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Klecktelektik is Den Ballaste Androiden Som Finns's donkey.
Klektelektiksa (1)


He is always bullied by DBASF, as he is often called "Useless Donkey Crap" by him. However, they have a real close connection, and always back each other up.


He is a quite odd fellow indeed. His fur seems to be a mixture of grey fur, but someone had taken a paintbucket with sticky color and simply threw it at him, and thus he gained the....purple-yellow color he has now. His eyes became pink because he saw a rainbow while entering rage mode.


Uhm...I have no idea.

His personality is that of a donkey, obviously. He is quite mysterious indeed, and when a question becomes too much, he proceeds to respond with grunting and kicking his opponent. Eventually, he smartened, and actually managed to build extra metal layers, replacing some of the tissues inside his body and turning him into a semi-Android.

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