This article, Kuro, is a Role-Play article.

This article, Kuro, is property of TheGreatKuzon!.

This article, Kuro, is a Role-Play article.

This article, Kuro, is property of TheGreatKuzon!.

Name Kuro
Debut Lookout RP (8/2012)
Race Saiyan
Gender Male Male
Date of Birth 246 Before Age (real)

August 22 1032 (legal)

Date of Death 238 Before Age (revived)
1043 (revived)
1100 (revived)
March 1200 (final)
Height 5' 8"
Weight 135 lbs.
Blood Type AB-
Professional Status
Affiliation The Lookout Crew
Occupation Warrior, Fisher, Hunter
Education West City Community College (1051-1053; Associates Degree in Technology)
Partner Sari (p. 1042)
Personal Status
Relatives Kuzon and Helena (adoptive parents)

Kuzon Jr. (adoptive brother)
Kuza (adoptive sister)
Kuzek (adoptive brother)
Kuzisa (adoptive sister)

Sari (partner)
Nalece (daughter)

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"That is powerful, and around on par with me. Actually, that is a little above me. But that isn't stopping me from kicking your sorry ass, no matter what!"
— Kuro to the 14th Saiyan as they fight

Kuro Alexander-Joseph Kuz (黒) was a full-blooded Saiyan man, who had two goals; to help the universe and win doing it. He was an RP character of TheGreatKuzon!.

Experiencing a very abusive childhood at the hands of his father Kurmo, Kuro was the famed Original Super Saiyan of legend in his childhood, having destroyed almost the entire Saiyan race and dying in the process. Retaining a relative existence for a thousand years in Other World, things changed when he met Kuzon, who exchanged his death for Kuro's life. Back to life as a kid, Kuro would become a big part of the Lookout Crew for several years. He became lifelong boyfriend to Sari and father to Nalece.

He had a hard mentality and depression from a bad childhood and loneliness for so long, and had battled depression his whole life, but was still a fun guy at heart. With his guilt from wiping out his race, his lack of guidance and a caring figure for a thousand years led him to be close to his first master, Zan Jr, who shortly after disappeared which had a big effect on him. Kuro's life would soon slowly shift into disparity later on as he became detached socially from everyone and alienated himself from society. His Lookout Crew fighting would come to an end because of this. He only let so many people into his life, particularly Sari. Her death in the midst of the Herulean War triggered Kuro's inner rage which he used against his friends and allies. Feeling bad, he disappeared from Earth and wasn't seen for 15 years, until he returned during the Great Universal Revolution, an experienced monk who traveled the universe.

He lived the rest of his years as a long-lived nomad, as his family and friends all died and generations passed. He died in Age 1200, at age 168.


Kuro is a Saiyan who is truly a kid at heart, but has a hard mentality. He enjoys helping his friends and the universe, but has a hard time showing it. He can be arrogant at times, even ignorant, but he means well. He is also a trickster, and is very sarcastic and laid back. He prefers isolation, and is a do-it-himself kind of guy. Kuzon became his adoptive father, and tried to make him happy, even in death. He is very skeptical and informal. A special trait about Kuro is his ease to use transformations, he can switch back and forth easily and achieves them easily. Kuro, on several occasions, has risked and taken his own life to save the universe (he doesn't have much of a care for his own life). Kuro was legally born August 22 1032 on Earth since he was 8 when he arrived.

Kuro was a slave child when on Planet Saiya originally. He had 9 older brothers who looked exactly like him, lived with him in a farmhouse, and bullied him, who was youngest and a prankster. They were raised by a mean woman and their abusive father who was rarely home, who insulted Kuro a lot and threatened to sell him or kill him. No love or guidance. In rage, he destroyed virtually his entire race and planet, to which he had guilt. When he died, for over 1000 years Kuro was alone in Other World with no care or love. Kuro first experienced love and care when Kuzon found him and Zan Jr was his master; causing him to respect them very much, but is bad at showing it. He truly respects them more than anything else, they are the only ones that loved him, as well as his partner Sari (whose late death effected him enough to make him go insane, as all these people were gone from his life now). He battled depression his whole life.

After reaching his limit and going insane, nearly destroying Earth, Kuro silently disappeared, into space, becoming a space-travelling nomad. For over 14 years, he was gone and unheard from, until returning during the Great Universal Revolution.



Kuro has the typical appearance of a modern Saiyan, with shaggy black spiked hair, muscular build and a brown tail. He has a dark skin tone and very sharp eyes that are always hunting for good prey (fights). He wears light green gi with orange waist and wristbands, everywhere (not much of a formal person).


Beginnings (238 Before Age)


A young Kuro

Kuro was born into slavery as part of the Saiyan Slave Trade going on on Planet Saiya at the time (thanks to his great-great grandfather), around 246 Before Age. He had nine siblings who looked exactly like him. He was bullied, abused and threatened by his own family (namely his father). He was a prankster and rebel as well. 

Kuro's father, Kurmo, was a political nobleman, had several children and wives, and was abusive to all of them. He worked the kids and trained them to death, Kuro included. Eventually Kuro got sick of his treatment and stood up to him. After being beat around, Kuro sparked and transformed into a Great Golden Ape, and killed his father.  

He destroyed the entire city he was in, and went on a rampage that lasted for hours across the planet. Everyone tried to stop him but he smashed them. Eventually, he self-destructed and took the planet with him. Following this, Kuro arrived in Other World, where he was sent to Heaven, and stayed for 1,278 years, alone. This was a dark period in his life. 

When Kuzon, Lookout Crew warrior, died in Age 1040, he met Kuro in Heaven, seeing he was a young Saiyan (keeping his 8-year-old youth) with lots of potential. He exchanged a deal with King Yemma to send the boy back to life, and keep Kuzon in Other World. In the August of 1040, Kuro was sent to the living world, to Planet Earth, to start the next part of his life.

Joining the Lookout Crew (1040)

Following his revival on 22 August 1040, Kuro was struggling to climb onto the Lookout, when Zan and Terrek helped him up. Kuro fitted himself in and examined the setting. Zan then said he needed to fight a member of the Crew to officially be in it. Kuro showed his power by going Super Saiyan. Not long later, he went up to Zan and asked who he wanted him to fight. Topazo came up at that same time, and Zan said he needed to fight Topazo in a little battle. So he did. Little Kuro and Topazo did some hits, both equal, then made a blast clash, where Kuro used the Kamehameha that he later said learned from Kuzon in Other World. They kept going at it and finally Topazo won the blast clash but knocked Kuro into a tree where he started crying saying he gave him "boo boos". Topazo helped him up and said that he would offer to train him. Kuro cheered up and said yes. So they went off to train. His first lesson was learning the Masenko. Topazo tried it and Kuro tried it, he did perfect on his first try. Topazo told him good job and ruffled his hair, and Kuro then let out, saying he reminds him of the father he never had, so he then told him the entire story. 

Super Cell Arc

August 2012

  The villain known as Super Cell, formerly Cell, made a hasty escape from Hell by absorbing Yemma and using multidimensional powers, before appearing on the Lookout to greet the protectors of Earth once again. He arrived on the Lookout, where he explained to the new-found Lookout Crew (whom he never met but knew their purpose) his intentions. An angry Super Saiyan Kuro attacked him, which led to Super Cell knocking him out, and thus beginning the battle. Super Cell then used a Solar Flare on everyone and used Instant Transmission to disappear...

