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"Kids these days make me worried. Who you are is defined by your art!, you gotta master yourself before you can master your craft!. Without love, a blade is as good as a hunk of raw steel, it takes your heart, mind and soul, blood sweet and tears to create something truly outstanding!. You have to feel yourself resonating with your work, before you treat your weapons as a tool of combat, you gotta see them for the masterpieces that they are. Instead of working to create something to destroy, build with hands that aim to create something to inspire. Then and only then can you finally begin to approach making your masterpiece!"
— Gyotaro

Gyotaro Yaminade
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Gyotaro Yaminade (, Yaminade Gyotaro) was a legendary mystical blacksmith that passed away centuries ago, now finding residence within his own private corner of the Other World. He responsible for the creation of the mystical weapons known as Reisatsuken, and because of it, is one of the most reliable swordsmiths throughout the universe, being regarded as the God of Blades by even the Kais themselves. Gyotaro is the one that invented the Ashoka wielded by The Grand Supreme Dark Kai.

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