This article, Kamagan, is a Role-Play article.

This article, Kamagan, is a Role-Play article.

Kamagan is a Dojutsu, its power is far beyond imagination and one of the strongest Dojutsu. This is the Dojutsu of the Sakiburo Clan. It is also called the "Nine-Eyed Eye".


Since the Kamagan seems to have 9 little eyes on it, a user that has mastered this doesn't even need to move his eye, the eyes on the Kamagan will be the ones to move, predicting any of the opponent's moves, And the star like pattern on the center gives the user a huge Fire element boost.

Known Users

  • The Masked Man of the Sakiburo Clan
  • Vegitax
  • A few more Sakiburo members
  • Leogian (Through DNA assimilation.)

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