This article, Garth, is a Role-Play article.

This article, Garth, is a Role-Play article.

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Garth is an evil Demigod who can transform into humanoid versions of animals. He and his twin brother, Kraith, are said to be the sons of a mighty Titan King from ancient times. 


Garth is a tall, muscular man with blonde hair who wears a headband which has a Spade symbol.  He has the same Spade symbol on his vest, which is purple.  He also wears dark brown khaki trousers.  His appearance changes in each of his forms. 


Garth doesn't talk much and he thinks a lot in battle.  He doesn't like good-doers and will kill anyone who gets in his way and inteferes with him and his brothers plans.  He is also very cocky and expects to win every fight.


Legend has it that Garth and Kraith were the sons of an unnamed Titan King who defeated the God of Death in a battle, he was also twice as strong as Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta.  This Titan king dates back long ago, thousands of years before King Piccolo invaded Earth and long before Master Roshi was born.   Garth and Kraith were the result of the Titan King impregnating the Goddess of War so that he would have strong sons.  The Gods saw the Titan King as a threat and so they destroyed him and threw his two sons off of the highest mountain in the God Realm.  Garth and Kraith were unscathed since they inherited their father's incredible Titan endurance.  They were raised by bandits but it didn't last long, they killed many people and they became afraid of them.  Garth and Kraith were disowned and they wandered Kishnalla, the land below the God Realm for years.  They travel from land to land, fighting the strongest warriors and killing them. 


In the fan fic, The Titan's Sons, Garth and Kraith invade Earth after destroying the barrier between Kishnalla and the mortal realm.  They then look for the lookout crew and fight and Future Mars.   Kraith is defeated by Mars and is killed by Garth because he was a "disappointment".  In the final battle, Ethan kills Garth in his base form using Ball of the 6 Fates. 


Titan blast

Big Bang Titan Kamehameha

Blazing Titan Inferno

Katchin arrows attack

Katchin shards attack

The Last Laugh - Fighting combo used in Hyena form.

Rapid Ki Stab

Energy Punch

Destructo Disk

Wolf Fang Fist

Spirit Wave

Katchin Bullet Arm Cannon

Giant Inferno Ball

Giant Inferno Ball x10

Powers and Abilities


Skilled martial artist

Ki Blast

Can regenerate lost limbs

Can regenerate any wounds or broken bones


Energy Absorption

X-Ray vision

Super Endurance


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