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Kraith is the son of an unnamed Titan King in ancient times and is the twin brother of Garth. He is the less mature, easily angered brother. He is a Fighting Champion in Kishnalla, the land below the Gods, but is not as strong as his brother. 


Kraith wears a visor to hide his eyes because of a wound he sustained in battle.  They say his eyes are bloodshot and he is missing one eyelid, he also has a horrible scar on his right eye.  He doesn't have a very Human appearance like his brother and is more Undead-zombie looking.  He has pale skin, pointed ears, spiky brown hair, and a thin, skeletal nose.  He also wears no shirt, instead he wears armor on his shoulders and an X strap on his torso with a gem in the middle.  If he presses the gem, it will shoot energy at his opponents. 


Kraith is immature, acts too soon, and doesn't think before he speaks. Garth often calls him an idiot.  He wants to be stronger than his brother and hates taking orders from him. 


Kraith and Garth were born when a Titan King had an affair with the Goddess of War so that he would have strong sons.  Their father was punished by the gods and executed while he and Garth were thrown off the highest mountain of the God Realm.  In Kishnalla, they were raised by bandits and became champions in fighting tournaments.  They wandered the realm in search of strong opponents. 


In the fan-fic The Titan's Sons, after Garth and Kraith broke the barrier between Kishnalla and the mortal realm, they invaded Earth in search of the lookout crew.  Kraith fought Mars and put up a good fight but was defeated.  Garth was disappointed in Kraith and killed him by disintegrating him with a destructive wave before he could regenerate. 


Fire Egg Blast                                         

Kraith's signature attack, Fire Egg Blast

Fire Egg Storm

Big Arm Bomber

Gem Blast

Rapid Energy Punches

Energy Roundhouse Kick

Fire Egg Bomb

Sonic Boom Blast

Sonic Boom Blast x10

Powers and Abilities


Ki Blast

Skilled martial artist

Super Endurance


Can regenerate any broken bones, lost limbs, or wounds

Energy Absorption

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