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"I don't care. You see this? This is a shoe. And in five seconds, if you haven't gotten out of the way, I'll park my shoe in your face. Okaay?"
— Karakazu

Karakazu, is a Dark Saiyan. Known before as Karakazu the Slaughterer, he got challenged by The Dark Saiyan while fighting. Losing, he was captured and experimented on. After that, he became the first commander in the Dark Army, serving only his "father", .


Karakazu has pitch black hair, black eyebrows, red eyes and purple skin. He wears an aqua blue gi with a grey undershirt, a grey belt and a grey armband. His shoes are black with golden detailing. His left arm is amputated, in it's place he has an android arm, black and red. He always has a grin on his face.


Before his change, he was a person who did things, head on. Not ever thinking of consequenses, that helped him in fights. But when he was faced with The Dark Saiyan, he lost. After his infection and change, he was more thoughtful. His ego was extremely boosted, but so was his power. He claims that he's "one of those with rights to be rude".


Early Life

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