universe before. Before they left, Kuzon Jr. came, claiming he couldn't get to the Lookout because it was the barrier must of made the Lookout invisible. Kuzon Jr. wanted to go with Kuzon, on his first universal trip, since he was a grown man now. Zang and Eltrio wanted to go with Ethan, and Zang was older so Ethan chose him. It was Zang and Kuzon Jr.'s first major trips with their fathers, when they were of age. Hikari teleported all of the humans back to the Kai Planet, where they would be safe. The Crew took one last look at Earth, as they may never see it again. They went into Android 0's portal, to the location of the strange power--Axel, Ultimate Ian, Android 0, Hikari, Kuzon, Kuzon Jr., Zang, Ethan, Leogian, 14th Saiyan, Hunter, and Geyser.

The Crew came out of the portal, and landed on a red, barren planet, somewhere in the 5th Universe (the DB one is the 7th). This was the first time they seen another universe. It was amazing, planets with different shapes, it felt different and was breathtaking. Triangle and cube planets scattered the skies, new history and locations to explore. But they didn't have time to adventure. They had to save existence. The Crew looked around for what to do and look for, and as Kuzon was walking, he was attacked by a giant black squirmy tentacle that came out of the ground! The tentacle started beating him around until Ethan destroyed it with a Destructo Disc. Kuzon and them kept walking, until they seen a large city nearby. They flew in to it. In the city, the buildings were plain metal, with an unreadable language on it. They noticed a large light, beaming into the sky. This must be it. As they were about to go to it, a bunch of small beings appeared around them in robes. Hikari told them they were from another universe, and the being said "We know", and then started unleashing attacks on everyone. Everyone started fighting multiple small beings, blasts everywhere. Ethan shot Death Beams everywhere, killing most of them, until Hikari destroyed the entire area with a Kiai. There was nothing around but dirt, but the light beam was still there, and it was coming from a huge, nearby crater.

The Crew went to the cratrr and looked in. There were even bigger beings in red robes, bowing down to a fountain where the beam was coming from. They seemed to ignore the Crew, and just kept bowing and chanting. "Rise my master, chief of plans and eminence in the dark. Rise to succeed in your evergoing plan of dominance over the universe. Rise to scope out and destroy all whom oppose you. You are the true leader, the true king of this world, this realm. Rise to become one, a true God, a true evil. Rise, Kochaku, rise to your challenge, and let no one oppose you!", said the large being. After Kuzon poked one, it looked back with huge, glowing eyes, and started attacking. He stood up, the other 2 destroyed easily. He started stomping around, and stated his name was Reihai-Sha No Waru, and he was the Head Priest who worshiped Kochaku, trying to summon him from his death, which the Lookout Crew put upon him. He started attacking the crew, which used attacks like Death beams, head smashers, paralysis and destructo discs. Soon, the being summoned millions of large tentacles to spurt from the ground all over the planet. The Crew had to cut these tentacles, as they attacked and threw people. Kuzon tried to touch the Fountain and Beam to see what would happen, but his arm ended up getting paralyzed, and he could no longer fight. Leogian had to heal Kuzon, which took a long time. Kuzon told Kuzon Jr. to take his place as the head of the team for a while. They defeated the being, who threw a temper tantrum before disenigrating into white, glowing ash. Kuzon Jr. dug through the ash, and found a Scroll. It stated they were trying to summon Kochaku.

All of a sudden, everything started spinning and flattening, and the crew was in a sort of, black, dark realm. They didn't know what was going on. Out of no where, a giant, glowing light appeared in front of them. The light stated, it was the eternal Creator of Existence (COE). COE told the Crew that Kochaku's power is now greater than his, because Kochaku went back in time and stole his Staff of Zen'no Pawa, the staff used to create the multiverse. Kochaku now had greater power than COE, but that the Lookout Crew could change that by blackmailing Kochaku and doing what he did. COE told them that they would need to go back in time, and get the Staff from the Maze of Izami, a maze that was now haunted by Kochaku's evil minion monsters, that the Crew would have to face. Everyone was amazed to actually TALK to the Creator of Everything, and it was an honor. COE said there was no time, and he then transported the Crew to 4,000,000 Before Age, just moments before the time Kochaku stole the Staff in the main timeline. 

The Crew found themselves in a blue, glowing castle hall, and the castle was falling apart. They needed to get through it quickly. Kuzon was being healed, and Kuzon Jr. took the lead. Android 0 was the first to encounter an enemy, who revealed himself as Hadō (japanese for hard). Hado was a large, white monster. He attacked 0. Ethan soon got to him in the maze, and used Dreadseed powers on him, which made him grow red veins, before exploding. He blew Kuzon Jr. away, which made KJ turn white and sick for a temporary time. It could've killed him. Hikari had kept going solo, as he tried to find the exit. Before he made it to the end, a wall closed in on him, and a large, black creature, with multiple limbs came forth from the wall. It roared, and attacked Wikian. Ethan got to it, and infected it with Dreadsead, as Kuzon Jr. tore its head off, it exploded and died. After this, all the halls in the Maze of the Izami Castle, disappeared, and it was one, old dirty castle room. It was still full of the odd glow, blue feeling.

Hikari and them approached the door, and Kuzon Jr. opened it, and a giant man eating lion monster sticked its head out. Kuzon Jr. quickly closed it..but another one next to it appeared. It had a large lock on it, with odd symbols and language. They had to get the code, so everyone went off looking around the castle for clues. Kuzon Jr. went into a room, and found a wet clay tablet behind a chest, and brought it out. It had the same symbol on it, but he couldn't decode it. He had 14th Saiyan summon a Portal to The Great Library, where he could find information on it. Kuzon Jr. disappeared into the portal. Kuzon finished his healing, and Kuzon Jr. came storming back out with a large wet book. He laid the book down, and started flipping pages. A dead bat carcass was in one--which he, shooed away. He found the same symbol on a page, and it said "For this Riddle shall solve the Izami Puzzle; Fox, Bear, Dragon, Bear, Owl". Kuzon Jr. used the code on the door, which Hikari and Hunter were using heat vision on trying to weaken the lock. The door opened. The Crew all jumped in, a huge, empty dark room. It had wet stone walls. The door shut by itself. The Crew used auras to light the room.

Kuzon Jr. looked around the room, before coming upon--a skeleton! He picked up a journal from the skeleton's hands, and looked in it. "Day 4 - I am starving, and the entire Lookout Crew...they are all dead, gone..Kochaku killed them! Helena, everyone is dead..I don't know what to do..It's all over..". Kuzon Jr. and everyone else looked at the book, in utter fear and terror. In another timeline, the Crew must've failed and were all killed and the universe was damned. There were skeletons everytwhere, and the Crew went around, looking at their alternate-timeline-skeletons and reading their fates, which disturbed them. Soon, a large orb..a glow of light appeared in the room, lighting it. It was Kochaku! He was surrounded by dragons, and shards of energy. He stated that no one will have dominion over him. He smashed a Staff on the ground, which the walls of the room fell down, and they seemed to be in space..Kochaku started laughing hysterically, and smashed the Staff down, destroying the entire Northern Universe. He smashed it again and again, destroying every Universe until almost all of existence was gone except them. Everyone watched Kochaku in mere terror, as everyone was killed universe-by-univese. Kochaku then disappeared. COE appeared where he was.

