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Gyakuten Chikara

Gyakuten Chikara it literally means Reverse Power. It is a power raising technique. It is not available to only certain clans or races. It can be obtainable by anyone who can push themselves far enough.


The Gyakuten Chikara takes whatever fighting attribute the user is weakest at, this takes it and multiplies it by one-hundred, making it the strongest attribute. For example if the characters weakest attribute is strategics then they become very smart in thinking of tactics. Or if their weakest attribute is speed then their speed becomes their strongest.


This ability drains the energy out of a person's body and quickly. They other weakness is that people will not know how strong they are and might take on something they are not strong enough to battle.

How to Obtain

The way to obtain this ability is to accept the fact that you are not perfect in every way, and be able to transfer a lot of your power to this ability, which is why it takes so much power out of someone. The last step is to fight your closet friend and worst enemy and win.



  • The move was originally going to be called Hantai Chikara meaning Opposing Power. But Hantai seemed like Hentai, only with a spelling error. So it was renamed.

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