After that, Topazo, Kuro, Lux, and Zan Jr all flew after him. They soon see a huge explosion. They go down into the destroyed city, and soon see a is revealed as Super Cell! After some talking, Zan Jr and Lux fought him head on. After a long battle, Super Cell decided to transform into his Super Ultimate form! He then was equal with Zan jr and Lux. Kuro fought him some but was beat hard, so Topazo, Zan jr, and Lux made him go home or he'd die. Kuro didnt want to at first, but Zan jr approched him about to beat him. Kuro then cried and flew home sad. After another long fight, Super Cell decided to take the battle elsewhere, so he flew off to a huge abandon field. There Zan jr and Lux met back up with him and fought again. After some time, Super Cell went through another transformation, not much a new form, but a grown one. He grew the size of a skyscraper! He then fought Zan jr head on as Lux recovered from their early fight. Zan Jr started going out of control soon, and took down Super Cell for a bit, but they were still about equal. Soon, Truth, Vegitax showed up. Super Cell was severely beating everyone to death, even Zan jr dropped out. Kuro soon shown up to see what was happening. Super Cell soon was sick of waiting, so he decided to transform again to his Super Perfect Ultimate form! He did and got much stronger. He then started forming a Spirit Bomb, to finish everyone off. As he did, Truth started forming a Spirit Bomb, and with the energy of Kuro, Vegitax, Lux and everyone elses together, he finished it. Super Cell finished his and then there was a Bomb Clash. With Truths bomb having all the power or the Lookout Crew, it easily over powered Super Cells', which it then lead to destroy Super Cell, once and for all. After he was defeated, the Lookout Crew left the battlefield tired and happy, back to the Lookout, to rest their heads and eat some waffles.

Super Cell Returns Arc

September 19th 2012


Super Cell Reborn!

It wasn't long after Super Cell was defeated, that he soon was found to be able to regenerate. From the Spirit Bomb Kamehamehea, when it teared him apart, there (like his original self hundreds of years ago), had a peice left behind, on Earth. While the Lookout Crew lived on, Super Cell started to regenerate slowly, but with brand new peices, not the ashes. After they formed back together, Super Cell was bount on destroying the ones who almost destroyed him. One day, September 19th 1040, Kuro, Kuzon (who was revived a day earlier) and Mike woke up, they immediately started training. Kuro, Zan Jr, and Mike went out to the training woods. They had a good spar, until Mike kicked Kuro hard, and he was sent in the air, where he was soon snatched by something! Mike, Kuro, Kuzon and Zan Jr noticed and flew after him, Zero, and Vegitax joining along too. Soon enough, Kuzon pointed out a large hole, he sensed the power in. Everyone soon flew in it, and found themselves in a cave. They all ran ahead following a rainbow light and a huge huge power, soon they also heard Kuros' screams for help. They soon found him, and he came out, and revealed himself as Super Cell! He explained how he returned, and then busted out of the cave, and into the air, where he then made an arena out of rock, and flew down in it, and invited the others in. He then announced it was a Tournament, everyone sat, and he soon announced, Vegitax would go first! They then faced each other. 

After a long series of devastating events, including the sun, Super Cell soon met his fate, after Zan Jr made a desperate move, and grabbed Super Cell and lead him to a planet far out in the outer universe, and sealed him in the unbreakable ball, and left him in the universe to forever float in never-ending chaos. Super Cell, having absorbed dead creatures, would break apart and all the creatures, including Frieza, would return to Hell. Cell, in his normal state, would be trapped for eternity.

A New Start -- New Master

Weeks after Super Cell's defeat, the crew was living normal life on the Lookout. Mars died not long after, and everyone mourned. Kuro done regular things, trained, while Zan Jr and the others did the same. After a week, Kuro and Zan Jr decided to have a spar. They did, and they fought a little fight. Kuro struggled against Zan Jr's power but they seemed equal. Soon Kuro went Super Saiyan, and they had a little little fight. Soon after some insults from his opponent, he went full power, to Ascended Super Saiyan. Zan Jr thought in his mind that all Kuro did was rely on transformations. So after he calmed Kuro down (which was hard), he decided he would be his trainer to teach Kuro to be a good fighter. So Zan Jr told Kuro to follow him, and he flew off the Lookout to the Earth ground. He walked into a village called Desaku Village, while Kuro slowly followed him confused. Zan Jr was about to train, but Kuro soon said...he was hungry! Zan Jr, tipped, decided to bring Kuro to the noodle shop. Kuro happily and quickly ran for the shop and went inside. Zan Jr got him a bowl, and Kuro quickly ate it. After almost 50 bowls, Kuro kept eating. After Zan Jr threw out that he was eating away all the food for the village, Kuro went ahead and lifted his hand, and shot a purple blast at his noodles, make them copy, or duplicate. He then kept eating, Zan Jr surprised.

Kuro soon turned 9 years old. He really only stayed on the Lookout, with new hermit Kuzon. Kuzon soon showed everyone a place called the Skulfn Cairn, a large sacred multidimensional training void. Soon after that, Kuzon brings up the plan to go traveling, and that he is going to live in his old Chevy van. An old dirty van. Michael Iron, who Kuzon and Kuro are now going to train, all get comfy in the van. They are all going to travel across the world training. 

On the first day, Kuzon stops the van while driving along a steep canyon. He and the others get out. Kuzon teaches Mike a new move, the Lightning Bolt. Then he lets Kuro take on Mike, with Kuzon helping out some.

Kuro, Tre, and Michael each fought in Satan City, after they sensed a power destroying it. Kuro and Mike appeared there, and went in a fight. Kuro went Sapphire Super Saiyan fast, and used many attacks. He soon went Complete Super Saiyan, and destroyed the entire city, saying they are wishing it back anyway. Soon, Kuro reveals the Black Bolt, and Golden Supernova, and uses them, destroying all of the city and making a huge crater. He soon uses the Golden Sparkle, his most powerful move. Upon hitting Roman, it creates a super explosion, seen from all around the universe. It fades, Roman badly injured. Roman says "See you again", and disappears back to no where. Kuro, Mike, and Tre then heal, and Kuro brings unconscious Mike to the Skulfn Cairn, where he heals him in a chamber, and heads back to the Lookout.

On Christmas of 1040, gets him a katchin shield, , said to be made by the Hulian gods. Kuro takes it proudly, and will use it in later battle when needed.}}

Gods of Death (1043)

December 27th 2012

After long times of peace, Kuzon, who is always training with others in the Skulfn Cairn, discovers the ancient God of Death's son, Hepustus, knows mortals are in the Cairn. Hepustus will do anything to guard his father, Heatusphus', grave, which is the Dark Lake, hidden in the Soul Cairn, and not seen in over 500 billion years, hundreds of billions of years before life existed. The crew knows they are in danger and have to fight a GOD, or his son for now, and go to find help. Kuro doesn't do much, but follows along with Kuzon and Zat. Zat leads Kuro and the others underwater in the Pacific Ocean to the Ryugu, an Antlantis-like hotel, where they await to meet the Sea Dragon for further guidance.

Soon after all that, Kuzon is on the Lookout with the others thinking. Kuzon teleports to the Skulfn Cairn with Kuro and the others and gets in. He runs to the wall at the end of the cairn, to see what Hepatus is up too. Heapustus escapes and runs through the cairn, Kuzon and them failing to catch up. Heapustus makes it to the end, and makes a barrier and floats in a wierd way above a black lake. The crew, Kuzon mainly, knows what is going on, and quickly gets out of the Cairn. He gets to the Lookout again, and knows they must go to Other World, to meet an old wise man who knows about this problem the universe faces. They teleport to Other world, and meet up with him. Kuzon explains everything, as Kuro looks for little Yellow, Zion in a kid form (but he doesn't know :::D). The old man points out the Skulfn Cairn, and everyone find out he isn't actually dead when he teleports right to it. The Old man, on the rim of the portal, makes movements, and makes another orange portal appear in the corner of the Skulfn cairn blue one. He sprinkles a liquid on everyone, and they make their way in. They make their way to the Library. Kuzon leads. Hidden in the library known, is a large lobby, and many secret passage ways, and who knows what else. Skeletons, secret messages, and more, full of secrets that are never revealed line halls and passageways. The Great Library is the greatest information source in the universe. It is dusty because it hasn't been opened in 500,000 years. Hidden, is a large book with almost 10,000 pages, G.O.D. (God of Death), telling the story of the God's of Death. Kuzon, Kuro and the others take the book, which is locked, and steal it, and break through the ceiling, and move on. Outside, around the library, is a never ending ocean. Under the ocean, is millions of scattered portals to unknown dimensions. Behind the Library, which is on a giant rock, is the underwater volcano to the Skulfn Cairn, which the gang uses to get home.


