Figure using Multi-bomb

The ghostly figure growing many arms to throw a multi-spirit-bomb.

This article, Ghostly Figure (Ghano), is property of Destiny Song.

Ghano, the creator of Jinix and used to make androids,

Ghano returns

who he believed to make Android 11, but somehow failed and gave up, he is now roaming around different galaxies, studying the way of Human life, and learning how human's and other aliens fight. He tried to make echo team up with him, but wouldn't let him, he is in an unknown place in the universe.

He was destroyed by Destiny 3 Years ago, Destiny found him in her father's old mansion and they fused, him proving he is nice now.

He has discovered a new form called "Pure Demon Ghost".

In this form he is out of control and will destroy anything, sometimes he will be in control if he is happy, but only if he is lucky.

Ghano Demon mode

Ghano in "Pure Demon Ghost" form, but he is in control.

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