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This article, Kenza, is a Role-Play article.

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Kenza is a villian in Dragon Ball GY as the second strongest villian in the Synther Saga.
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Kenza's normal form


Kenza is a demon under control of Synther, a universal overlord. Kenza is Synther's right-hand man and "bodyguard", even though he is way weaker than his boss. Kenza has a mean personallity like Synther and does not toy with his opponents.


Synther Saga


Kenza has 2 forms, his normal monster like form, and his human form. He
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Kenza in his Human form.

has a skill, where he looks at a member of a certain race, and he can go into a state where he looks like a member from head to toe, the 2 problems: It wears off after 30 minutes and you are as weak as the member your formed into.


  • Death Beam
  • Ultra Beam
  • Dirty Fireworks
  • Great Can
  • Gator blast

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