This article, Future Elcidman, is a Role-Play article.

This article, Future Elcidman, is a Role-Play article.

In an alternate future timeline, did not die in the fight against Xemeanor and become Ultimate Elcidman.
Elcidman and worked together to kill Xemeanor but instead of going to Other World to achieve the Ultimate form, Elcidman sacrificed the life of his friend Gotanks and achieved Ultimate form. He became known as Future Elcidman, the evil counterpart Elcidman from an alternate future timeline. Future Elcidman is much different from the Elcidman most people know. He is very evil, unlike the real Elcidman. In his base form, Future Elcidman has power equal to a Super Saiyan 10. He has to restrain his power since he is in his Ultimate form so he can only transform into a False Super Saiyan.


Future Elcidman had the same advanced space pod as Elcidman so he used it to open a portal to the universe where Ultimate Elcidman lived with Gotanks. Future Elcidman was sickened by how "soft" he had become in this universe so he decided to kill his parallel universe counterpart. Future Elcidman broke Ultimate Elcidman's leg which prevented him from fighting, but then Gotanks came and gave him a senzu bean so he could recover. Future Elcidman was haunted and tormented by his memories with Gotanks and regretted selling Gotanks soul so he could achieve Ultimate form. He was driven insane by his regrets and memories which drove him to kill himself by firing an Ultra Hyper Beam through his own throat. Even though Future Elcidman had become evil, he had died regretting the evil he had done. This did not change the fact that he still went to H.F.I.L. (Home For Infinite Losers) anyways.....


- The basics of fighting like punching, kicking, and firing ki blasts.
- Future Elcidman fires a ki blast from his mouth.
- A stronger version of Hyper Beam as powerful as Goku's Kamehameha.

Cosmic Titanic Blast - This dangerous energy attack is possible but almost IMPOSSIBLE to dodge. This is one of Future Elcidman's most dangerous attacks.


Taking out the trash - Melee combo attack where Future Elcidman headbutts his opponent in the stomach, judo

False Super Saiyan Future Elcidman

throws them to the ground, and rapidly punches them when they are down.

Brutal Beatdown - Melee combo attack where Future Elcidman tackles his opponent to the ground, rapidly punches them, and finishes them off with a colossal punch to the face!

Brick Boom Punch - This punch is so deadly it is like you are being smashed through a brick wall. THE BRICKS GOE BOOM!


Base - In his base form, Future Elcidman is as strong as Elcidman in his Super Saiyan 10 form.

False Super Saiyan - If there was such thing as a Super Saiyan 11.....then Future Elcidman is as strong as one as a False Super Saiyan.

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