This article, Galat, is a Role-Play article.

Galat is a Saiyan on a mission to desroy Earth. He is under the command of . He is an elite soldier who


works along his partner, Hekuro.


Galat is probably equal to Michael Iron, so he is very powerful. In Super Saiyan, his power increases a lot. When Super Saiyan 2, he is equal to Michael's SSSJ3.


Galat was first sent by Winter to destroy the village, along with his partner Hekuro. Hekuro succeeded but protected the civilians. He then fought Kage, Kage proved to be a match for him. They then proceeded to fight evenly, even as a SSJ and SSJ2 they were still evenly matched. Hekuro then appeared but was quickly killed by Kage. Eclipso then absorbed Galat, killing him.


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