This article, Jinix, is a Role-Play article.

Jinix is a villian bent on destroying Earth and Destiny. He had tricked Almighty Tails, Michael Iron, Ryan, and by

Jinix Preparing To Fire An Energy Beam.

capturing Destiny, and tricking them to come to his ship, trying to blow them up, he revealed Destiny's location as he left, and they found out she was only stuck on namek. A few days later, he helped the group by using his majin Power to stretch around all of the Ian's and using Self explosion, BADLY injured, he told the group he'd be back to fight them, and telling Supreme Ian that he'd be back to fight him as well, then Jinix exclaimed: "I am the ONLY one who will be destroying earth, and I'll be stronger when I get back" before he died. Jinix was back as he had said, but was not expecting the power of Broku. Broku ultimately killed him and trapped him in Hell. Somehow Jinix got out and continued to rule over his army. A rogue member known as Kali, arrived on Earth trying to find fighters to destroy Jinix. Jinix knowing of this has begun preparing for battle
Super Jinix

Super Jinix

with Destiny, Topazo, Broku, Ryu, and most likely Trenyo Jr. He has begun building more and more stations and bases on planets. He has recruited more and more troops. With Topazo, Destiny, or Kali knowing of this they could be heading to a battle they cannot win. But with Ryu there, they plan on destroying Jinix once and for all.


Jinix After Being Hit By An Attack Of Ryu's

Jinix After Being Hit By One Of Ryu's Attacks.

Ryu Vs. Jinix and Jinix Henchman

Ryu Preparing To Fight Jinix and his Right Hand-Man.

Teen Trenyo Jr. Vs Jinix Jr.

Teen Trenyo Jr. Fighting A Jinix Jr.

Topazo Killing One Of Jinix's Henchmen

Topazo Killing One Of Jinix's Soldiers

Broku vs. Jinix

Broku (Ocean Saiyan) Fighting Jinix

Broku Vs Jinix Jr.

Broku Fighting A Jinix Jr.

Topazo Waching Ryu Fight Jinix

Topazo Watching The Final Battle Between Ryu and Jinix.

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