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Karma (deceased)
Professional Status
Personal Status
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"I am a devil....I am the devil!"
— Karma, Talking to one of the people on his Assassination list.

Karma is an incredibly strong warrior. He along with Zion is Zion's or OneDragonball's main RP characters. He will appear in the Frieza Returns Saga at the early times of the saga, he is a former role-play character of XxGodZerxesxX.


Like most other Demons, he possesses remnants of his former life as pure energy in his appearance. His Devil hole is located on his sternum, though initially, the hole was located on the base of his throat, a change that was seen in both the devil and flashing form. The remainder of his mask where he was struck by Satan lies on the top-left side of his head, forming a broken horned helmet.


Before Debut

Long ago even before gods...before the "Big Bang Theory"...where the universe should have been there was nothing but energy. When the energy collided the Big Bang happened creating the universe. The former energy became life forms....Some still remained energy but were able to shapeshift into a life-form. Growing up wasn't easy for the one called "Karma" who had no name, but he was an assassin that would appear from nowhere and that made it easier to get his kill.

Debut and So On

After coming to Earth, first on his list was Tails. "I can send you where your father is!" Threatening to kill him. Tails took long to charge all of his ki but still wasn't enough for Karma. Karma sent a Cero directly into Tails's face but what should of killed Tails didn't as he was protected by some strange wall thing. then appeared and Kamiko told Karma that he would be a challenge. The battle between SS and Karma raged on but then SS suddenly left without a reason....Karma just left as well.


  • Levitation (He can levitate but also can fly)
  • Mastered Swordsmanship
  • Demon's Instance (Goes crazy when smells blood)
  • Blaster Cannon
  • Shining Flasher
  • Big Bang Attack
  • Why are you still alive?
  • Spiritual Canon
  • Buster Beam
  • Regeneration
  • Dark Spirit Seeker
  • Negative Karma Bomb
  • Negative Grenade
  • Dark Cero
  • Absorption


  • Devil Form
  • Flashing Form
  • Super Perfect Karma (After absorbing Cell)
  • Ultimate Energy Form
  • Ultimate Evil Form

Major Fights

Karma against interrupted by Brushogun.

Karma against Tails, Brushogun , , and Karma won.

Karma against Zero, Karma won.


Major Battles -


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