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"'The poetic movement of the silent child stuns the dying roses..'"
— Hisana being odd.



Hisana is a 17 year old Half Chocoian Half Saiyan orphan. Her past is mainly forgotten (by most). She is a neutral character.


Hisana has an odd personality of sorts. She can be outgoing, giddy and almost childlike. At the same time, she is a very serious, more loner type person. She would never dive into a crowd, but she is always found walking the streets. Hisana doesn't really have any orientation, believing she doesn't belong anywhere. Hisana is very sensitive about family, never truly knowing one. She can sometimes be cold and unforgiving, shown when she blows up multiple galaxies. However, Hisana just wants to be free and herself. She hides her sadness often.


Crying hisana

Hisana was born to a Saiyan male and Chocoian female. However, her parents abandoned her and were killed by Frieza shortly after. She wandered the world, desperately looking for a home.





  • She has the same name as Hisana Kuchiki, and the same appearance.
  • She owns a sword.
  • She was born on May 8th.
  • Hisana's weakness is wind. Wind slowly depletes her energy.


  • Super Saiyan 1-3
  • Super Chocoian 1-4
  • Super Chocoian Saiyan 1-3
  • X Form


  • Bukujutsu - Flight
  • Getsuga Tensho
  • Ki Blast- Is oddly fire.
  • Expert Swordmanship
  • Basic Firebender
  • Fire Elemental
  • Akai Hono - A red burning flame ki blast
  • Kuro Hono - A black burning flame ki blast
  • Aoi Hono - A blue burning flame ki blast that follows your ki
  • Green Hono - A green burning flame ki blast
  • Kiiroi Hono - A yellow burning flame ki attack
  • Kamehameha
  • Rainbow Hono - A rainbow burning ki blast that uses Hisana's full power.
  • Lethal Slice - Hisana sheathes her sword, adds fire to it, and slices you.
  • Chocoian Spells - Multiple spells. Such as healing, offensive, even reviving spells.
  • Strength
  • Instant Transmission
  • Instantaneous Movement
  • Twisted Fantasy- Hisana prepares a Kiiroi Hono and Akai Hono in each hand, combines them and fires them at you.
  • Light Flares- She puts fire in her sword and slices you 47 times.

Hollow Hisana

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