COE explained that he was weakened since Kochaku went back in time, and stole his Staff of Zen'no Pawa, which held most of his power to create things. COE said the only way to get him back to full power to stop Kochaku, was to go back in time (which they already are in 4 billion Before Age right now) and get the same staff, but from 4 billion years in the past. COE opens a portal leading to a small room, which everyone goes in, he then disappears. The room is small and leaky. Kochaku is laying there, sleeping, with a barrier around him that no one can get through. The Crew is in 900,000,000,000 Before Age. There is a large glowing orb in the center of the room and nothing else. The orb has a Staff floating inside of it, which is the Zen'no Pawa at a former time. Kuzon Jr. lets Ian take the Staff. As Ian approaches the Staff, he is blocked, and a stone appears, with a riddle on it. "What is your name?". Ian answers it, the stone disappears and another one appears. "What do you want the Staff for?". Ian answers it seemingly correctly, and the barrier dissipates. Ian grabs the Staff, which is a holy honor, as the Staff was used in the creation of everything. Ian would be the honored one to hold it, as he earned it. Kuzon Jr. told 14th to teleport them back to the red, barren planet that the beings were summoning Kochaku on. The Crew appeared on the planet, and didn't understand what to do next. COE appeared, stating that it was time for the final bout.


COE opened a portal, and said that Kochaku would be weakened because of Ian's presence with the Staff. He said there are now two staffs, the one that Ian got from the past, and the modern one Kochaku has, and Kochaku has ruined the modern one with his evil. The crew entered the portal, ready to end this. Inside of the portal, the crew was once again, on the other side of Kochaku at the Sphere of Uchū Sōzō. "NO ONE WILL SURPASS ME! I AM PERFECT!" yelled Kochaku, as he shoved his Staff inside of the Sphere, which triggered an evil eruption across the dimensions. All of Existence then started turning white. Once the white met, it was all over. The Crew began to fight Kochaku. Kochaku attacked them mainly using large Shockwaves that were sent across the universes. Hikari used attacks that tore through Kochaku's head and sent him through dimensions. Kochaku punched and kicked them minorly, and they used their best attacks on him, which he seemed to be unaffected by most of them.


Finally, it was time to end this. All of Existence was only 1 foot away (literally) from being completely and eternally destroyed. Ian was holding the sphere, and the entire Lookout Crew came together, and formed the eternal Ancient Spirit Bomb, which held the power of every good soul that has ever existed or will exist. They launched it at Kochaku, which the Creator also helped with the bomb. "AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" the bomb ripped through Kochaku, which Kochaku said his final words, before being quickly shredded to shards of energy, existence an inch away from total destruction. Ian took the Staff, and shoved it in the Sphere quickly, and everything turned white.

The whiteness disappeared, and everything was dark and blue-glowy again. The Crew was tired, as they used all of their energy. COE appeared, and took his staff from the Sphere that Kochaku put in. He filled the Staff with good energy again. COE thanked the Crew for helping ensure ultimate survival. COE and the Crew talked, and COE said everyone could have one question. The most siginificant, Ethan asked. Ethan asked what COE's real name is. "Amayirot Arika" he said (obviously a play on the Akira Toriyama). COE said he would have to send everyone back to Earth. They said goodbyes to the almighty Creator, as he floated back into the sky and disappeared. The Crew then appeared in a swirling enigma.

The Crew found themselves back on the Lookout, and everything seemed back to normal. Kuzon, Kuzon Jr., Ian, Ethan and the others with partners, made out with their wives, while they met back up with their families. Helena said that in Other World, the Kais kept them updated with how the Crew was doing. Everything went back to normal, with no more Kochaku. Not for the next trillion years..

Reuniting with Madelyn's grave (1063)


On February 19th 1063, Kuzon was on the Lookout showing off his new swimming pool in a magician suit he added to it. He got on it, accidently cracked it and all the water spilled out. Kuzon's family were all "amazed". Meanwhile, Kuzten was at his home helping a bald man with computer problems. Kuzten seen the guy's computer sticking out of his back car window, and that reminded him he should visit Kuzon, because he had been thinking of something he thought it was time to show him.

Upon Kuzten arriving on the Lookout, Kuzon introduced him as "Matt" (after his middle name). Kuzten said he wanted to show Kuzon something, as he thought it was time. Kuzon went ahead and they flew off. They landed in a large cemetery, where Kuzten pointed and walked towards a crappy patch between trees. There were some gravestones. Kuzten told Kuzon, that is his mother's grave. Kuzon got down, and claimed he didn't remember that well. He tried thinking, but he remembered. He remembered every event that happened between him and her. He grabbed the stone, and started yelling and tearing up. He demanded she come back to life (which of course didn't work). He smashed his fist on the stone block. Kuzten looked away. Kuzon had forgotten about her for 33 years. She taught him many things. He couldn't express how  much he missed her now. 

Kuzon put roses on her grave, and made a Ki Shield around it. He teleported with Kuzten abck to the Lookout. Helena asked as he entered, and Kuzon said "She came before you. She was a good woman", and he walked into the Lookout and closed the door. Kuzten told Helena what happened, and she felt sorrow. Kuzon reunited, not physically but emotionally, with his forgotten lover from years past; Madelyn, mother of Kuzten (1016-1046).

Long lost Siblings (1063)

March 23rd, 2014


Kuzon in March 1063 meeting his siblings for the first time

In March 1063, while Kuzon and others were on the Lookout chilling, a huge spaceship that was on fire crash landed in a nearby forest. Kuzon and Zav'el, and a flying Ethan overhead, went to examine. Kuzon tore open the ship, and an arm grabbed him out of no where. He exploded the ship, and 3 Saiyan bodies were laying there, before they ached and got up slowly. They informed Kuzon, they were looking for him and that they were his siblings. Kuzon was extremely surprised but didn't show it. Everyone was in surprise. After an hour of explaining and talking, the 3 said they had to stay on the Lookout for a few weeks. They also said, starting the next day, they would go search the universe--for their mother. Kuzon was surprised to know she was even alive.

When on the Lookout, Kuzak and the other 2 discovered TV and met everyone. They stared at the TV for hours, as they never been around people in 300 years. They watched My Little Pony, which was on. Kuzak loved My Little Pony and it is his favorite show. They started and drooled at the TV. Soon, Kuzon walked in on them tearing apart meat they found, like animals. Kuzon and his family joined. The Kuz family. The siblings started at the moon which they hadn't seen in 200 years, and almost went Great Ape. Zav'el cut their tails off though. After they went to bed, Kuzon went in to do something, and noticed a little tail in Kuzak's arms. He pulled it, and it was Kuzmek, of whom he wasn't told about yet. Kuzak came in and told him later. They went back to sleep, big day tomorrow.


After explosion of Planet Vegeta, Kuzon's father and mother, Kuzak, Kuzob and Kuzima all escaped in 1 pod. They landed on a golden barren-ish planet later (later named Planet Kuzon). The planet had a race of green munchkins, which were geniuses but never talked, and they had a power that could give you eternal life (unless you was physically killed by an outer force). Lord Kuzon found this and used it, and knew he could have all the power in the world.. Oora, his wife, did not support his ways. Kuzon banished her, and the kids, off of the planet. He didn't care about what happened to them. All he cared about was power. He then became a dictator for almost 300 years and became known as "Lord" Kuzon.

Kuzak, Kuzima, and Kuzob all were sent into 1 pod. They eventually became teens, and knew they had a lost brother named; Kuzon. They knew their only chance to live a normal life was to find him. They knew he was alive. They lived forever though, because little did their father know, they had drunk some of the eternal life stuff before they were banished--so did their mother before she was.

For over 320 years, from 740 to 1063, the 3 lived as a sibling family, scouring every corner of the universe trying to find Kuzon. It was extremely hard though, as planets knew the Saiyans were horrible evil creatures, and they discriminated the group and thought they were plotting. They had to find Earth. They landed on several hundreds of random planets looking.

