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This article, Future Ian, is a Role-Play article.

Kid Ian
Name Ian
Debut Unknown
Race 4/6 Saiyan 2/6 Majin
Gender Male Male
Date of Birth ?
Date of Death ?
Height 4'5"
Weight 79 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Good/Lookout Crew
Occupation Being himself
Personal Status
Relatives Ian (Past Counterpart)
Kid Destiny (Girlfriend)
Topazo (Great-great-great-great Grandson)
Hideki (Past Counterpart's Son)
Caitlynn (Past Counterpart's Daughter)
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Future Ian is the future counterpart of Ian from Topazo's timeline. He managed to escape the dimension he was trapped in. He is 11 years old.


Ian was trapped in a different dimension when he was 12. The dimension kept him young, he finally escaped using his own version of I'll see you in Hell called Hell Shocker. He quickly went to a spare time machine. He then traveled to this timeline where he is ready for battle.

Future Ian


Transformations and PLs

Base: 127,382,942,117
SSJ2 Kid Ian

SSSJ Future Ian

SSJ: 418,528,912,000

SSJ2: 724,927,018,021

SSJ3: 726,193,350,719

SSJ4: 1,352,918,092,000

SSSJ: 8,276,109,375,091,392


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