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"He's Jamez "Peaz" Data.. but different. never got your ass kicked by The Paradox, did you?"
— Jamez questioning the sanity of seeing himself.

Future Jamez
Future Jamez
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Jamez is an alternate timeline of Jamez "Peaz" Data, and he differs alot from the Jamez you know.

The main difference from this Jamez is that The Paradox never came to this reality, allowing Jamez to grow a family and live happily, becoming more of a pacifist than the scarred survivor he actually is. He also develops more of a ninja technique, relying more on stealth than raw power that his other him prefers.


Jamez from this timeline is carefree and easy-going, not being so hard and emotionless like Jamez "Peaz". He also is warm and friendly, always smiling, though he is a bit more lazy, seeing as he is a pacifist. He can, however, fight.


Jamez has a blue jacket, along with black hair and aqua hair. He also wears a grey shirt underneath. His pants are black, and his sandals are a shade of dark, metallic purple. Eventually, this turns into his standard outfit, though sometimes he wears an ice blue cloak to accompany this.

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