In mid 1062, the group landed on another random blue gloomy planet. On this planet, no one liked the Saiyans and wanted them gone. One of them was a female who had her eye on Kuzak. This led the two to an affair, a one-night-stand. This resulted in the birth of Kuzmek, Kuzak's first and only son. He took the baby and the group raised it, and he never saw the girl again.

Death of Goku IV (1063)

April 1, 2014


On April 1st, 1063, Goku was brought into an East City Hospital Room, as he had just had a heart attack. When Kuzon, Ian, Mars, Ethan, Nikad and all their kids arrived to visit him, after Kuzon heard about it on the phone, he was dancing around and singing in his room. They were confused. Goku fell back into his bed, having wore himself out. He started talking to them and they talked for a long time. A lot of the kids tried running off to a "deathly adventure" but Ethan and Kuzon had to try to stop them. Goku told Ethan some words of wisdom about living life to the fullest, as he didn't. He explained his life. His grandson and great-grandson walked in during the middle of it, and they helped him. Goku IV, holding the hands of Ethan, Kuzon, his sons and everyone else, passed away in his death bed, his last words "We will meet again". His grandson, an old man, fell to his knees crying. Everyone else was as well. Nikad felt bad. King Yemma from other world appeared and took the soul from his body and put it in bag.

The funeral was held April 4th. Kuzon, Helena, all their kids, and the rest of the Lookout Crew were all there. Helena wore an orange and blue dress and cover, as it is what the tradition is for Goku family funerals. His casket was covered in flowers with a basketball on it, and there was a picture of him young, with a mustache, 7 feet tall with a basketball and a fishing pole. Nikad said his final words to him beyond the grave. The man officiating had two men come out and catch the casket on fire. He said that the last wishes of Goku IV, was for his home to go to anyone in the family, and for Goku Jr's Gi, which was over 273 years old, to go to anyone in the Lookout Crew. Slimula ended up getting it. The casket was thrown into the ocean, which was nearby. It floated away into the distance, before sinking. This is because Goku IV always wanted to be a sailor. Everyone left back home, mourning as a generation was now gone.

Kuzon Jr. revolution begins (1060s)

Finally gaining audacity and encouragement, KJ decided to launch a full campaign for Mayor of Supreme City in January 1064 as a Liberal, his first major position. His earnings from business would fund it. KJ had a high approval rating, and easily stood out against other Senators. KJ had an uplifting spirit, tone, and attitude that uplifted everyone around him. He was enamored for his sense of loose but formal style, dress, and etiquette. He was confident, in-control, and knew exactly what he was doing.

Kuzon Jr. ran a successful election campaign throughout 1064, touring the city and giving enlightening speeches, which became his trademark. KJ defeated conservative candidate Richibald Hopkins in a landslide, who was seen as a fat, corrupt, weak traitor, who embarrassed himself and stained his career. KJ was inaugurated on 1 January 1065. His family and Lookout Crew supported him heavily. His young sister Kuzisa helped him the most, as she wished to use his governance as a way to spread the word about saving nature and animals to the world. This was a legendary and historic event in history, and thus the beginning of the Progressive Era, or KJ Era--or, the Revolution. He would go on to 6 terms as Mayor before becoming King of Earth and later Emperor of the Great Empire, the most powerful and influential power in the universe.

Second Time of Peace - Retiring from full-time Fighting (1063-71)

After a long 8 years, more grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and his son becoming mayor of largest city on Earth, Kuzon decided it was his time to settle down in 1071. He was only 55, but he couldn't hardly move anymore, due to his heart and body problems. He grew out his beard and started doing what he loved and spending more time with his wife. None of this would stop him from fighting though, but he did retire from being a full Lookout Crew member.

Ma-Ryu and the Dragon Realms! (1071)

April 6th, 2014


Oora, mother of Kuzon

On a normal April day, in 1071, the Lookout Crew and friends were chilling and doing good on the Lookout. A portal suddenly appeared out of no where. An old messenger man, fell out, puking a jello-like substance. Kuzon, Ethan, Hikari, Polari and Hikari, who were there, was confused what this was. The messenger said he had a message from the god, Ryukami. He wanted to see the Lookout Crew immediately. Right before they were about to enter the portal, Kuzon's siblings; Kuzak, Kuzima and Kuzob walked out, demanding that they destroy this "dragon god" who thought he was superior to the Saiyans. They were very arrogant and brash. Kuzon knew that if they went with them, they would only cause trouble.. But they went into the portal quickly, and equipped Saiyan Alpha Armor, a more thick better armor, with shields and swords. The others went into the portal. When getting back on the Lookout, the messenger puked again. Kuzon was in the kitchen cooking. The messenger went in and told him everything that happened (read here), including Ethan's death. Kuzon knew he had to tell Eltrio and Zang.


Kuzon in the 1070s

Everyone else met and talked. Kuzon went out to the Lookout, and told the siblings they did well but were arrogant, and to get in and wash their hands. Kuzon looked around, but something bumped into him; his mother. He wondered who it was at first, but then she claimed she knew who it was.. She jumped up and hugged Kuzon, as it was the first time Kuzon ever met his mother, Oora, and that they ever seen each other since she deported him to earth in 736. She was in Ma-Ryu's realm the entire time, trapped in an ice cube, so was 1 member of every other race, as Ma-Ryu was taking their soul power. The entire Kuzon family met and introduced her. Everyone else mourned over Ethan's death.

Kuzon went and told Eltrio and Zang about the death of him. They were struck hard. Everyone knew there was nothing else to do, so they resumed. Kuzon's mother lived in Kuz Manor now, and they had a LOT to get updated on.

LookoutCup! (1071)

On 20 May 1071, the first LookoutCup! sporting and tournament event took place in Supreme City. Kuzon and KJ hosted it, and were the judges. Kuzon sat in the stands above the arena, and told commentary jokes and patrolled the radio across the universe.

Battling the 14th Saiyan (1071)

May 27/28th, 2014

The day was warm. Summer. Late May. Kuzon IV was getting off school for last day of 2nd grade. Kuzon knew it was time for him and the 14th Saiyan to spar, mainly because he wanted to see his new found abilities since their last battle. Kuzon appeared on the planet in space where 14th was and challenged him. 14th immiedately accepted and they each took stances, where 14th starts with rapid Dimensional Time Waves and Flash Feeders, which Kuzon tries his best to get past. 14th has a good array of techniques in store. Kuzon does his best to get through them, which Kuzon retaliates by using multiple of his best techniques. They fight for a while, doing a lot of up close combat, before Kuzon transforms into a Super Saiyan, later Full Power SSJ. He and 14th are still on point, fighting while 14th gets away using his DTWs. Kuzon and him are on par. Kuzon transforms into a Full Power Super Saiyan 3. He maintains this form for a while fighting. Kuzon uses his best hand on hand combat on 14th, using many electric attacks which damage 14th. 


14th Saiyan transforms into a Full Power Super Saiyan 4, and Kuzon transforms into a Super Saiyan 4. They start to intense their fight, and pump it up. Kuzon transforms into his Owl Form after 14th messes with his senses and makes Kuzon to permanently blind. In this form, Kuzon's eyes are healed. Kuzon shoots poop and flies around 14th before being exploded back to SSJ4. He gained an advantage. Kuzon and 14th clash it out a while, using multiple techniques. Kuzon decides to pump it up, to Super Saiyan 5, a form he hates and never uses. He only uses it because he doesn't want to go to Supreme Super Saiyan, and doesn't know FPSSJ4. He tries his best but it limits his energy. He uses the rocks and fire power to his advantage. 

