This Article, Hulu, is a Role-Play Article.

This character, Hulu, is an official Lookout Crew warrior

Personality and Relationships

Hulu/Personality and Relationships
Haru showing now mercy
Professional Status
Personal Status
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Hulu has severe anger issues. He often attacks his cousin Kagami for no apparent reason. Hulu does not like to joke around and gets frustrated when people call him weak. At a young age, Hulu was a quiet guy that did not like to socialize with people. By being adopted by his relatives, Hulu learnt a bit about trust but still couldn't escape his pain.

Hulu feels very strong about his opinion and says he will argue till the end of time until he proves his point, this is what makes Kagami admire him as a person. Hulu also has a potty mouth. 

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