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Yin-Yang Essence
Anime name Yinyang Essence
Manga name Yinyang Essence
Alternate names Complete Fist
Debut SDB
Appears in SDB, SDBZ
Inventor None
Users Many
Class Power up

Inyo (陰陽遁, "Yin-Yang") is the center form of all energy that resides within every living being in the universe. However, few beings are capable of becoming aware of it, let alone focusing it to the point of exploding. Yin-yang essence is the primordial form of energy and acts as a gateway for the metephysical ether of power that exists throughout all plains of the universe to flow through. Through implementation of Yin-Yang essence, The Grand Supreme Dark Kai was capable of creating the Daidara technique.


Primarily, Ki itself is composed of two opposing forces. These forces are named Reiki, which is the positive energy created by fighters that use willpower and concentration to bring out their energy, and Youki, the unstable force which is generated through anger and negative emotions. All spiritualists of any kind have some level of Reiki and Youki, as they are constantly opposing one another without possibility of one prevailing over the other, and one cannot be tapped into and used unless the other is completely ignored or discarded. However, masters with an extremely skillfull awareness of the two forces can bring these together, and form The Yin-yang essence, tapping into the absolute ether of energy throughout all plains in existence.

Next to omnipotent, with such a power at ones fingertips, new and unbelievably strong techniques may be created on the fly. Releasing the Yinyang essence served as the basis for the creation of The Grand Supreme Dark Kais infamous Dainichi Nyorai Technique. The Yinyang essence is composed of two aspects when brought together which are considered unrelated to Reiki and Youki. The yin, which relates to ones spiritual energy, and the yang, which relates to the physical energy. In unification of these two forces, the user has potentially infinite power at their disposal which can be focused into limitless different forms and manifestations.

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