Kuzon's energy lasts longer than he thought, but he soon realizes he has to back out of the form sooner or later. 14th makes good use of his Ki-Ga-Mi blades, which he cuts him many times. Kuzon then transforms to Supreme Super Saiyan in a blue explosion, back in his exercised trained state. He then starts tank bombing 14th mercilessly. 14th goes FPSSJ5, surprising Kuzon. Soon, after 14th evades many of his attacks, Kuzon does multiple combos to confuse him, launches his boulders at him and breaks 14th's fingers. Now they begin storming with huge ki blasts and get bloody. Kuzon rolls off after an Electric Bomb attack and shoots bombs all over the place. Don't touch them 14th used a combo, which he used his DTW to sneak behind him and use an assault, which launched Kuzon forward into a bomb, throwing him and heavily damaging him. He then trapped him in a Ki sphere and shot a bomb at him, which Kuzon quickly used a mouth Kamehameha, but lost and Kuzon's tooth was knocked out and covered in blood. Kuzon started tanking 14th again, having to ascend to Supreme Super Saiyan. Now the real action begins as they get serious. After a large attack, they are both almost knocked out, bloody. Kuzon launches 14th into a planet on a rock, sends Eraser Cannons and 14th rips the planet apart. Kuzon catches the bombs with a baseball glove. 14th goes into realm while Kuzon pinpoints 14th, bombing him, and sending him into a huge rock. They continue fighting. After an attack by 14th, Kuzon is forced to temporarily go Supreme Super Saiyan 4. They fight, Kuzon takes Owl form again. Kuzon then smashes and tanks 14th for a while, before he goes SSSJ3 to overpower him a bit and gain some strength. Kuzon reverts back. 14th soon uses his portal to launch a small moon in Kuzon's direction. Kuzon uses a Dragon Fist and tears straight through it. 14th then uses a full power Aegis Force Blast and breaks both of Kuzon's arms and his rib. Kuzon then decides to end it. 14th makes Kuzon go temporarily blind, but they keep fighting until both of them are worn out and 14th's rib is also broke. Soon, Kuzon ripped his arm off and used it as a weapon. He had to get a new one, which he later would get a robotic one put on my Dr. Atom. Kuzon soon fails as 14th defuses and does a combo.

Kuzon takes his arm, after eating a senzu bean from one of the 13 Saiyans. Kuzon then goes home, as he lost, and eats spaghetti.

Saiyabots Conflict (1071)

April 22 2014


On June 7th 1071, Eltrio was on the lookout after training.  Ultimate Ian, Ultimate Zion, and Kuzon were there as well.  Kuzon flipped through TV channels and heard weird alien noises and someone saying that "Erdac was destroyed".  Erdac was the name of a planet.  Then, they saw big red dots in the sky.

The big red dots flashed a supernova, which Eltrio destroyed with several blasts.  Eltrio defended against blasts from the sky, as a Super Saiyan 3.  Then, something landed, and no one could see what it was.  Eltrio and Ian attacked it, but to no affect.  Mist cleared, and there were robots.   Eltrio and Zion attacked them, but none of their attacks affected.  Eltrio did manage to put a dent in the robot, but the dent just went away.

Kuzon started talking to them.  The robots revealed that they were Saiyabots and that they eradicated races inferior to the Saiyans and wanted a place for the Saiyans in the universe.  The Saiyabots looked like android Saiyans, and had metal hair and tails. 

Kuzon tried to reason with them, while Eltrio and Zion attacked.  Kuzon stopped Eltrio from attacking.  Eltrio explained that the Saiyabots were evil, because they eradicated other races for being "inferior" to the Saiyans.  Talking to them, Kuzon tried to explain to the Saiyabots that what they were doing was wrong.  The Saiyabots didn't listen, and instead, shot a red beam through Kuzon which made a hole in him and killed him. 

The Saiyabots created a large supernova blast which Eltrio held off, as a Super Saiyan 4, with all his might.   Zion saved Eltrio from being killed when the blast overpowered Eltrio, and then, Earth was destroyed and wiped from the galaxy.  In space,  Eltrio was given a senzu bean by Zion, because he had used all his energy.  Eltrio powered back up into a Super Saiyan 4, and Zion became a Super Saiyan 6, and they fought the Saiyabots together.    Eltrio was badly beaten by them and fell on an asteroid, but then, Zion put an earring on Eltrio.  The two did a potara earring fusion, and became a new being,  Eltrion. Eltrion was a Super Saiyan 5 when he appeared, since Eltrio was a Super Saiyan 4 and Zion was a Super Saiyan 6.   Eltrion held off the Saiyabots, and smashed many of them, he also disintegrated one of them with a final flash (destroying it completely) and decapitated another, but the head just went back on. 

Leogian, Bisani Toribra and Ares joined the fight later. They took down the first Saiyabot, and the second prepared to fight. The second Saiyabot was a bit more powerful but not much different, and after a bunch of fighting, it was taken down. The third bot was a female. She introduced more unique techniques, such as using her hair plate as a boomerang, torpedos, body part splitting, etc. She was disenigrated by Leogian. Then, the next two bots came fighting together. One was bald and one had raditz-hair. They both fought at once and posed a challenge. The bald one was dealt with by Leogian. The Raditz-one, however, dealt with Eltrion and Bisani. Bisani kept abusing it, and cut him in 10 pieces with his Devils Hair technique. The pieces, suddenly turned into their own Saiyabots! Smaller. There were now 10 miniature Saiyabots. Eltrion came through and tore through them and split them in half a lot with his power. They were now microscophic, but they still turned into Saiyabots. There were now at least 5 million microscophic ones. They formed Universal Supernovas, and formed the Novas into one whole Supernova. Leogian, Bisani and Eltrion all attempted to take it on. Bisani and Leogian helped obliberate the Nova, with Eltrion helping. After that, Eltrion and Bisani obliberated the microscophic Saiyabots. But one was left, and it grew to normal size. Bisani through an A.I.R. knife at him, but something kicked it away. As the Saiyabot was about to go get Bisani, something destroyed it and disenigrated it. The other bald Saiyabot was disenigrated by Leogian when it's bomb exploded, which damaged Eltrion.

This was none other than the final, large Saiyabot. It crushed the raditz bot, and stood on a yellow Ki platform since there were no asteroids. The fighters were surprised when, instead of fighting, he started talking about being trapped inside of the metal body. They didn't know who was talking, but it was coming from the Saiyabot. The Saiyabot got on its knees, technically crying and complaining about being "trapped" in the metal prison. The Crew was confused, and offered to help the Saiyabot. They would also revive Kuzon, and bring back Earth. Eltrion teleported them to Planet New Namek, and Eltrion talked to Elder Moori about using the Dragon Balls. He did. Eltrion wished for Kuzon to be revived, for the man to be wished out of the Saiyabot, and for Earth to be back. It happened. 

Kuzon appeared, and a hole blew into the Saiyabot's chest. A man walked out of the black smoke, and it was Kuzelias! He had long spiky brown hair and was in strange power fur armor. He talked to Kuzon and they met. Eltrion teleported them back to Earth, the Lookout. On the Lookout, Kuzelias seen Earth and learned all about it and went to live in Kuz Manor. Eltrion used Shenron to wish for him to be seperated, back into Eltrio and Zion. Kuzelias met everyone on Earth in the family. Eltrio offered to take Kuzelias to meet his dad, through Fortuneteller Baba and King Yemma. Kuzelias was brought to Other World, where me met his dead, Kuzeph. Kuzeph was a tall bald Saiyan with a mustache who died of a disease when Kuzelias was young. They met and Eltrio was happy. 

