This article, God Supplice Tenchi, is a Role-Play article.

Blue Eyes Whte Drgn Duel Armor by slifertheskydragon

God Supplice Tenchi is a unique transformation taken on by Tenchi. It is one of his most powerful Supplice Manifestations and is known for being the armor which he skipped levels to get to, a feat unheard of in any other practitioner of manifesting cosmic supplice. Tenchi's God Supplice form is outdone only by his incredibly powerful Black Luster Supplice state, a form in which only he can take on as a mortal hybrid.

Usage & Power

In this state, Tenchi obtains a unique physical manifestation of the lighthawk sword which can be similar to the one he uses while in his almighty emperor state. The sword takes on a distinctively dragonic appearance and matches the stylization of the new armor which has been granted to him while in this form.

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