The gang appears back in the Skulfn Cairn through a portal, which then closes. Kuzon sees that Heapustus is a lot more powerful now. Kuro is ready for the battle and orders Zero to guard the book so Kuzon can read some of it when needed. Kuzon, Kuro, and the others get ready to fight and rush into battle. Heapustus uses many tricks and Ki blasts, but still shows weak skill, and it isn't long until he is defeated. When he is defeated, the universe goes into a change, and there is a huge explosion, almost destroying the Skulfn Cairn. After that long battle, the Dark Lake begins to twirl, and then, a giant Minotaur creature raises. He names himself, as the God of Death, Heatusphus. He has giant hammers and more. He attacks, and at first, he damages everyone quickly. Kuro blasts first into Complete Super Saiyan, and kicks him hard into a wall. After much pummeling and long battle, Kuzon reads the book some more, while Kuro is badly damaged. Kuro blasts into Sapphire Super Saiyan and starts shooting large crystals at Heatusphus. Kuzon finds out that there is only one way to defeat Heatusphus, with a Multiple Fusion. Kuro, badly beaten, is smashed into a rock nearby. Kuzon and the others go and wonder what is happened. Kuro explains he used his ALL his power and lifeforce, to help weaken Heatusphus. Kuro explains to wish him back later, and slowly dies. Kuzon, ready to avenge him, gets ready. Kuzon, Vegitax, Kuro, Kuzon and Michael Iro must fuse all together. So they get in the right stances, and fuse together! Into...Migizoro This fusion of 5 stands just above the right power needed to defeat Heatusphus, a God. So after much pummeling, all-together, they create a Super Universal Supreme Spirit Bomb, and gather ALL the energy from the entire universe, and launch it at Heatusphus! Heat can't stand the power and barely pushes it back almost crossing super dimensions, and he starts to incinerate and explode on the in and outside. Heatusphus speaks his final words, and After that, there is a large ass explosion, destroying the entire northern universe...

Zero defuses and used his power to quickly teleport everyone to Other World before they are stuck in the blast. When in Other World, Migizoro defuses back into the gang. Kuzon knows about the universe being almost destroyed, and goes to King Yemma's great great great grandson, and explains it all. Yemma, annoyed, pulls out his magical staff and tells Kuzon to speak into the staff, to the All-Knower, the creator of all of existance, to create it again. In a blast, the entire north universe comes back into existance. Kuzon and them quickly teleport back to the Lookout, happily to be home and comfy. Kuzon gets the Supreme Dragon Balls, and wishes back Kuro and everything else back to normal. The sky doesn't turn green this time though. The universe is back to normal...for now...Kuro goes back to regular life, with the other Lookout Crew.

Kuro and Ethan's Spar

May 11th, 2013

SSJ3 Kuro

After a few months, Kuro and Ethan decided to spar. They were in the mood for a bloody fight, so they went to a random location near the ocean border. There, they sparred. Nikad, Kotaz, and Hikari Minato were also sparing in a Royale. In a bloody fight, it involved Sapphire Super Saiyan, and going Super Saiyan 2. Ethan went Super Saiyan 3 soon. It soon came down to Ethan offering Kuro's energy after they're both wore out. Ethan says it can make him reach Super Saiyan 3. Kuro, at first not taking it, goes with it. He takes the energy and starts powering up. There is soon a large explosion, and Kuro comes out a Super Saiyan 3!!. The other fighters surprised at his power and new level, Kuro and Ethan continue fighting on a par level. CONTINUE

Battle against Lord Kuzon (1047)

May 14th, 2013

It was a sunny Lookout day, 4 years later, in May 1047. Kuro was eating, Kuzon was sun bathing and the world was good. It wasn't long, Kuzon went in the Lookout Home to wash dishes, and noticed something on the TV when Kuro turned it on. "There was a recent explosion in West City! A large unknown spaceship is killing and burning everything It is- AHH!!" and it was interupted. The Lookout crew knew to expect trouble and quickly left to West City. When there, Kuzon and Kuro and the others found a shard of metal, with words imprinted on it. "Dear son, I know who you are and I question your wherabouts. Come to 135"134'141. Sincerely, your father". Kuzon was confused by "your father", and quickly left back to the Lookout with Mars, Ethan, Merohan, Kotaz, and Nikad. Once there, Kuzon imediately contacted his 149 year old spaceship, and they blasted off.

They soon landed on a strange planet with a red sky and glow, smelling like meat. They hopped off, curiously, and ran to the nearest power source. On the way, little green stinky meaty people stopped them. They explained they are the intelligent race being enslaved by a Lord. The crew went ahead, until they found the dome. A giant black gate opened and the crew walked in. It was full of thousands of green people in stadium seats, and a giant inside, with a red water fountain. Soon, a man in a cape with a Saiyan tail showed up and welcomed them. He soon explained he was Kuzon's father, who escaped Vegeta's explosion and found his way here 300 years ago. He enslaved the weak ones and stole their power of eternal life (until they're killed). Then he says he lured them there to kill them. He then attacks. All the Crew are ready, while Kuzon is uneasy and confused why his father is so evil and sick. They fight a while. Lord Kuzon holds himself, while Merohan is the main fighter next to Kuzon. Ethan and Mars are fighting green people who are attacking them in the background. Lord Kuzon throws many remarks, and after seeing the others going Super Saiyan, he unleashes his form, shocking everyone. They fight more and more and it gets violent. Soon, Lord Kuzon is outmatched. He keeps absorbing magic water from the fountain in the middle of the dome, until Kotaz destroys it, pissing of Lord Kuzon and making him attack at full force. After Lord Kuzon is thrown down and stuck, he looks at the moon, about to become a Great Ape. His tail is ripped off by Merohan as soon as he sees something happening. He then fights more.

Soon, a voice is heard. The voice recognizes itself, as Kuzoh! The grandfather of Kuzon and father of Lord Kuzon. Lord Kuzon fights him, saying he is weak and stupid. Kuzoh says he isn't perfect, but that a real Saiyan doesn't just enslave anyone and kill anyone. He explains it is wrong, and helps fight him. Soon, Lord Kuzon becomes a great ape, and terrorizes everyone. But he is still beaten, as all the Crew shoots their best blasts at him. He soon shrinks, insulted. His shirt is gone and he is shribbled on the ground cold. He gets up, no words, and tries to escape to the Crew's spaceship to run because he knows he is beaten. The crew catches up to him, and stops him. Quickly, Merohan destroys him with a Super Dragon Fist. Lord Kuzon floats half naked with a hole in his torso, and the crew tells the green people to take care of the rest, and they start kicking him in places and sray painting him, until Lord Kuzon is destroyed from play torture. Kuzon does nothing but sit in the ship and watch out the window, and gains a tear, asking why his father had to be so evil and not he kind you look up too. Soon, Kuzoh came back and wanted to give something to Kuro (who he called his "nephew") and grandson. He gave Kuro a box full of never ending waffles, and Kuzon a box with a scroll of unnamed contents as a gift to remember him. Kuzoh says they can always call for him when they need help, and then disappears. The crew returns happily to the Lookout, and resumes life.