Kuzelias then went and lived peacefully, learning amongst Earth, and getting a job at Capsule Corp, forgetting all about the Saiyabot Conflict.. Let the name be known, there is a new Kuz on Earth. Kuzelias!

Jashin Conflict (1071)

July 1st, 2014+

Jashin's Curse Seal

During this arc, the seal that the original Supreme Kais used to seal Jashin away for as long as possible, had finally reached it's limit and shattered, effectively freeing Jashin. After Jashin was released from his imprisonment, he wanted to get revenge on the Supreme Kais for what they did to him and move forward with obtaining his goal as soon as possible. So, Jashin unleashed a horde of approximately 13 quintillion demons into the Universe (so that they could eradicate all life in it) and traveled to the Sacred World of the Kais himself. 

Once he arrived, Old Kai and Kibito Kai created an anti-makaioshin barrier around the planet to protect themselves from Jashin. Jashin attacked the barrier and tried to teleport through it but it proved useless, but Jashin also felt the barrier slowly weakening. So he assumed it was only temporary and decided to go pay the Universe's "strongest" a visit so he could have some fun with them in the meantime until the barrier was down. 

After teleporting to Kami's Lookout on Earth, Jashin quickly confronted The Lookout Crew and engaged in a brief battle with them. Once Jashin had sensed that the barrier had weakened and shattered, he teleported to the Kais planet and quickly destroyed Old and Kibito Kai's physical bodies, but he captured their souls and sent them to the Demon Realm. He quickly proceeded to do the same to the other Kais and even King Yemma and his orges. It was then later on revealed that Jashin and his demon army had been wiping out all life on a Universal scale and started sending the souls of the deceased into the Demon Realm so that they would be preserved there while Jashin destroyed the current Universe and made a new one with the power he had obtained by killing all of the Kais and King Yemma.

Afterwards, Jashin engaged in a massive and very long battle with SS, Kuzon, and Zion that determined the fate of the entire Universe. Kuzon Jr fought Jashin before Kuzon (who doesn't fight anymore anyway), having a good lead. But, KJ was spit on by Jashin and turned to stone, and blown away into the Demon Realm, and killed. The Kuz Clan watched in complete dispair. This angered Kuzon, who was about to enter the fight, but Kuzten demanded to fight to show off his power as a trained Super Saiyan 3. Kuzten tanked Jashin mostly through, until Jashin revealed the code, that he could only be effected and killed by evil techniques.

So in the very end, Zion became Noiz and had managed to defeat Jashin by blasting him into his own reality-warping black hole with an evil attack, as a Supreme Super Saiyan God with 100% Spirit. Thus, killing Jashin and wiping him out of existence. However, Jashin's actions had started a chain of events that would be continued in the rest of The Jashin Saga. Everyone who fought appeared on the Lookout immediately after his defeat. Kuzon and Kuzten had time to think about what is happening. Suddenly, Eltrio appeared through a portal. He had been training. Ethan had died on Earth when Jashin destroyed it. Everyone talked things over.

Retirement achievements - Kaihood (1071-86)


Kuzon at 70 in 1086

Between 1071 and 1086, Kuzon retired from his earthly jobs. Before so, of course, Kuzon had gave up his fighting of enemies and handed that privilege down to his descendants. He began privately training in his basement at his home, and he opened up a martial arts training business named The Kuz School of Martial Arts. Kuzon teaches several types of martial arts to students who sign up for free lessons. From 1071 to 1077, Kuzon supertrained his son KJ to become as strong a warrior as him; it was successful, and KJ soon surpassed him (along with Kuro). Kuzon became very religious, following the Church of the Kais.

On 14 August 1072, after deeming Kuzon worthy, the Grand Supreme Kai officially made Kuzon a Kai, for his services to the universe and his sense of wisdom. He was not a Kai of any particular thing, just a Kai. He would attend meetings and councils on the Planet of the Kais monthly. During this decade, Earth and the universe was undergoing radical liberal change by his son KJ, a well-established politician. Kuzon endorsed his son and his efforts and sometimes helped him and spreading his message.

Kuzon began aging very badly starting around 1082. This was due to being a baby for so long with his body not aging for 280 years, from birth to 1016, his awakening. Normally Saiyans don't age until they are in their 200s, not 70s. Though Kuzon had has problems with his body before. Kuzon has to rely on help from his wife Helena, and family. Kuzey stays there occasionally and learns and helps his grandpa. Kuzon began farming and cropping, and took great pride in Kuz Manor, where he remained for his retirement and entered house contests.

Death (1086)

Kuzon, on July 16th 1086, felt sick the entire day. His body could hardly do anything or function, and had to be fed special foods and oxygen. Helena, his wife, kept holding onto him, crying as she knew she was losing him. Kuzon coughed and grunted from pain. He went outside and felt the cool breeze of Earth one last time. Kuzey and Phoebe came and helped him, along with KJ and the entire other clan. Eventually, Ethan, Nikad and Hunter showed up, and Eltrio and Zang and everyone. Almost every member of the Lookout Crew (at the time) showed up, as well as the Kuz Clan. Kuzon laid in his chair with his friends and family beside him.


Kuzon spoke his final words as Mars and Nova showed up in remembrance. Kuzon's final words were "Goodbye, my friends." Everyone cried and a tear came from their eyes. Ian was there as well. Zion and Tenchi however were absent. KJ and Kuzey mourned hard, Kuza Kuzek and Kuzisa also in heavy regret. KJ put a blanket over Kuzon's body and prepared for burial. Kuzon ascended beyond the mortal realm to Other World, where he appeared to begin his new existence. Right as it was happening though, Kuzon reappeared back in Kuz Manor, and was young and fresh. He held his hand our for Helena. "One last thing.." He wanted Helena to come with him so she wouldn't have to stay alone and useless for the rest of her life. She would ascend and be with her husband forever enjoying themselves. She hugged against him and Kuzon saluted everyone and disappeared. Oora and Kuzon's siblings saluted him.

At the funeral on the Lookout, everyone was there. Kuro showed up and put a pancake in his casket, because Kuzon loved them (Kuro was disgusted). Kuzon was buried outside Kuz Manor, however, his legacy lived on

The family got used to Kuzon not being there anymore, and Kuzoh appeared to give wisdom commonly. Kuzon's father said something to him in Other World about enjoying Heaven as he was in hell. Kuzon enjoyed his eternity, and for years to come, shall his legacy, be known.



Kuzon chilling in Heaven in 1105

In Heaven, Kuzon and Helena finally had time to enjoy being together and to aspire in their love, which they never had time to do when alive. For the first few years after his death, Kuzon made little contact with his family or the mortal world. However, around 10 years after his death, he began showing up more often for small visits (with Baba's help) or just vocal contact to keep updated. Kuzon keeps a crystal ball to see major events unfolding in the universe. Only 10 days after his death, he showed up during the birth of Kuzoh II and Kuzon V (who died in birth) by Phoebe and Kuzey. During the Herulean War, Kuzon showed up to make a few comments regarding the disgust by the war, and that he knew everyone could handle it, including his 'great leader son'. During the Battle of Zacces in the war, Kuzon showed up on a ship to talk to his son and grandson. He helped destroy a large incoming boulder of the planet.

Currently, Kuzon and Helena travel together in a semi truck on the Other World Highway to find the legendary Potty's Pancake Palace and eat infinite pancakes. They live in District 111 of Heaven, and their small home is on a cloud, across from Ethan and Nera's (who died in 1105). They visit Kuzten, Brock and Kuzoh frequently.

Dimensional Nihility - Kuzuzon Jr!

