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Kagami Cell

Kagami is the offical roleplay character of XTheRedHoodx. He is a 19 year old swordsman who has a Saiyan background.


Kagami is very childish and he often lays on the grass and falls asleep in the sun. Unlike his cousin Hulu, Kagami has a great sense of humor and the duo often get into arguments about Hulu's anger issues. When Kagami was little, his love for swordplay inspired his occupation and his dream to become "The best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be at swordplay". 


Kagami is the height of an average 19 year old. He has medium raven black hair that falls over his forehead, his hair is then brushed to either the left or right. Kagami has red/hazel eyes depending on the lighting. Hulu has been known to take notice of this after repeatedly asking about his eyes. Kagami prefers dark clothing, because of this he wears a long black coat over a plain jet black top. To cover his legs he wears black jeans with a metalic belt. Kagami wears black boots that go under his jeans.


Ki Blast

Ki Slash

Final Flash

Wolf fang fist

Galactic donut


Mercenary skills



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