This article, Kawakage, is a Role-Play article.

This article, Kawakage, is a Role-Play article.

The Kawakage (Literally meaning "River Shadow") are the leaders of Hayasegakure. They are generally acknowledged as the strongest in the village, although ideology and renown plays a large part in their being chosen for the position, or founding the village.


Generally, the new Kawakage is selected by the current Kawakage upon their retirement or Death, but if the old Kawakage dies or is incapacitated before being able to do so, the Daiymō will appoint a Kawakage Candidate upon the recommendation of the Hayasegakure council and the Daimyō council. Afterwards, the candidate will need to be approved by the village knights of the village to become officially Kawakage.

After being approved, they move into the Kawakage Home to live in and have their faces painted in the Kawakage Hall behind it. If the former Kawakage is still alive, they will generally keep helping, making the transition easier and more stable.

List of Kawakage

First Kawakage

Images (97)hjhj

Zan Jr, the first Kawakage.

Main Article: Zan Jr

Zan Jr is a legendary warrior of Strength, Speed, Intel, and Strategy. Zan Jr is the founder of Hayasegakure, he has had many people in mind for the next Kawakage, but it might be a while 'till he retires, or dies.

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