This article, Jupiter, is a Role-Play article.


Jupiter powering up.

Jupiter is a mild-tempered super fighter from an unknown planet. He is 22, 6'1, and always loves trouble. He is good with a sorta hint of evil and he will not stop fighting until he is the best.


Jupiter has brown spiky hair. He wears a brown training gi, blue fighting gloves and boots, and also wears blue pants.


Jupiter has a bit of a temper and he has evil habits sometimes.


Don't Mess With Me - Jupiter rushes at his opponent and rapidly punches, kicks, and knees them. Then he finishes off with a Red Ki Blast.

Storm Kamehameha - Jupiter fires a giant Gray Kamehameha blast at his opponent, inflicting major damage.

Is That All You Have To Offer - Jupiter counters an attack with a duck and a punch to the gut, a backflip kick to the face, and a point blank blast.


"My name is Jupiter. If I don't like you, I will kill you."

"Well this is a good fight, too bad I have to kill you."


Jupiter as a Super Saiyan.

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