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"I am a Saiyan in name alone, and no more. Attack me, and i shall show you exactly what sets me apart from all the others!"
— "Legends Come And Go, But a Savior Never Dies"

Imagawa Yoshimoto is like Takeda Shingen and like him, has had his name inspired by warrior from the Sengoku Jidai in ancient japan.


Yoshimoto was born wicked of heart. He was a selfish demon child that had tantrums and was violent when he did not get his own way. After the death of his parents he was taught humility by a martial arts master, which ultimate gave him multiple personality disorder.


Yoshimoto was born as an SSJ5, but he was not like other Saiyans. His forms and powers were unique both cosmetically and physically. As a child he had growing pains due to his body constantly advancing itself and making it more powerful. This made him suffer extreme tantrums and bad moods. Every time he had a tantrum he would ascend an SSJ level. In his early life and school days, he was also misbehaved and got into fights, ascending ssj levels every other day, seemingly. By the time he was 8 he was already an SSJ20.

Powers & Abilities

Transformation Gallery


  • "Hi, my name is Yoshimoto. Can you do me a favor?... DIE".

Behind The Scenes

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