This article, Full Power Supreme Super Saiyan, is a Role-Play article.

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This article, Full Power Supreme Super Saiyan, is a Role-Play article.

Full Power Supreme Super Saiyan
Full Power Jamez
Alternate names FPSSSJ

Master Supreme Saiyan

Inventor Ultimate Jamez
Users Ultimate Jamez

Future Jamez

Jamez "Peaz" Data


Many others.

Class Transformation
The Full Power Supreme Super Saiyan is a transformation of the Super Saiyan form, where the user has achieved perfect control over the form. It is a state of mental and physical perfection of the Supreme Super Saiyan Form. The form is first achieved by Ultimate Jamez, the fusion of Future Jamez and Jamez "Peaz" Data.


"Seems that the transformation has reached it's peak. I'm not a Supreme Super Saiyan. I'm merely the result of two people that has mastered it fully."
— Ultimate Jamez inspecting it.

The transformation is the result of someone mastering the transformation. The ki consumption is reduced amazingly and it lets you stay in this form for days, weeks possibly. You become more relaxed and your base personality takes over again, allowing you to be care-free and have fun while being in this state. However, in the beginning you might have a hard time controling your power, seeing as Ultimate Jamez accidentally smacked Dan away. However, you can easily power up for battle, and then your aura becomes more intense.


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