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Name John
Debut RP Sessions (Feb 13)
User Vegito 7900
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Date of Birth Unknown
Height 5'7"
Weight 105 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Neutral
Address Wherever he wants :l
Personal Status
Relatives Ian (Boss/friend)

Exios (Under commanding officers)

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John is a Human officer working for and is also a general in his army with one task, to keep balance on earth.


John cannot use ki in anyway but in one way, hypnotism. John uses this ability to it's full extent and is generally well gifted. John has a greater intelligence than Ian and relies more on strategy than strength and speed. John can quickly use his hypnotism to confuse enemies and make a quick escape. He owns 2 magnums which he uses aggressively, and is a master with them.

Powers and abilities


Hypnotism has many uses within it, these are:

Quick Escape:

John hypnotizes a person and makes a fast and easy escape.

Mind conceiving punch:

John hypnotizes a person then makes a quick punch knocking the opponent out.

Black Mamba:

John hypnotizes a person then quickly puts his sharp nails in a persons neck, either knocking them out, or causing them to bleed out.

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