Sept 7 2015

Dimensional Nihility Saga

During normal day in the universe, on 7 Sept 1105, the universe itself was still healing from the aspects of Erebus and Leogian's battle in the LookoutCup!. The very universe itself was torn asunder. Now though with one rip in space still healing, something dark discovered it and came through, noticing this, Kereumos, God of Logic, found the mass, though this proved not as he was easily devoured by it. Other Gods then came to his aid but again to no avail as there power was not.

Nikad was then summoned to the God Realm to call a plan to order in defeating the Mass, his plan was to destroy it by devastating it with the God's most powerful attacks. They orchestrated this but it was not of any use as the mass was merely irritated by the attempt. With this the mass then started absorbing hundreds of Gods into itself becoming much stronger. With this the Gods retreated. Goku and Nikad fuse, creating Gokad!

The mass then left into the otherworld to absorb more souls, including the likes of Z-Fighters like Vegeta and Pikkon. This led to Goku turning Super Saiyan 5 and chasing down the mass but also to no avail as his attacks do nothing. The mass then chases them both as Nikad and everyone else fly away in panic to Goku's house.

With this everyone arrives at the house alerting of the oncoming threat. Though then the Mass disappears to HFIL, where he absorbs being like Cell, Broly, Freiza, and other villains. Kuzon was revived by Nikad using his God power, in the midst of the crisis. Kuzon showed Gokad where to find the Staff of Zen'no Pawa; the Maze of Izami. Leogian accompanied them. After getting it (after fighting a weak Dragon Priest), they were transported back to Other World through an Infinium Parallellium. Only gods could hold the Staff, so Nikad did. Suddenly, the mass spawned an evil Vegeta and Pikkon, who fought Kuzon. At that moment, KJ appeared in question of what was going on. He joined his father in the fight. No one knew how to use the staff. Kuzon found and instruction manual in it, and learned. Gokad fired Psyjic Blasts from it to the Mass, which affected it greatly.

Though while this is effective, it still proves useless as at the end the Staff isn't doing much. Goku and Nikad decided to fuse to fight a newly created Super Saiyan 5 Broly. and Kuzon and KJ fought a controlled Vegeta. Though after a short battle, they were withdrawn back into the mass. Later the Gods again try to use the staff but to no avail, as the Mass uses a captured God to lure Meledor, the God of Wisdom into taking the staff and he himself gets devoured.

With that the Mass retreated back, the Heroes then went back to Earth and rested, Goku and the rest of the Z-Fighters also being revived. Many of them trained in the HBTC for an entire day in waiting to fight it again. KJ and Kuzon went back to Earth. Here, he met his great-granddaughter, Kuzynthia, for the first time (she was born a year after he died).

Over a day later the Mass returned and unleashed a horde of enemies including thousands of Heruleans through a portal in space time. Old Gods came back such as Shinto to fight Leogian, and Aremes to fight Gokad. Both of whom were defeated and pulled back into the portal revealing the Mass. The mass itself pulls back all of the Heruleans and dead warriors back into itself and leaves again. Gokad and Leogian attempt to follow but arent successful. Here, Kuzon came up with the epic idea for him and KJ to fuse, so they would be more powerful. KJ agrees, and both perform the Fusion Dance. The great Kuzuzon Jr. was born!

Suddenly everyone is then teleported to a dim stone room surrounded by monks. The Ancient Existial Order had demanded there presence. They explained what this Mass is, though they knew not why it was here nor what it wanted. They then directed them to the origin of the Mass and seeing as how the inhabitants of his world could help them. They use the staff in the Sphere of Ucho Sozo to teleport them to the dimension the Mass came from. With this they encounter beings of dimensionally higher stature to them. They then tell them about the Mass. The beings then grant them greater power to fight off the Mass.

With this when they Return, they encounter the Mass again. This time being able to harm him to a much greater extent then before. They battle him until they have him cornered while using there new enegies. Though during this the Mass reveals Kochaku in mid absorption. Though while Gokad and Leogian try to free him, they fail as he is absorbed which makes the Mass evolve into his true form.

Nihil reveals himself, everyone tries to attack him but to no avail as he is nearly indestructible. He then summons back Vegeta, Broly, Cell, and Frieza stronger then ever. They attempt to fight them but are on even ground with them the entire time. After a short Battle, Nihil redraws them as he feels disgusted with wasting time with them. He then forms an indestructible castle that lies between the universe and outside of such and says if that they can defeat his 4 knights on the different edges of the universe then he will consider fighting them.

After this they split up to find the 4 knights, the first being Broly. Gokad finding Broly they commence there battle with Gokad having to go Super Saiyan 2 to battle the Legendary Super Saiyan. After which they power up to battle each other. Broly has Gokad on the edge for most of the battle until they clash beams in which Broly is overpowered and destroyed.

Kuzon is already exploring empty space when out of no where on the planet he is on. Cell's tail attacks him as Cell himself appears. They exchange words and begin battling. Though later in the battle Kuzon gains the upper hand. After Kuzon powers up even more, he then clashes beams with Cell ans eventually destroys him with it.

After a short search, Leogian then was able t find frieza. They started to battle but after a little while, things got intense as Leogiand and Frieza both powered up. Nami shortly arriving after the commencing of the battle. Leogian shortly gaining the upper hand in a beam struggle and was able to destroy Freiza.

The Final Knight battle consisted of Vegeta, who at this point is the strongest four all four knights. Fighting Nami. The battle commenced as Nami and Vegeta began there fight. Nami slowly after powering up to her new for which was able to hold down Vegeta for a little while, Though this led to Vegeta claiming all of his power to easily dispatch her. After of which though Goku talked him into his senses releasing that power.

After that, everyone concludes to come to Nihil's castle. While Leogian and Nikad explores it. It then collapses, Nihil revealing that he slaughtered most of anyone in the God Realm. This angers Nikad greatly has he summons a great amount of power, surprising Nihil but never though less falling to him.

Then they all team up against him, using Nami to charge up an insanely powerful attack while Leogian, Gokad, and Kuzuzon Jr. try to hold him down. Though even though with it's mighty power, it did nothing to Nihil, only leading to everyone getting beaten down. Though in the midst of this, Vegeta returns from his injuries, requesting the power of all the others gained from the inter-dimensional being. With this Vegeta and Nihil begin to battle. After many hours of an equal and intense battle, Vegeta finally uses all of his gained power to blast at Nihil finally incapacitating him finally.

After the battle, the Ancient Existial Order and Inter-Dimensional beings arrive to clear the area. Kuzuzon and Gokad defuse. The Beings taking Nihil back and imprisoning him for eternity. After this they were transported to an unknown location to meet an entity knows as Hiadohisaquii who clams to have planted the Existential Seed to create this and an infinite number of Multiverses. Also explaining about him and the other Fractals and about the cosmology in general, even mentioning the original Saiyan. Everyone then returns to their normal lives, for now..

Great Universal Revolution - Lookout Crew vs. Ninthalor ~ End (1125)

Kuzon participated in the final Lookout Crew battle against Ninthalor, as Other World was destroyed during the Revolution. Ninthalor was the most powerful enemy in existential history. The Lookout Crew committed mass suicide and destroyed existence, but it came back with Ninthalor weakened, where they fought him.

The final showdown between the Lookout Crew and System Master Emperor Ninthalor came to be on 5 September 1125. The Hokai was in full effect granting Eldreyn ultimate power and bringing in the multiversal retcon. GUAOF forces were also preparing for the final superinvasion of the System Capitol.

