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Name Kanan
Debut RP Sessions
User Powerful gohan
Race Unknown
Gender Male Male
Height 7'4"
Weight 200Lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Evil
Occupation Destroyer
Personal Status
Relatives Dr. Gero (creator), Goku (DNA donor)
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Kanan is a failed clone of Goku. Dr. Atom was the one who created him, but messed up at the end.


Kanan's skin is light-blue and he has a tail, he also has spikes on his head. He also has a gi like Goku, but it is ripped off a bit.


All attacks used by Goku

All attacks used by Krillin

All attacks used by Vegeta


Kanan moves a bit slow but can have really brutal power, he can also impale his enemies on his spikes. He can also use all techniques used by Goku, Vegeta, and Krillin. He is stronger than Hatchiyak, Cell, and Broly combined.

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