Kuro and Tenchi's Spar

June 1st, 2013

Kuro was training when Tenchi showed up on the Lookout. Kuro wanted to battle him, and they did. Kuro and Tenchi hit each other at full power while Kuro soon went Super Saiyan 2, 3, and then Complete Super Saiyan. He made a Waffle World, where he hit Tenchi with multiple waffles. Tenchi and him appeared back at Earth soon and Tenchi gave up, and left the battle, leaving Kuro the winner by default.

Achieving Super Saiyan 4!


Kuro and decided to spar one day, while Ethan intended it to be for making Kuro go Super Saiyan 4, but Kuro didn't know. So they fought--hard. After going Super Saiyan 3 at full power and even Sapphire Super Saiyan once, it started to storm. Ethan told Kuro to look at the moon, but Kuro thought it was to distract him. Kuro soon looked at it and became a Great Golden Ape. He ran around a bit, tried to stomp Ethan a few times and even did a large dance number, but he soon became a Super Saiyan 4!!! Kuro then felt his power, and it was unbelievable. He then continued his fight with Ethan. CONTINUE

Kuzon's death -- Leader of the Lookout Crew

The night after a spar by Kuzon and Ethan, Kuzon went to bed. The next morning, he did not wake up. Kuzon Jr and Helena soon found out, he had passed. Everyone mourned this tragedy, secretly including Kuro.

Kuzon's death (and like he said) meant that it was Kuro's place to lead the Lookout Crew. Kuro also trained Kuzon Jr. in the place of Kuzon. Kuzon would not return for 5 years until Age 1052.

Kuro and The 14th Saiyan's Spar

July 14th, 2013

Main Article: PAGE_RP:_Kuro_vs_The_14th_Saiyan_-_A_Friendly_Sparring_Match


Kuro and the 14th Saiyan, a new member of the Lookout Crew, wanted to spar to test out each other's power; as the 14th Saiyan heard Kuro is a known powerful member of the group. So they went out to the fields to fight. They threw the most powerful attacks at each other and it lasted seemingly forever. Kuro kicked the 14th Saiyan into the icy mountain ranges beyond the shore. Soon they fought there. After kicking each other's asses for over an hour, their was no winner. Kuro also introduced his new attack, the Supreme Lava Wave. They congratulated each other in terms of power and left to the Lookout.

Enter Supreme Super Saiyan!

July 28th 2013


In late July of 1047, Kuro and Lux Crystallalium went to spar in the desert. Kuro went Super Saiyan 4 and they each fought for a long time.

About half way through the fight, after Lux used a move to make the sky dark, Kuro formed a Power Ball and threw it in the air, knowing it was time. Kuro stared at it, and begin transforming into a Great Ape. His fur turned blue though, he was a Supreme Great Ape! Soon, after stomping Lux around a bit, he finally descended...into a Supreme Super Saiyan!!!! Kuro and Lux then went at it full power, and the fight ended with no winner. Kuro then made Supreme Super Saiyan his most common Super Saiyan form.

Spar with Nebula, Zero & Zante

August 2nd 2013

In early August of Age 1047, Kuro, Nebula, Zero and Zante decided to spar. They started on the Lookout, and then moved to , in the northern Dragon Ball world. They went all out, and Kuro went Supreme Super Saiyan as soon as he could. He soon introduced his newest and most powerful attack, the Neo Ball. He used the ice, and water to his advantage in this fighting location, as them are Kuro's advantages. Kuro's weaknesses are heat and things related to it. 

Later in the match, Kuro out of no where descended to Ascended Super Saiyan. He realized, his body could not handle Supreme Super Saiyan for long, so it descended him down. Kuro was tired though, so he went ahead and quit the fight, and went back to the Lookout and slept.

Super Battle with Leogian

August 3rd-4th 2013

Kuro was finishing his training in the desert, the day after he foughn t Nebula, Zero and Zante. He flew back to the Lookout when he was done, and, the Lookout was dead on this day. Leogian was also training, and so he asked him if they wanted to spar, and Leo agreed. Kuro and him teleported to the deserts of Earth, and went all out. Kuro blasted into Supreme Super Saiyan. They started using their most powerful attacks, and stated "This was to be a death battle".

After minutes of fighting, the two decide to go somewhere else off of Earth, not to risk destroying it. They teleport into space, where they continue their fighting. Kuro and Leo go face to face in a super death battle, beating each other senseless and hard. Kuro starts to be weakened faster than Leogian. Leogian fires a huge ass Supernova, causing massive damage to Kuro. Kuro, uses his first senzu bean and heals up a lot. Kuro and Leogian then continue to beat the hell out of each other, beating into asteroids, and planets. Leogian soon uses another more-powerful Supernova, destroying the entire galaxy.

Kuro is severely damaged, and close to near death. But he decides not to use his last senzu bean, and goes back into it, doing some minor techniques to Leogian. They start beating each other again for about an hour. Since there is no space, Kuro suggests fighting in another dimension, and so they do. This dimension is full of Katchin blocks which are indestructible. Kuro and Leogian decide to use their final attacks, to end the long awaited fight of the decade. Kuro heals himself up, and Leo eats a senzu bean. Kuro and Leogian continue bashing each other.

Kuro's gi is now ripped up, and he is scarred up and bloody. He is at his full Supreme Super Saiyan power. He roars in the air and powers up, sending waves of power through the universe. He forms a Galactic Explosion x9001, and blows it at Leogian, who uses a Sword of the Gods (which he used several times before to stab Kuro). Leogian soon absorbs the entire Galactic Explosion with his sword, and harvests it into him. Kuro, near the brink of being knocked out, is standing weakly on a rock. Leogian floats to Kuro and touches him. Kuro is now finished, he floats back and it all turns white.

Kuro wakes up in his bedroom on the Lookout, in bandages. He is confused. He gets out of bed, aching, and looks at Leogian meditating on the edge of the Lookout. Kuzon Jr. comes and asks Kuro to go fishing happily, and Kuro says "let's to watch some hunting shows on TV", and Kuzon Jr. happily remarks "Ok" contently. It was truly a match to be remembered.

Second Spar with the 14th Saiyan

August 8-10th, 2013

Main Article: PAGE RP: Kuro vs. the 14th Saiyan - the Second Super Match!

Kuro damaged fighting the 14th Saiyan again

In this fight, Kuro returns to do another spar with the 14th Saiyan. So, they go back out into space to destroy each other in the ultimate spar. Kuro goes Supreme Super Saiyan immediately and he goes Full Power Super Saiyan. In the beginning of the fight, Kuro is the victor, because 14th is only a FPSSJ, and he is a SSSJ. So the 14th Saiyan powers up, to Super Saiyan 2, and they finally start going at each other. Kuro and the 14th Saiyan start to seem to be on par, but 14th starts proving to be his match (spite the huge power differences). Kuro then regains control, using his Neo Ball and other powerful attacks. 14th uses very powerful attacks as well, for example, shooting him through mountains, multiple mountains. Towards the end of the long fight, Kuro breaks 2 of the fingers on his left hand. Kuro is now weakened, and the 14th Saiyan defuses, into the 13 original Saiyans. Kuro attempts to kick all their asses, and he does, but they all start going at him together, severely proving Kuro's match. At the very end of the fight, Kuro stands up after being blown through several mountains, and gives a thumbs up to the 13 Saiyans, before he descends to his base and falls unconscious. Kuro lost and the 14th Saiyan won.

