Jac Maca

Jac Maca

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Jac wearing one of Hera's outfits as a prank.

Jac (pronounced: Jhoc) is a wandering pirate human that started his life as a thief. His best friend is his mentor, Hera. He is also sometimes called Jack, a joke name started by Hera.

Hera is the captain of the S.S Arcane. She found Jac wandering the streets and took him under her wing at a young age. She also fabricated the lie that his parents were brave pirates just like her.

Jac heavily admires Hera and identifies her to be the closest thing to family he ever had. Although he prefers to stay away from anything "family" oriented; especially foster homes.

Although he is only nineteen years-old, he has made quite a name for himself among other theives in towns such as Satan City.

Jac's normal attitude is very Happy-Go-Lucky, even while fighting. As if he's trying to negate the damage of his life. Jac also speaks in a heavy Australian accent.

His main weapon is his iron dagger. Hera taught him martial arts, but he likes to play dirty and incorperate his weapon (mainly his dagger).


Is lined up to be a cameo in the fanon The Supreme Adventure!

His skills:

Pirate Blast

Floor Washer

Deck Smacker

(Normal) Ki blast

(Fast) Ki blast



Captain's Overload

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