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"At least I died like a hero. "
— Kenji's last words before Kochaku disintegrated him (after impaling him)


Son Kenji was a powerful Human warrior. He was the third main RP character of Imperial Wyrm. He was killed by Kochaku in The Universal War Saga and wished to stay dead in Other World.


Kenji was a tall, muscular man with spiky grey hair. He had streaks of black in his hair and his sideburns were black.  He wore a black vest with red trimmings and black sweatpants with a purple belt around his waist. His skin was a tan, peach color and he had an X-shaped scar on his forehead. He also had a band-aid on his cheek but he didn't wear it because he got hurt, he wore it to look cool.  He wore green boots with red triangles on them and he wore yellow boxing gloves which expose his fingertips.  Sometimes he wore an orange gi like Yamcha.


Kenji loves fighting and always wants to look for stronger opponents but he is also cocky and arrogant. At times, he can be short tempered. Other than that, he is a good person and fights only for a good cause.


Kenji was born in Central City during the time of the Black Star Dragon Ball Saga. He was an orphan who trained at Goten's dojo, having heard stories about Goku and the Z-Fighters. Goten raised Kenji himself, living in Satan City. 

When Kenji was seventeen, Goten had a heart attack and died. Stricken with grief, Kenji's hair began graying. He was pressured by his peers and teachers to take entrance exams to a business college as well, eventually driving him mad. Kenji decided to kill himself by firing a death beam into his own heart. He had cared more for training and was a warrior at heart, he wanted to train in Other World. 

He had his wish and eventually trained with the Grand Kai, achieving the Super Human forms. However, only thirty years passed on Earth and Kenji decided to be resurrected. He communicated with Dende and so was resurrected. He then drunk an "infinity potion" which enhanced his lifespan so that he could never age (but did not receive immortality).  

In the 1040's or so, Kenji met Ethan and joined the Lookout Crew.  


  • Super Human
  • Super Human 2
  • Super Human 3


  • Kenjan  -  Fusion of Kenji and Ethan


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