This article, Infinity Big Bang Storm, is a Role-Play article.

This article, Infinity Big Bang Storm, is a Role-Play article.

Infinity Big Bang Storm
is an ultimate finishing technique used by Devil Tenchi. The technique name is often shortened to just IBBS. IBBS was a forbidden Hokuto Shinken Technique that Kami Tenchi refused to used under any circumstances. It may just be Tenchi's most poweful energy attack technique. When using IBBS, Devil Tenchi gathers endless galaxies and crushes them all into energy in his claws. He then creates a tremendous giant bright purple sphere and releases it in the form of an energy wave.

IBBS, as its name suggests perfectly replicates the power of the Big Bang and is strong enough to destroy more thant he entire universe when fired. It has the weight of the power which created the explosion so big that the universe resulted in its wake, and for this reason it was sworn to be never used by Tenchi. However, Devil Tenchi Transgressed on this principle due to his reckless and overzealous prideful personality. IBBS would have gone on forever, but Devil Tenchi Voluntarily stopped it due to the fact he could only gather 1/8th of the techniques true power. Regardless, it was still powerful enough to impact his target with enough force that would eventually destroy the univese if left going on for too many seconds, and created billions of galaxies in its energy wave which threatened to crush Devil Tenchi's enemy.

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