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This article, Giant Shiner, is property of Ultra Kuzon.

The Giant Shiner is an Attack used by . It is one of his Signature Ultra Techniques.


Kuzon uses this in Role-Play. It is a Giant Golden Shining Ball formed when you hold both hands all the way in up in the air, and put a large amount of Ki in it. You then throw the ball right down at the Enemy. Kuzon uses it as a Super Saiyan attack. It is very light when used.

How to use

You must know to concentrate Ki. Now, hold your arms right up in the air and put a Light amount of Ki from each arm into a Ball formation. Now, make it whatever size (Usually the size of Car, depends on how much Power is put in it). Now throw the ball right down at the Enemy, making a Large explosion, hurting the enemy. It is Deadly.

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