Kureha is a strong female fighter who knows Hokuto Shinken secret techniques. She serves as one of the key masters in Tenchi's journey to become the very best. Kureha is extremely versatile and a reliable person, one of the few women that Tenchi does not mind being around. Kureha is one of the many women in the series who develops are romantic attraction towards Tenchi, but her feelings are noted to be distinctively more like a mother to a son sort of relationship.


Kureha is a fully grown young woman in her early to mid twenties in terms of appearance. She is very glamorous in her mannerisms and personality, and has many femme fatale elements to her appearance and personality. Her battle outfit is of a dominantly white and elegant battle dress, with light armor. She sports a piercing rose brown shoulder length hair which shines with an illustrious red in the sunlight.

Her ki energy when being manifested is noted to be colored a low toned pinkish-purple. She is a very trained and tempered person, as shown by the constant look of concentration worn on her face. Despite her elegant and glamorous appearance, her mastery over Hokuto Shinken secret techniques makes her an extremely dangerous fighter, as shown in her first encounter with Tenchi, where she could have ended his life 187 times in a split second.

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