The Beasts on Planet Zhrix

August 17th, 2013


While Kuro, Leogian, Lamp, Zero and Mars were hanging out on the Lookout one day, a gray spaceship landed out of no where. 8 large men walked out, 7 of them of which stayed silent. The leader, the captain of them, informed the Lookout Crew that there was a disturbance in the Southern Galaxy and that it may need the Crew's help. Then men got back on and the spaceship disappeared. The Lookout Crew then prepared. Mars, Lamp, Zero and Leogian teleported to the Southern Galaxy. Strangely, Helena wanted to come to take notes and watch the fight, which she never did before. Kuro, Kuzon Jr., Kuza and Helena got on a blue spaceship under the Lookout, and blasted off. 

Once they entered the Southern Galaxy, the home of poverty and ridden with sickness and disgusting planets and people, they landed on the nearest planet with a power signal. The ship landed, they all got out and the oxygen was much higher than Earth's. The landscape was odd, large glowing blue mushrooms, a dark blue sky, and gloomy misty feeling, with mountains in the background. Lamp, Kuro, Leogian, Mars, and Zero walked through these, and Mars touched a mushroom, electricuting him. They hear a voice, which is from a small, 3 feet tall man with white eyes and blue skin in a gray robe. He says not to touch them, and to follow him, because there are troubles that the Lookout Crew needs to take care of. He says giant beasts have been ravaging the village and killing people. They say they ran off into the mushroom woods. The Crew headed out. 

There was a giant, black beast with red eyes tearing through the forest. Kuro alerted him, and he ran to the Crew, who than engaged in battle. Lamp fired many powerful attacks, while Zero used his TARDIS and the others just fought manually. Soon, the beast was easily killed and exploded. He could shoot red mouth lazers, similar to Saiyans as Great Apes. Soon, 10 more came running out of the mountains. The Crew attacked them, and one by one over time they kille them. Lamp fired the most high powered attacks. Kuzon Jr came out of no where as a Super Saiyan, and smashes one in the head with a blast, and killed it, his first kill, which he was proud of. After the 10 were defeated, one last, huge, mother Beast came storming through the woods. He roared and beat his chest, and attacked everyone with his best power. He picked up a mountain and lodged it at everyone, who destroyed it into rocks with Kamehamehas and blasts. Soon, he was weakened. Mars kicked it in the toe, and he exploded, spilling steaks and candy everyone (strangely..). 

They returned to the village, and the villagers thanked them, and the one that introduced them, gave them 1,000,000,000 (billion) Zeni! They happily thanked them and headed back home, and resumed life.

New Life


Kuro and Sari

Kuro met Sari in their Satan City high school at lunch on waffle day. It was love at first sight. Stupid teenagers they were, she was pregnant at 17 and their daughter Nalece was born in 1049 in their senior year. Kuro was fighting with the Lookout Crew at this time. Kuro never went to college and immediately started working regularly to support his small family.

Kuzon was revived by Kuro on September 7th 1052, after he collected the Dragon Balls and wished him back. The second wish was used by Leogian to make his swords longer. Helena and the others gathered around, and waited. And waited. They waited minutes and minutes for Kuzon to appear on the Lookout, some thought it a mistake. Soon, Kuzon did appear on the Lookout. "Hey guys. I was at iHop eating pancakes. (wave)." Helena jumped on him and everyone greeted him and welcomed him back. Kuzon Jr., Kuza and Kuro also did. Kuzon seen how they grew, and also met his other two children; Kuzek and Kuzisa, whom were born while he was gone.

A man who arrived in a ship, was also awaiting Kuzon on the Lookout. The man said to him, that his children's descendants take over the universe and destroy everything. Kuzon negatively looks at him. The man goes back in time and comes back, and all of a sudden Kuzon has a scar and remembers him. He is confused.

The Universal War -- Enter Kochaku

September 21st, 2013

Kuzon and the Lookout Crew were on the Lookout chilling, suntanning and so. Kuro was packing up, ready to move to his new home. He lifted up the UPS truck and went home and people said bye, after 12 years of living on the Lookout.

The phone rang, and Kuzon went to answer it. He answered it, and it was King Yemma! in the Other World. King Yemma said he needed the Lookout Crew to come to him immediately, as the universe was in danger. They teleported there, and King Yemma began. He said that Kochaku, the manisfestation of ALL of the evil in existence, created when existence and time was, had broken out of his seal after trillions of years, and stole the power from the Gods, and trapped them in the Realm of Xatrix, his own realm created from evil. He stole the power of the gods using the Staff of Mulungus, which he was going to use to destroy the universe. Yemma said he wanted to destroy it, now that he had the chance, and that he was on his way to the Megashere, the center of the universe (since you can't just teleport there, it is quintillions of light years away). King Yemma said there was a massive war going on all through space, trillions of trillions of all the allied people in the universe, versus...the Draxons. Venomous, mindless beings that know nothing but death and destruction, and kill by the billions. Only the Lookout Crew could have even a chance of stopping them. 

The Crew started putting Orders in. Their first job, was to protect Earth for whatever they could do. Hikari put a seal of his around the Earth to help protect it from Draxons. No one got in or out of Earth's atmosphere. Kuzon ordered everyone on Earth, to be teleported unto the Supreme Kai Planet for safety. That included people who couldn't fight or were too weak, like the Lookout Crew's families. They did battle plans on the Lookout, and decided how they would move. They planned, all of them, and then teleported to space, to begin the Universal War.

The Lookout Crew was ready and powered up to their fulls. Kuzon put on his steel armor. Tocal, Mecha Ligesh, and Destruction Topazo went to New Planet Vegeta to protect it. The Crew looked ahead, seeing trillions of Draxons and Space Warriors fighting, and dead bodies everywhere, and planets exploding by the dozen, explosions everywhere. They gain a supreme hatred for Kochaku. Kuro appears next to Kuzon, ready to fight, because he noticed he was the only person on Earth (hehe). The Crew rushed in, and started tearing Draxons apart. They came at the Crew by the thousands and millions, the Crew blew them apart with Ki blasts and more. They seemed no end. Kuzon, Ethan, Kuro, Nikad, Zero, Mars, Nova, Kage, Hikari, Topazo, Jeff and many more, fighting billions of Draxons. Dead bodies were everywhere, planets being destroyed and more. New Vegeta, and Mecha Ligesh, Topazo and Tocal, were overpowered and almost killed. 

A group of Draxons surrounded Earth when the Crew wasn't looking, and glowed, and released a huge explosion of Ki at it, easily breaking Hikari's barrier. Earth glowed red, and exploded. Luckily, no one was on it. This angered the Crew even more. They continued into the Universe, flying and flying. Soon, they had cleared all the Draxons except one out of the entire Milky Way Galaxy, but they had all of existence left, full of them.. Jeff killed the last one sleeping by impaling it. Kuzon said they needed to find a ship, it would have a good General in it that would help them. The Crew searched for one, in an empty, silent galaxy, and then Nikad noticed one. The Crew flew to it, and it had the General and someone else in it. Kuzon tore the door down and snuck in, but the guy in it said for Kuzon not to stop, Kuzon knew the guy. Everyone talked and stopped and waited for the next thing to do, and Kuzon talked to the general. The general was a large Konatsian, in armor, named General Turlis. He noticed Kuzon in bloody armor and knew he was in the war. Turlis needed space dust to fill the bombs he planned to use on the Draxons, in the next galaxy they were about to enter. Zero used his portal powers to gather space dust, and put them into the bombs on the top of the ship. The Crew flew into the next galaxy, trillions of Draxons and warriors fighting, and they shot the bombs, killing quadrillions of them.

