Hell Domon's first appearance.

Hell Domon is the anti-hero version of Domon Kasshu. He is Ultimate Domon's second RP character.


Hell Domon wears a black shirt and pants, with a red cape. He has brown boots that are pointed on the ends. He has red eyes, and has Domon's original black hair.


Hell Domon is a cold, lonely individual who prefers to do things alone, which is caused by being created by all of Domon's negativity. He will not hesitate to kill when fighting an enemy. Overall, his personality is the exact opposite of Domon's.


Hell Domon was created when Domon entered into a peaceful state of mind while meditating to extract his inner evil. While in this state, Domon was able to take the evil out of his body, creating a second Domon. Immediately after, Hell Domon left, traveling around to see the new world he had entered.


Hell Domon has not actually been in a fight yet, so his current techniques are unknown.

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