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The Grotesque God

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Jadai is the wicked and evil counterpart potential of Tenchi, and is subsequently the most prominent and one of the strongest antagonists that Tenchi ever has to face. Jadai is leaps and bounds stronger than Tenchi, to the point where Tenchi even began doubting himself when first fighting him. Jadai killed Tenchi during their second bout, but was later defeated and killed by Tenchi later on in the series.


Jadai is much like Tenchi while the latter is in his Kami form. However, Jadai is noticeably more haunting, sporting a ghost dead white hair and blood red eyes. He wears an advanced tight suit of armor which seals away the true extent of his powers and keeps them from surging out of control.


Jadai is arrogant and subtle in his ways, describing hiimself as "everything tenchi could have been" as a god. He firmly believes it is his right as the strongest potential to become the supreme being of the universe that the Choushin wanted to find existed. As such he is an extremely strong antagonist and loved overbearing his power in the face of Tenchi's own.


Powers & Abilities

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