The Lookout Crew flew out of the ship and started fighting again, their most powerful attacks, thousands of miles of ki, waves, and Spirit Bombs destroy Draxons one by one. Kuzon flew into a close planet's atmosphere, and landed. 3 feet of dead bodies covered the entire planet's surface..and the cities were being raved by Draxons, killing people horribly. Kuzon and Geyser, helped clear them out and help the city. While Kuzon returned though, a Draxon stabbed into him, and Kuzon was weakened, on the power about to die from its deadly venom which could kill him in seconds. Nikad came from no where, and torn it off and blew the Draxon away. Kuzon wanted to be carried back to the ship, as he was almost dying. Nikad healed him with his power and Kuzon put a bandage on his red bulgy spot where he was stabbed. Kuzon and the others flew back into space. Nikad cleared out the rest of the Draxons with a huge Universal Spirit Bomb (which isn't nothing compared to the actual universe).

The Crew did not know what to do next. Kuzon was thinking, until he seen something, in the distance, a snake-like figure moving closer to the crew. Kuro asked him what, and Kuzon said what he saw, and Kuro called it nonsense. Everyone waited, and then, all of a sudden, a giant cloud-like Dragon stopped in front of them. A Space Dragon! No one knew what to do with the Dragon, until the Dragon said, that he was sent by the Supreme Kai, to help lead the Lookout Crew where they needed too. The Dragon had news, that the Kais discovered, Kochaku trapped the Gods in a realm and stole their power, gaining him even more power, and that he was on his way to the Megasphere, the center of existence/universe. The Lookout Crew hopped on the Dragon's back, and the Dragon flew, thousands of miles per hour. But, it didn't seem like it. While he was flying through space, beautiful colors of space, and stars is what they seen. They didn't even know it, but the Dragon went like 500 light years. The Dragon stopped on an asteroid, and said that he can't go any father, and points towards a colorful universal path of light. The Crew gets off and takes the path. On the path, they battle a huge Draxon, bigger than normal size. The Draxon almost gets them, but he is disinenigrated and blasted. 700 quadrillion miles thick layer of dead bodies in space, most of them torn up, blood all over them. Planets torn in half, or blown in pieces. 

At the end of the path, the Lookout Crew takes a lunch break, and pull out food they packed (jello, doritos, crackers, peanuts, buffalo wild wings). Though, this was ironic because billions of people were dying and being tortured and all of existence was about to be destroyed while they ate. They finished eating, and they were attacked by a Draxon. Kuzon impaled it and killed it. They then noticed another huge ass army wave of thousands of Draxons coming for the Crew. They fought them off, destroying all of them in soon time. The Dragon returns, and they get on his back and fight them from there. The Dragon's head is impaled out of no where, by a giant arrow of venom. The Dragon says its last words "Bye, mortals", and dies, falls into space, disappearing in the black (like in Titanic). The Lookout Crew fight the rest of the Draxons off and destroy them. They notice in silence, how many lives have been lost, floating everywhere. They see a bloody dead child's body float under them, and it makes them remember what they were doing.

The Crew comes unto, the Grand Universe (picture is at top of this page). It is the largest galaxy in this side of the universe, 3 galaxies in one in a bluerific stance. The Crew rushes in, slaughtering trillions of Draxons. Dozens of planets are destroyed every second. Kuzon goes Supreme Super Saiyan 6. Nikad starts forming a Universal Spirit Bomb again, and needs power from the Lookout Crew to use it. The Crew gives some of their power, and it is enough. Nikad throws the Spirit Bomb, and it treads and slaughters, disenigrates quadrillions of Draxons in the entire galaxy, all of them (all the ones in THIS universe have now been destroyed, but they are no where near ALL dead, they are infinite, compared to all of existence..). The Galaxy then turns white, and the Crew puts up force fields, Ethan making one around them. The Planets in the galaxy, all explode in a line, forming the word "DEATH". Mars laughs "Jesus..". The Galaxy then explodes in a huge space explosion, and there is nothing but a blue dot left where the sun was. They zoomed in on it, and seen it..the Megasphere! The center, the powerball of the entire universe, and if you tamper with it or destroy it, there goes all of existence, and it would take trillions of years for the God of the Universe to regain the power to remake it (if he would). 

Kuzon and the others went to the Sphere, ready to guard it from Kochaku, but then, Kochaku appeared on the other side! Floated up and looked at them evily. "Well, well. Looks like we have both made it. The entire universe, all of existence, a ruler's distance in front of both of us.. So, what now? Are you going to stop me? Make one move, move on muscle cell, and BOOM, there goes all of it.. ". The Lookout Crew couldn't take it, they wanted to kill him bad. But they couldn't, they knew it. Kuzon and the others thought of a plan..a master plan, which they didn't do elsewhere because they didn't expect this.

Kuzon came up with an idea--Multiple Fusion. In this case, . Jeff and some others didn't like the idea, and were assholes, refusing to fuse and just make him mad. Kuzon stuck his hand in the ball, and screamed in pain. Kuzon revived every person killed in the entire universe. Masa and Kenji tried to power up, but was impaled quickly by Kochaku, and blown away, angering everyone completely to their limits. Kuzon started the technique, and most of them wanted to fuse because they believed it was good. He glowed white, his eyes red, and stuck his arms out, hands open. In seconds, every being in all of existence was sucked into him, including the Lookout Crew. Kuzon became an ethereal being, and was not Kuzon anymore. The being, named the Fate of the Universe, grew a mile tall, and was glowing white with red eyes. Nothing else. Just a white glowing huge figure. Glowing, just like glowing white light standing there. Kochaku did not understand the situation, but knew what was going on. The FOTU attacked Kochaku, and Kochaku retaliated.

They started bombing each other full blast, and Kochaku had the upper hand at first. Kochaku had the power of all the Gods, and was equal to the creator of existence. The FOTU, was barely equal, and had the power of every being in existence, other than the gods (and Kais). They barely made it. After a long hard space battle, the FOTU blew everything in the universe away with a simple breath, to make fighting space. After the battle, Kochaku was very weak and ran towards the Megasphere, about to hit it to get out of there. Before he could get there, FOTU stopped him and blew him away and formed a Kamehameha Spirit Bomb, and blasted him with complete full power, impaling Kochaku as he spoke his last words. "I will be back! I will!!!!" as Kochaku was disenigrated from existence....for now. 

The Being (FOTU) then immediately seperated, and all the beings were teleported to the Supreme Kai planet. The planet was like a crowded airport, every being in the universe was on it. The Lookout Crew was there, and struggled through the crowd to the Supreme Kai. The Supreme Kai teleported them to a room in an unknown dimension. "Thank you, Lookout Crew. Without you, existence which we are bound to protect, would've been destroyed and all the universe and even us with it. Thank you." He gave the Lookout Crew one senzu bean for it. Nice present. The Lookout Crew thanked him, and then Kai made the God of the Universe appear next to them. "What?" said the God, in a dark robe with his staff. Kai asked him to go ahead and recreate the universe. The God stomped his staff on the ground, and it was all recreated in seconds. The God then disappeared, going back to his nap. The Supreme Kai went out and announced everything was back to normal. Every being celebrated and cheered (though, most of them don't even know who the Kais are, they were just happy to be back).

Every being was teleported quickly to their old homes and their brains rewired to forget it all. All races, everyone in existence. The Kai planet was now empty, and the Lookout Crew was teleported specially by the Kai back to Earth. They appeared on the Lookout, Kuzon and Ethan and everyone waiting for their families. Out of no where, Helena and Nera jumped on Kuzon and Ethan, and everyone else got settled back in, knowing they saved all of existence from absolute destruction. Everything, was indeed, good.