KJ and Kuzey were called to the ePalace after Kuzek and GUAOF mages reported a breach in Other World. The entire crew (Avallac'h, Domon, Mars, KJ, Kuzey, Kuzek, Ulysses, Ian, Nikad, Kyunameii, the SSS, Hikari, Ryuge, Sora, Zion, Melusines, Gozed) gathered and went to OW, where they discovered it dark and torn apart. They went to the God Realm after a massive rip tore open, and began sucking in Gods to permanent death by the thousands. Their power was being absorbed into Ninthalor, who was ascending to Super God. Everything, all of existence, was collapsing and tearing apart all at once. Overwhelmed, the Lookout Crew ran out of ideas. Elyus was no help, as Ninthalor technically was all the Gods himself, so he did nothing. Ninthalor began taking control of the universe, and Kochaku was released to wreck havoc. Kuzek tried to call upon ancient texts and Elyus for wisdom but it failed. The crew, completely overpowered and worried at this point, had little other options. Planning to go face Ninthalor and likely die, suddenly, Elyus appeared as a white ball and told them there was a 50/50 chance, that if the entire crew committed suicide and brought the multiverse with them, the multiverse would reupload into a brand new retconned multiverse, and Ninthalor would be defeatable. The other chance was existence would be permanently destroyed and cease to exist.
The Lookout Crew took the chance. Kuro and all past Crew members appeared just then. Hundreds of warriors. They said their final words, before the great warriors used their ultimate powers onto themselves, and exploded in an act of legacy, bringing and destroying all of existence. Darkness. Silence.


Images began appearing of space, planets, and the multiverse. Suddenly, like pixels, a brand new multiverse began reuploading, by mere chance. Everything within it was the same as before, but the verse itself was new. It was divided into 12 again. The Lookout Crew appeared in the center of it all. They welcomed each other back. Elyus then suddenly appeared back in a glowing ball of light, and said that he used his divine Alpha God powers to make the Lookout Crew un-effected by the retcon, so they are as powerful as before. They thanked him. He then said Ninthalor was now weakened and able to be defeated, waiting in the Realm of Oblivion for them to face him. He teleported them there and wished them good luck.
The crew now were ready for the ultimate final battle. The show down begins. Oblivion was a red realm of infinite lava, with mountains and Earth-sized rocks floating everywhere. A massive royal System warship came out from behind one, with Ninthalor in royal robes riding on the tail end. He jumped off, ripping off his robes into fighting gear, and bursted towards them rushing them into battle.
Immediately the Lookout Crew got in fighting position. KJ formed an Owari Star to charge throughout the battle to use later. Domon made use of Dawnfang. Zion, Kuro, Leo (who used David as a magic familiar), Mars, Ian, and the entire SSS charged to full power. Tocal appeared. For the first time in several decades, the entire crew were back together for their final fight. Ninthalor easily evaded and outdid every attack thrown at him. He effortlessly took everyone down and smiled the entire fight. Ulysses continuously crushed Silver Onslaughts down onto him, while Avallac'h went to Omniversum Dicium state (full). Nacule used Proximity Shift while Decaun used his most skilled magical attacks, though they were all worn out quickly.
Ian made use of Ea on Ninthalor, who used his own arm as a weapon, activating Stoneflesh. Though everyone managed to gain a hold on him, he broke out of it like glass. Ninthalor pummeled Ian and attempted to drain his Divine energy from his body, by placing seals. Everyone tried to stop him, but it was too late. Ian, worn out, fell to his knees. Ninthalor sapped all the Divine energy from him, and Ian said his last words before dying in the arms of his friends. "At least when I die, the Lookout Crew can be called such.."
Ninthalor continued to evade most techniques thrown at him but showed signs of slowing down. It was outstanding for him to last this long however. He powered up, releasing massive waves of force to regain his energy. He escaped into Everspace, running along halls to other grid areas, to teleport and get away to gain power. The fight became so extreme, a tear ripped into the universe, and the fight entered there. Ninthalor hopped several thousand planets in mere instants, and fought the entire crew all at once by himself at instantaneous speeds. Kuzey continued to use his most powerful magic and run in on him using sneak attacks. Ninthalor soon stopped on the top of a giant cliff, and laughed--however Kuzey ran in on him, shattering his defenses, and grabbed onto him like a giant hug. "I must do not only destroy Ninthalor, but release Kyuseishu from within me, to prevent Kochaku from ever being a threat again.

Kuzey's suicide

I always wanted to be known for something in my achieve something..and this is it!!!!" The crew tried to stop him but it was too late. Kuzey commited suicide and exploded himself, releasing extremely massive tons of force that blew Ninthalor to absolute pieces. Everyone thought he was finally gone. But that was too good to be true.

A bright orb began forming and shining extremely bright. They knew he was back, and this time 10x more powerful than before. Outmatched, even the entire crew, there was one other option--Multiple Fusion. Like used on Kochaku years before. The crew agreed to it in seconds before the ball formed into the shape of a man, manifesting back into the 8 foot tall beast Ninthalor. They performed the fusion, and merged into a single being--Savior of the Omniverse (after much arguing over the name). A massive glowing white being, and the most powerful being in all of existential history, Ninthalor smirked, and rushed in confidently. Exchanging blows with SoO, he proved to be nearly on par. However it was clear who was more powerful. Moving at speeds beyond all comprehension, even planck time, Ninthalor and SoO fought in a final showdown, each strike causing a rupture and earthquakes across the universe.


Savior of the Omniverse, the most powerful being in existential history

Ninthalor, outmatched, quicky teleported to the System capital in the East Quadrant. He was sweaty and getting beat up. Soldiers were confused at him. He ran downstairs inside of the Capitol Palace, and opened a seal into a secret room, where he ingested several small glowing magic gems that gave him ultimate power to achieve his True Form. SoO instantly was at the palace, ripping it off the ground and launching it into space. Ninthalor jumped from the basement, attempting to run to the center of the System capital. SoO appeared in front of him. Ninthalor began transforming into a massive, beast elf creature that rivalled in power to SoO. "I am Ninthalor, superior to all others. I am the Masterking. Meant to rule all. I am GOD." SoO merged the entire Lookout Crew's most powerful attacks together into 1 massive beam and fired at Ninthalor. He smashed his hands into it, the power so immense it screamed and vibrated through the entire multiverse. David tried to tear away Ninthalor's body by firing several thousand Lances of Longinus into him. It soon worked.


Ninthalor, in his Ultimate Eldrayic Form, during the final showdown with SoO

Ninthalor escaped into his own mind, Everspace, which was slowly being torn away and destroyed. He quickly ran into a small room but SoO ripped into Everspace. Ninthalor was now standing on the only ground left as it was being torn away to infinite oblivion. He made his final remarks, as on the outside, SoO tore through and ripped Ninthalor completely apart, to ash, warping them to permanent, infinite nothingness once and for all, taking the entire System capital planets with him and obliberating the entire System. All battles and wars all over the universe immediately halted as they could see the light emanating from the battle. SoO then defused, everyone returned to their homes to regain their strength and power.

After Ninthalor was defeated, Prince Varvi escaped the QN in his weak mortal body, fearing his own life in the hands of the LCrew. He tried to escape into Everspace, where he consumed a magic poison, that killed him within seconds. He fell to the ground in front of a fountain.

The next day, the Universal Revolution, was officially declared over. What remained of the System surrendered to GUAOF, which dissipated that same day. Along with K.I.N.G.. Edenia mourned over Ian Cipher, their great leader's loss, as his funeral was held. The Cipher Clan felt great sorrow. Kuzey had an empty coffin buried on a hill near Kuz Manor, with trophies and Bruce Lee things as the Kuz Clan mourned. The crew's power was now mostly back and they reunited on the Lookout for a final reunion. KJ had planned and announced a massive Post-War Ceremony on the Lookout that millions would be attending. Most of them said they'd be there. Later, everything was set up. KJ gave the official post-war speech. Callum Hawthorne was there, in a suit, as was everyone else. Following KJ's speech, guest host John Lennon came onstage, and played Imagine to an entire universe audience.


