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Giga Slayer
Anime name Giga Slayer
Manga name Giga Slayer
Alternate names Planet Breaking Sword
Debut SDBZ
Appears in SDBZ
Inventor Rasetsu
Users Rasetsu
Class Attack

Giga Slayer (ギガスレイヤー Giga Sureia) is one of Rasetsu's single most powerful techniques. It is an energy blade technique whereby he creates an energy sword out of his own ki. The sword earns itself the title "the blade that vanquishes all evil" due to its immense destructive capacity. Giga Slayer is so massive and powerful that it is easily the strongest energy blade technique in existance, surpassing the power of Vegito's spirit sword by leaps and bounds easily. Giga Slayer can grow to immense lengths and sizes, and has been demonstrated powerful enough to slice apart entire continents with ease. Rasetsu himself claims that it is "strong enough to cleave entire planets in half". Giga Slayer can even be seen from space.


It can grow to such immense sizes that opponents unfortunate enough to witness the technique often completely mistake to for a large blast technique, sealing their own fates thus trying to block getting hit by it. However, the true power of Giga Slayer lies not it its size or power, but instead its cutting capability. Giga Slayer slices through its targets cleanly, completely bypassing the durability of any enemy or object in existance and cutting through them, regardless of how durable or powerful their bodies may be. Whatever it cuts cannot regenerate, atleast not immediately, as the person must come back from the afterlife in order to come back from being vanquished by the Giga Slayer Attack.

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