Kuro and Lumakai's Spar

December 31st, 2013

Kuro was on the Lookout, the final day of 1052, when he appeared and seen Lumakai. Kuro asked if he wanted to spar. Lumakai agreed. Kuro and him began. Kuro and Lumakai used small attacks at first, occasional fist attacks. From below, Kuro teleported down under the Lookout, and Luma teleported down there, made a Ki barrier and meditated. Kuro started making heat attacks to melt his barrier, which he damaged it. Kuro then went Supreme Super Saiyan, and busted Luma out of the barrier. Luma attacked Kuro, then blasted him down, 100 miles to earth like a bullet. Kuro smashed through the streets of Supreme City, into the sewer, which he got his head stuck in the water.

He got it out, and Luma then released an Ultimate Kamehameha at Kuro. Kuro countered it with a Supreme Kamehameha. Redneck humans watched and voted for the beams randomly coming out of the street and making roars. Kuro soon, ascended to Supreme Super Saiyan 2 in the midst of the beam clash. After this massive power boost, Kuro overpowered Luma, blew him to the Lookout and knocked him out. Kuro descended, and Kuzon and him stated he would get stronger. Kuro disappeared back home.

Role in the Holy Apocalypse arc (1063)

Kuro played a very minor role in the Holy Apocalypse arc. After the Existial Order appeared on the Lookout and told the Crew of the resummoning of Kochaku elsewhere in the 5th universe in 1063, Kuro appeared with Kuzon Jr. about not being able to come because of a strange barrier. Kuro didn't fight or care to fight in this, as he felt he would be better to just be sent to the Kai Planet with all the humans--including his family. Most likely because he was in the middle of a board game with them when it happened.

48-Year Lookout Hiatus

1052 marked the last year Kuro did anything in a major event, or worth noting. He would not have a major part in any Lookout Crew event fighting a major villain until 1100, nearly 50 years after his prior Lookout Crew reign. In between that time, Kuro appeared to lay around all day in his couch doing nothing but mowing the lawn, and watching TV with a 5 o'clock shadow.

Wrong. Way off, actually. Kuro trained harder than anyone could even imagine in those 40 years. Whenever his family was away and no one was around, he could be in space in different locations training intensely hard. Due to this, after that many long years of super training like a real Saiyan, Kuro is about on Kuzon's level (deemed strongest of the Kuz Clan and one of them in the Lookout Crew). Kuro's first debut after his hiatus from most events was Oct 12 1100, during the Return of Carnus arc (below).

Return of Carnus Arc (1100)

October 12th 2014

  Kuro had a...reawakening, on the morning of October 12th 1100. He was 68 now, but due to his advanced training for nearly 60 years and meditation, he had not aged from the young man he truly was. He was watching the Superbowl on his television, when he opened his eyes wide, realizing--it is time. Kuro continued by flying out of his house and shaving on the way to the outskirts of Supreme City, where he sensed other friends gathering.

~ Kuzon Jr, the busied King of Earth, had just completed a review of his shipyards when he sensed Knox and his two young bred and his wife Lileth land in a ship fresh from the ever-reaches of space. Not only was KJ there; Hikaru, Nikad, Nathan, Viola & Desmond were there. Ian and Nacule showed up moments later. They all had a brief talk before Knox mentioned a tale of a demon named Masidai. Kuro then showed his face, standing atop the spaceship in a breeze of glory, filling the moment with hope that..perhaps, today will be a brighter day.

Seconds after Masidai's name was mentioned, a large red portal opened up in front of everyone, bleeding with millions of small demons, attacking every thing they saw in a raze of hell. Everyone put up a good fight, successfully ending them, but they kept coming back out of the portal. Knox ordered Kuro, who had taken full charge, to enter the portal and stop the madness. Nacule followed. While inside, the portal snapped shut. Everyone else was forced to wait in patience on the outside.

Kuro and Nacule walked the innards of the portal, seeing nothing of use; before Masidai, limbless, appeared to them. Kuro threatened Masidai, and began combat. Kuro immediately went Sapphire Super Saiyan, and introduced his newest technique; Jinsokuna Disk! The disk is blue, sharp, and spins so fast on his hand it kicks up wind. Kuro threw it and successfully chopped through Masidai. Masidai retailiated by sneaking up on Kuro and attempting to absorb his energy. Nacule put a halt to this by attacking him himself. After Masidai had finished his patience with Nacule, he reopened the portal and sucked everyone outside in. Everyone was instantly trapped with paralyzation wires by Masidai, who disappeared. While trapped, a large wasp-like creature named Zrone buzzed down and unlocked everyone with his stinger, explaining Carnus, Masidai's superior, enslaved several races, including his. He insisted everyone follow him.

While out of the area, they came upon an enemy; Zarchnid, another wasp creature. Kuro fought him at first, making use of his Sapphire Crystal armor. Zrone insisted on fighting and put an end to it. They continued. Zrone insisted that everyone ride on his back, and he made them all invisible. Kuro, however, would follow from behind. Zrone led them through many towns and cities full of slaves of Carnus, working on buildings. It was silent. The silence was ended when Kuro yelled "Freedom! You are all free now!" Instantly, demons began popping up and attacking. Everyone began an assault, lasting for 10 minutes. Kuro, Nikad and Hikaru fought many, before Ian made an entrance with his falling golden weapons technique. It was finished when Kuro used his Neo Ball attack and wiped them all out. The slaves were free. However, Knox was nearly knocked out when Masidai returned immediately after.

Lookout Halloween Turkey Tournament


Kuro in his gorilla costume when he fought Ian

On Halloween 1100, at the Lookout Halloween Turkey Tourney, Kuro, wearing a gorilla costume, fought Ian in the first round. At the end of the fight, which lasted about an hour, both Kuro and Ian used Dragon Fists on each other. Ian impaled Kuro and Kuro impaled Ian. Kuro said he had a trick up his sleeve. Ian regenerated after being impaled; however, Kuro can't regenerate, therefore Kuro died. Ian lost from disqualification for killing. Kuro advanced, and fought Flandre in Other World. During his fight in Other World with Flandre, due to him not being able to be at the tournament, he kept the fight short and brief. At the end, Kuro destroyed Flandre with a Supernova and was purposely disqualified. Kuro dislikes tournaments in general. However, he knew he was getting rusty, and he suddenly disappeared after the fight..

After the tournament, Kuro began falling into a depression. His original mentor who he looked up to the most, Zan Jr, was gone, and he felt he had no one to turn to, and that he was all alone in his own mind. This was part of Kuro's personality. He, even though he devoted himself to fighting more, had started showing himself publicly even less than before.

Battle on Zacces (Herulean War) -- Death of a lifelong partner

February 24th 2015

Kuro thought little of the ongoing the Herulean War, thinking it to be ridiculous but there not being much he could or really wanted to do about it. But on the final day of 1100, Kuro decided to take part in the Battle on Zacces, a large UAGP assault on the FAUF, and their largest base. Kuro arrived on the planet by Earth ship, after the space battle, and on the planet, was fighting Xoclovians, while the soldiers were failing hard. Towards the end of the fight as King KJ called for an official withdraw of troops, and Kuro teleported to the ship where everyone was, after Hikari Minato's death. Kuro was alerted that he was needed on Earth for an emergency by KJ and communications. Kuro teleported back and bursted home, to discover medics at his house, and that his lifelong girlfriend Sari, had passed away of a heart attack at age 68. They left Kuro alone, who was going through intense mental lapses, having already been in a depression. Kuro then began going insane and destroying everything he saw, which soon included his house. KJ showed up sensing him, and tried to calm him, but Kuro wanted no part of him or anyone else, and flew off demanding alone time. KJ respected his decision, asking him not to destroy anything. This, was the just the beginning.

