This article, Ice (Vegito 7900), is a Role-Play article.

This article, Ice (Vegito 7900), is a Role-Play article.

Ice First Form

Ice is the brother of Fridge and eldest son of Cooler. He is the grandson of King Cold and nephew of Frieza.


Ice looks very much like his father. He is taller than Fridge and is about a foot taller than Cooler. But he is still much shorter than his grandfather. He looks exactly like Cooler, only with blue and some places.


Ice is FAR beyond his brother, and is more strategy based than his brother, and smarter if you might say. Ice's power level in his first form is 453,673,987,128,053,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, that's beyond Ian's LSSSJ! So you can guess that he's VERY powerful, just imagine his other forms. O_O

Ice about to get killed

Ice before being killed by Ian's 10x Destruction Kamehameha.


Ice first appeared on earth, he quickly became enemies with the Lookout Crew. He first fought Rasetsu, who quickly proved to over-power his first form, so he went to his second form. He quickly beat Rasetsu, Then he fought Kuro, who couldn't take him. He impaled Kuro with his horns, then moved on to Zan Jr. Zan Jr pounded on Ice with no effort. Ice then went 3rd Form, he stood some of a chance, but still got beat badly. He then moved on to 4th Form, and he finally started beating Jr. But that ended when Jr stopped, and flew away. Kuro and Hideki then fused to make Kudeki. Kudeki pounded on him even when he went into his Full-power form. But then, Ice transformed to his 5th and Final Form. His power was so great he unfused Kuro and Hideki! He then disappeared....

5 Months Later

Ice then appeared once again with Frozer. They both played volleyball with Zero, Mike then ended their game by punching Zero up in the air. then appeared. He quickly went DSSJ and charged at Ice. Ice was about to throw his Ultimate Supernova, When then, Ian killed Ice with his 10x Destruction Kamehameha! Ice is now paying for his evil deeds is Hell where he and Fridge sit their days, arguing.


Ice 2nd Form

2nd Form

Ice 3rd Form

3rd Form

Ice 4th Form

4th Form (Base form)

Ice Full-power

4th Form Full-power

Ice 5th Form

5th Form

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