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Kuzion (Kuzon + Zion) is the fusion dance result of Kuzon and Zion, both extremely powerful Lookout Crew warriors. The fusion appeared only once and was never seen again, so it is hard to measure its potential.


The fusion first appeared when Zion and Kuzon were fighting a villain in the summer of 1040. Kuzon had the idea, and so they performed the fusion dance. The immediate result was legendary; Kuzion. Kuzion performed one move, a super punch that launched the villain miles with a huge crater trail. However, only minutes into the fusion, Zion complained it was cramped and they diffused (against Kuzon's wishes). The fusion was never seen again

Kuzion was cocky and arrogant (Zion) yet confident and fun (Kuzon). Kuzon still wishes to see him again someday and has brought up the idea several times.


Kuzion's hair was mostly black but with spiky brown sides. He had a green and black fusion vest. His gi pants are blue and he has a tail.

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