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"Let me tell you something, random dude! I am not a Yoshi!"
— Jue to Godslayer


Jue is a Namekian, particularly a Super Namek, that is currently on Earth. He is known for his infamous "Let me tell you something!" quotes.


During Frieza's time on Namek, he was one of his henchmen. When Namek was about to explode, he escaped the planet just in time, but he was flying in deep space. He shortly passed out and when he woke up, he was on the ground of Earth. Oddly, he didn't remember anything before that, so he went on with his life on planet Earth.


Shortly after his arrival on Earth, he found a Gi, it was still usable, and it was bluish-green. He is a bit more muscular than most Namekians.


Despite the Namekians being a peaceful race, he is aggressive and has short temper. Whenever he gets mad, he uses his "Let me tell you something!" quote. But other from that, he is nice when not angered.



Ki Blasts

Full Power Energy Ball



Stretch Combo

Special Beam Cannon

Let me tell you something! (attack)

Mystical Arms

Mouth Energy Wave

Flash Smash

Magic Materialization

Hellzone Grenade

Fear Factor


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