Insanity Unheard (1101)

Kuro's entire life would flash before his eyes, as he realized how shitty it had been, losing those closest to him, neglecting social relationships, abusive slavery childhood, having destroyed the Saiyan race as a kid, and not being an integral part of the Lookout Crew like he had once desired. Now his one closest thing was gone. For a few months afterwards, he became entirely detached from everyone else and was in total rage, in which he turned on the Lookout Crew and added to the pressure in the latter months of the Herulean War.

His master Zan Jr had been gone for so long, and he felt he had no purpose. He felt no one except Sari understood him. After her sudden death during the middle of the Herulean War, it struck him greatly. He snapped, and began losing all sense of good, releasing his evil violent Saiyan spirit and becoming dark. Little words, Kuro traveled around Earth for months alone, occasionally destroying anything in sight, and accepted no help from his own team mates, instead insulting them. Kuro did not truly do anything worth noting until his battle with Nikad on 8 May 1101. 

Coming across Melody Shijima and Nikad, Kuro demanded them move from his way. This led to an assault and fight between them, transitioning from Melody to Nikad. Trias later arrived without his Sin Stones, to monitor the battle. Kuro and Nikad, in his First form, fought a rigorous battle, with Kuro getting progressively more impatient. Nikad summoned Gammahaki, a gigantic turtle known as the greatest defender in the universe, to fight for him while he gained energy. Nikad soon regained his power and they continued fighting for a short time, before Kuro finally got sick of fighting and ran off to another planet to meditate, but fell asleep hugging a rock. Nikad left him alone.

Nomadic life (1101-16)


Kuro in 1116

After coming to realize all the trouble and pain he was causing his friends, Kuro felt even worse. He contemplated suicide many times and attempted, but Kuzon Jr. stopped him. Kuro then said to KJ on Christmas night 1101 that he was 'taking a break'. He then disappeared from Earth and was never seen again for 15 years. KJ knew he was going off to become a nomad, travelling the universe as a rogue, doing who-knows-what, he no longer had a wife and his daughter was living her own life, so he felt no reason to stay on Earth.

During this long period of time away from Earth, Kuro pursued many interests. He worked on many planets and lived on many planets. He trained under several teachers and, for a short time, looked to religion as a path to enlightenment, becoming devoutly religious. He became a monk for several years, before he was exiled and named a traitor after revealing his true identity. Kuro became much more social and worked in charity foundations and on recreational work on many planets. He studied and returned to college on Planet Terva for 4 years, studying religion, energy, and international politics. He met King Weylas (an renowned powerful lizard King) and worked as an advsior for him.

Kuro names this period in his life his period of great enlightenment, and going 'outside the box'. He explains he learned many things and experienced many new different things. He gained an interest in anthropology. 

Great Universal Revolution (1116-25)

Shortly after the breakout of the Universal Revolution, on 23 March 1116, Kuro knew the Lookout Crew may need him once again. He attended the ExpoUniverse'16 where he met with the LCrew once again after 15 long years. After returning, Kuro did not participate much in the war, though he sometimes accompanied everyone during battles. His role grew larger over time. He helped train soldiers and led platoons. He fought Ninthalor in the end, the final and most powerful villain the crew ever faced.

Rest of life and death (1125-1200)

After the Revolution and Ninthalor's defeat, Kuro resumed his nomadic life as a universal traveller. He formed relationships and got engaged in politics and anthropology, but always kept training, keeping true to his Saiyan blood (though he wasn't that proud of it). Kuro died in March of 1200 in a small wood inn on Planet Zabuza in his sleep, a very old man. His body was sent to Earth, where Kuzon VII held an honors funeral in memoriam of him, he was cremated, and his ashes were spread on a waffle and shot into space.


Kuro has many transformations and more are being added as he achieves them in working order. More to be added over time.

Super Saiyan Kuro

  • Super Saiyan - He first reached this form as an 8 year old Saiyan, over a thousand years ago, which he ended up destroying the original Saiyan planet. He now masters it, as Kuzon taught him in Other world before they were revived.
  • Super Saiyan 2
  • Super Saiyan 3
  • Super Saiyan 4
  • Supreme Super Saiyan
  • Sapphire Super Saiyan - Kuro invented the Sapphire Super Saiyan. It is used often and is as powerful as Supreme Super Saiyan. It uses the power of crystals and agility, making it a unique addon to his collection. He can use his widest variety of attacks in this form, thus why he uses it the most.
  • Complete Super Saiyan - Kuro revealed this form while fighting Michael Iron on him and Kuzon's training trip. It focuses on gold and power, and looks just like Super Saiyan 2 but more golden.

Techniques and Abilities


Kuro using the Sappire Swirl in the Sapphire State

  • Ki Blast - The Most simplest form of energy wave.
  • Ki Barrage - A Mix of rapid Ki blasts in one attack.
  • Kamehameha - A technique made by Master Roshi and taught to him by Kuzon. A beam of energy.
  • Super Sapphire Crystals - A move he uses in his Sapphire Super Saiyan form. It freezes the opponent in crystals.
  • Sapphire Swirl - He gathers all blue energy around him into a super strong blast. The is needed.
  • - He can make copies of any object with a blast.
  • Complete Kamehameha - A golden Kamehameha that is used in the Complete Super Saiyan form. It is very power ful, and is formed and shot in half a second.
  • Aura Shield - Kuro uses this in his Full Power mode. He makes a purple shield of Ki and makes a hard shield out of it. It can be broken easily, but the higher in power he is, the more combustable. 
  • Black Bolt - A powerful golden bolt used in the Complete Super Saiyan form. It is black and yellow and powerful, enough to break Katchin barely. What makes it special is it is called the Black bolt but it is golden.
  • Golden Supernova - Like the Supernova, but it is Golden, bigger, and slightly more powerful.
  • Golden Sparkle - Perhaps one of Kuro's most powerful blasts. It is a shiny gold sparkle formed in the Complete Super Saiyan form. It drains A LOT of energy when you form it. Upon impact, everything in existance turns white, and a huge explosion, capable of destroying planets occurs. It quickly wears off.
  • Sword Bash - Kuro uses his shield to bash his opponents, sending them back a few feet or so.
  • Galactic Explosion - Invented by Super Saiyan 3 Kuro. It is a large green explosion that can blow people away.
  • Addicted to Drugs - Where Kuro acts crazy and stupid but still hits the person, acting stupid.
  • ' - Kuro makes his fist huge with energy (literally huge) and can smash an opponent easily.
  • Supreme Lava Wave - Kuro forms a HUGE wave of Lava that is the size of half the Earth (but humans can't see it), and crashes it at his enemy and surrounds them, taunting them while the walls of lava close in on them. Burns bad.
  • Neo Ball - One of his most immense powerful attacks. It is a huge house-sized ball of purple and black Ki that Kuro forms with his entire body's energy and both arms, and smashes at his opponent, causing IMMENSE major damage.
  • Supreme Kamehameha - Comes with the Supreme Super Saiyan form. Kuro can charge it up to whatever power he can and epicly cause massive damage to the opponent.
  • Self-Healing - A technique invented by Kuro during training. He can heal himself if he is damaged, but it costs a large amount of energy, depending on however much he chooses. You get healed, but it costs energy.
  • Jinsokuna Disk - meaning "speedy disk", in the 40 years Kuro lacked any affiliation with the crew, he formed this extremely powerful revved version of the Destructo Disk. It goes so fast, you can't see it with the naked eye. It has extremely sharpness and damage.
  • Painted Supernova - Kuro, with golden energy on his hand, runs while painting a the energy like a brush as he runs (on the ground or surface), followed by an explosion with the same powers as a Supernova.
  • Cloning - Kuro can create many clones.


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