Ryuuza Shinken(Dragon Constellation God Fist) is the name of the martial arts style created by TOAA, Sun-Wukong and is taught at the latters Dragon Style Martial Arts Dojo as the final and secret art. This martial arts style makes use of the opponents 708 Keiraku Hikou which once struck, destroys the opponents body from the inside out. The Hikou are also called Tsubo, or pressure points. Depending on how the Hikou are struck they can also heal the person of interests body. While a normal fighter only uses 30 percent of his true battle potential, a Ryuuza Shinken successor knows how to use the remainin 70 percent to its fullest. Ryuuza Shinken follows the traditional Isshi Soden tradition; there can only be on successor at a time.

Those whom do not Succeed in become the successor must never practise the art again, or risk having their memories erased and their fists shattered. The Ultimate Ryuuza Shinken attack is the Musou Tensei technique, which can only be peformed by one whom completely understands sadness.


Techniques in the Ryuuza Shinken martial arts style are all begun by verbally speaking the word "Ryuuza". For redundancy purposes it will be removed in this particular list.

  • Dan Kotsukin(Cutting Bone and Tendon) The user will strike ones muscles causing the damaged tissue and fibre to self destruct.
  • Enkan Zanshu Kyaku(Ring Beheading Layered Leg) A Spin Kick that can defeat multiple enemies at once.
  • Ganzan Ryozan Ha(Rocky Mountain Splitting Wave) A Knife hand strike which crushes the victims skull. It is an extremely straightfoward manuever in spite of its elaborate name.
  • Gedokujutsu(Antidote Technique) Cures any venom or poison in ones body.
  • Gekitsui Shi(Strikedown Fingers) Wukong strikes his opponent with four fingers. When he moves his fingers the opponent is left with 3 seconds to live.
  • Gokin Bundan Kyaku(Steel Muscle Cutting Kick) Weakens the muscles heavily.
  • Goshi Retsu Dan(Five Finger Violent Bullets) Causes the fingers to explode.


  • Tenchi
  • Kureha
  • Jadai
  • Leogian

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