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1888003-shin akuma super

Jeff as an Ikari Super Saiyan

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Ikari Super Saiyan is a rare Super Saiyan form that only Jeff 2.0 has obtained.


The form causes the user's aura to turn red and purple, and swirl around them like flames. The user's skin takes on a reddish-hue, and their pupils disappear.


The form was first obtained when Jeff absorbed a large amount of energy while his anger was at it's peak. He collapsed after absorbing the energy, but transformed into an Ikari Super Saiyan shortly after standing.


This form is the most powerful of Jeff's forms, and multiplies the user's base level by a hundred to a few thousand, depending on how determined and angry he is. Abilities that come with this form include the ability to absorb ki, and an immense increase in how much ki the user can hold.

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