Incubator Tenchi
is a unique machine mutant that Tenchi was transformed into by a third party company for the purpose of "quickening his completeness". Tenchi's Incubator form was created when he was voluntary destroyed. They retrieved his regenerating his regenerating DNA and gave him a new body which would help him ascend "to the next level " far quicker.

Usage & Power

Tenchi's Incubator state is a permanent transformation, that was only overcome by Tenchi's incredible willpower. The Incubator state placed Tenchi's regenerating DNA with new and improved machine mutant parts into a hyper advanced android body. Though he was able to return to his original state, the plan to ascend his existance was indeed fulfilled. After overcoming this form Tench's humanity was temporarily restored but it was overcome by the Ridiculous ascendancy of power in him, beginning the process of morphing him into Emperor Tenchi. Incubator Tenchi was a one-shot form that does not have any real significance in the series besides what it was specifically created to do.

Aside from that, the incubator state leaves Tenchi a cybernetic brainwashed state of his former self, and only his godly powers were capable of helping him break out of the mind control set upon him.

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