This article, Jrae, is a Role-Play article.


Jrae's Base Form

Jrae is the Fusion Dance result of Jake and .

He has all the powers that Drake and Jake both share. He is a Fused Member of the Legendary Heroes.

Dak - His Potara Fusion counterpart.


He wears Blue Baggy Pants, with Saiyan Armor boots and gloves. He has Long Golden Hair and Fur, his fur is a shade darker than his hair.He looks almost identical to SSJ6 Ian.


  • Insta Fuse - A beam of Energy Zaps 2 people and they fuse.
  • Golden Kamehameha - Kamehameha colored Golden
  • Infinite Zone - with ' help, the user traps the target in a parallel universe.
  • Kaio-Ha! - Shoots a blast that multiplies in power like the Kaio-ken.
  • Ultimania Kamehameha - shoots a multi-colored blast of pure energy.
  • Ki yo-yo - the user creates a yo-yo made of Ki and attacks the target
  • Ki trap - traps the target in a net of Ki.


Jrae will appear in My Fan-Fiction, facing Zenron..
Drae max

Maximum Power Jrae

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