The Lookout Crew shook hands and said goodbye to each other, as they were to go their separate ways. The gods said they would be spending most of their time in the God Realm for the rest of eternity. KJ said there was much more work to be done in restoring the universe, and the battle wasn't over. The Lookout Crew then officially split up on the Lookout, where it was formed, after 85 years. Their legacy and acts of heroism as protectors of existence would never be forgotten, and be permanently traced into universal history.

Neo Lookout Crew​

In 1500, 375 years after the Lookout Crew dissolved following the Great Universal Revolution in 1125, a new group of warriors slowly came together, naming themselves the Neo Lookout Crew. Kuzon would occasionally make visits from Heaven down to space, including the Lookout, where he would watch the TV (since connection sucks in Other World) and use the fridge (since they were too expensive in Other World) for his desserts. Soon, he would come across the members of the Neo Lookout Crew, training or just meeting there. They questioned who he was. Kuzon created the alias 'Rusty Shackleford'. He would come across them many times and also give them fighting tips on occasion, or watch tournaments.

Great Battle with Zion...

TBA hopefully

Battle with KJ

On December 18th 1653, Kazion and Jamez visited Kuzon's house in Other World just to visit. KJ showed up with a shovel shortly after trudging through miles of snow, as a Christmas visit, and they enjoyed eggnog together. Kuzon suddenly wanted to battle KJ as a father-son bonding thing, since they rarely saw each other, and because of being a Saiyan. Accepting, they engaged in a warmup arm-wrestling match, which Kuzon won because KJ was rusty and didn't train much, being so busy. Nazafarin Homaru showed up to visit, and created a pocket dimension for them to fight in so they don't destroy the multiverse.

Kuzon and KJ, even in base, didn't take long to destroy the number of lifeless planets they fought on. Kuzon had the upperhand, though KJ had an edge. The others watched the fight, as they ripped apart the universe. They both then pumped up to 50%, which Kuzon went Supreme Super Saiyan 3 and KJ powered into Super Kuzon. The universe was torn and shredded into pieces, with millions of galaxies orbiting each of them from the immense power. They then went max, with Kuzon going to SSSJ7, but KJ going to Super Kuzon and absorbing 10 Owari Stars (which wouldn't kill him since he was already dead)--boosting him to 2,500,000%. Several multiverses orbited KJ as the two started both opposite ends of the universe towards each other in a single line. KJ effectively crushed his father as everything turned white from the insanity.

Awaking, Kuzon found his son had defeated him harshly. Though KJ was technically weaker, his Super Kuzon form was far beyond anything Kuzon ever achieved and could easily overcome him. They shook, vowing to fight again some other day.

Transformations and Forms

Kuzon has trained for many years and has achieved even the most highest of powers as a Saiyan warrior. He had acquired a number of different transformations over time. Usually, he doesn't use past weaker ones after discovering new ones. He thinks of his forms as his own unique touch. The Super Saiyan (SSJ) and Supreme Super Saiyan (SSSJ) sets are his main use.

  • Owl Form - Kuzon transforms into an owl during a full moon, and can recycle and harness his power. (PL can change flexibly)


Kuzon has learned many new Ki/energy techniques in his life that he wishes to keep making stronger. Many of them are his own and he made them uniquely and to his advantage. He prefers making "colorful" and "eccentric" techniques, as he thinks it gives them the "Kuzon touch". They are still normal as any other techniques, and he uses them all occasionally, depending on battle and strategy. Unlike most of his family, Kuzon never learned much of fighting with chakra/jutsu. He shares many attacks with his son KJ.

  • Basic energy techniques (Ki, Chakra, other energies) including Destructo Disk
  • Dragon Fist - a powerful attack when your body and the power of a Dragon smash into your target.
  • Spirit Bomb - a blue attack that explodes on contact, causing severe damage. Many types.
  • Black Bolt - a shock of lightning energy in a black bolt causing massive damage where it hits.
  • Time Globe - When he uses it, he has to hold his breath and the time of the whole universe slows down, and only him and his opponent(s) notice it, until he has to breathe again, and it returns to normal. Like Guldo's attack.
  • Shockwave Punch (AKA Galactic Boom) - where Kuzon punches the air and it sends a large powerful shockwave in that direction.
  • Galactic Fire Ball - Kuzon throws his fist forward and sends a huge blast of absorbing Ki/energy with extreme force.
  • Lightning Field - Kuzon surrounds himself in tiny energy bolts that shock whoever gets close to him, and if someone blasts him they dissipate the blasts (depending on how powerful they are).
  • Transmute! - Kuzon turns a body of energy into whatever element he closes.
  • Negative Energy Form - Transfering his energy into the Negative Realm, he becomes intangible, uneffectable, and unsensable. However, he can also not effect opponents.
  • Energy Kunais - Normal Kunais that are treated with special energy and chakra, that can rip through nearly anything (physically, energy, or even magic) down to a molecular level. This includes absorption, so if the opponent is hit by one, a large bit of their energy is sapped to Kuzon.
  • Barrier-Breaker - By simply grabbing the opponent's energy/chakra barrier, Kuzon uses his advanced energybending skills to hack into the energy and make it become unbalanced (by cycling in a lot of his own energy), and therefore fall apart, forcing the barrier down. More powerful barriers would force Kuzey to use more of his own energy, however.
  • Paralyzation Beam - This long, concentrated beam must be performed accurately or else it won't work. The beam hacks into the opponent's reserves and causes them to go temporarily dormant until Kuzon decides to let them go (however, the paralyzation weakens over time, after about 3 minutes they can move again).
  • Triple Potency - Small toxic tattoo marks that Kuzon places on the opponent sneakily when physical contact is made, that rip out large amounts of energy 3 times (with 10 minutes between each time), making it hard for the opponent to regain their energy without it being ripped out, and given to Kuzon.
  • Density Prolapse Ball - Infused with density-exerting energy, the ball latches onto the opponent and increases their weight (or lowers), making it hard to move and maneuver.
  • Maximum Fury - Kuzon's physical strikes to the opponent are 10x more powerful. With each one, his force increases while his opponent's defense decreases, making it even more deadly.
  • Get Back - A huge shockwave with tons of force, that can blow back even the most powerful attacks coming for Kuzon. Makes a huge smack/rip sound.
  • Run of the Mill - An energy sticker that latches onto the opponent's energy signature, and whenever they use an energy attack, Kuzon automatically absorbs the energy. So basically, the opponent can't use energy attacks for a short time.
  • Energy Ward Shield - An energy shield that can ward off many types of powerful energy attacks, though dissipates after a short time. Can be dual-wielded for even stronger usage.
  • Fudu no Dachi - Possibly Kuzon's most powerful ultimate attack, it is a virtual combination of every other attack.


"Without death, I wouldn't be living."
— Kuzon, meaning that if he wouldn't have went to Other World at death, he would've never learned a fraction of what he knows, or be anywhere near as powerful.

"If one wishes to challenge true wisdom, one must have the recognition to redeem himself worthy of it."
— Kuzon, meaning that not just anyone has the audacity to fight another person, as they must be able to logically instead of just being a brute and throwing out insults thinking you're better than everyone else. You must have intelligence.

"Things are like chameleons. Always growing and becoming something different than what the eye actually perceives they are."
— Kuzon, meaning not to judge people based off look, or anything for that matter.


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