Jackrie is a new enemy in The Travels of Trunks and is loyal to King Cooler. He is enemies with Trunks, Bijoo and Puar.


Jackrie was born on Planet Vegeta before it was destroyed. His parents took care of him a lot. His Father was a soldier but was killed when Jackrie was 10. He and his mother helped and worked with King Cooler. But his mother died of the same heart disease that Goku died of later in the alternate reality. When Jackrie was 20 he left Planet Vegeta and now lives with his pals on Earth waiting for King Cooler's Arrival.


  • Kamehameha
  • Ki Blast
  • Double Kamehameha
  • Spirit Bomb
  • Ultra Spirit Bomb
  • Cannon Beam


Jackrie vs Trunks

Jackrie vs Future Trunks and Bijoo


First Appearance: Episode 2

Transformations (Known)

Super Saiyan

Full Power Super Saiyan


Jackrie will turn good in the Changing Saga which will happen after the Regrouping Saga.

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