This article, Kelia, is a Role-Play article.

This article, Kelia, is a Role-Play article.

Kelia is a planet in the North Area of the universe that is inhabitted by the Xillians. It is a fairly large planet, roughly three times the size of Earth.  It is home to about 10.9 billion citizens of mixed races and origins. The planet itself is ruled by a King
know as the Talok, the current Talok being Kazuto Kuzaki. The planets inhabitants are humanoid in appearence and have features not to different from Saiyans or Earthlings. The only features that make Xillians stand out from the others are their long elf like ears and their multitude of bright, exuberant, natural hair colors. The citizens of the planet are also natural born warriors similar to the saiyans. Their adept ability in the use of ki makes them a very powerful force in the galaxy.   Each generation is taugh Kelia's own ancient martial art known as Shang Kahn.  Xillians also have a special trait that gives them the knowledge of all of their direct ancestors. This meaning the ancestors directly in relation to the family, not the ancestors of the entire planets families. This includes passing down techniques and powers for each generation, just through blood relation. This makes each generation stronger than the last due to the next learning/creating techniques the previous did not.  However their are some genetic traits present in all the Xillian people. The people of Kelia are extremely fast, able to survive in space, have a high regenerative ability, and are able to fight for days on end without eating or sleeping. 

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