This article, Kami Tenchi, is a Role-Play article.


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This article, Kami Tenchi, is a Role-Play article.

Kami Tenchi is the first transformation that is accessable by Tenchi. Kami Tenchi Awakens Tenchi's original, true form, personality, and nature, and causes him to reincarnate perfectly in the vessel that serves as his current mortal body. Kami Tenchi is the true alter ego of the young boy and is responsible for the creation of the multiverse. Tenchi has always been aware of this transformation but has rarely ever used it until coming into his early adolescence. When in his base form, Kami Tenchi often helps and advises Tenchi from inside his own mindscape. The form is the successor of Tenchi's base state, and is the predecessor to Destructor Tenchi..

Usage and Power


Tenchi Becomes Kami Tenchi for the first time.

In this form, Tenchi's underaged body becomes ascended and instantly developed to its peak of physical prime. He gains the ability to burn the powers of Hokuto Shinken to explosive highs, with no known upper limit in sight. The immense cosmic and unnatural energies developing within cause his entire upper body clothing to shred into pieces, leaving them behind as he engaged in battle. Kami Tenchi is an immortal god who controls the forces of the universe, but his flesh and blood mortal body which he is trapped in puts a limit on just how high he can make his power ascend. Regardless, Tenchi is capable of taking on and easily outmatching Level 5 Super Saiyans with no visible effort on his face at all. His power is constantly growing in this state.

The Transformation takes place in a far more concentrated manner then that of a common super saiyan transformation, showing that Tenchi and Kami Tenchi have a very close synchronic rate and can transform into this state without having to incindentally burn off extra power or release unnecessary energy into their surroundings. When transforming, Tenchi's young body becomes bathed in an immense white light which gives off a holy and ethereal glow, truly that of a gods. His entire body generates a blinding, piercing white aura similar to that of ultimate gohans, showing that the power of this form is indeed miraculous and magical, cosmic in its ways, and beyond anything naturally capable through using normal, natural ki energy.

In addittion to receiving incredible power increases in this state, Kami Tenchi also gains vast access to many of his godly, magical reality-warping powers in this state. He can now generate and dominate the elements of fire, water wind, earth, lightning, and every other imaginable natural force. He also obtains telekinetic, and mind-based abilities which let him read his opponents thoughts.

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