This article, Hedrui, is a Role-Play article.

This article, Hedrui, is a Role-Play article.

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Hedrui is a 16 year old Saiyann.



Hedrui was abandoned by his greedy parents a few months after birth cause of a body disease, which makes his leg sore up and be unable to move freely. But another Saiyan family picked him up and raised him up to age 7, where the leg disease has already subsided. Hedrui, from that age, started developing his power which should've happened 7 years ago, when he was born. Hedrui was sent to destroy Planet Earth, shortly after. But due to unknown reasons, Hedrui was not being hostile to the inhabitants. He still had his memories, but Hedrui stayed on Earth.


Hedrui has blonde hair and blood-red eyes. He wears a red jacket that has a star that has wings on the back, and a white undershirt.


Hedrui likes to talk with sarcasm and barely has any respect for anyone.


Shadow Manipulation - Hedrui can manipulate shadows to perform a large variety of techniques.

Apocalypse Struggle - Hedrui has the skill to use his Shadow Manipulation to create black figures that will fight if ordered to. These figures cannot be killed, but can only be put at bay.

Spirit Thrust - Hedrui can boost his power level to a very, very high amount where the risks are high. The Spirit Thrust is basically a tug-of-war between Hedrui and his power. The more power Hedrui gets, the more he wants, so if he ever loses control of the ability, his body will give out and die, releasing the excess energy that when touched by a neutral object, it will burn to ashes.

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